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    That Wick(ed) Scent

    Hands up to those of you who saw New Yorker Quinn Jackson in the February 08 issue of Teen Vogue and wished for a fraction of second you could be her?!

    ok; as uncool as it may sound, i did; especially when i saw her wearing that GORGEOUS Marc by Marc Jacobs dress!!

    However, what REALLY caught my attention was the fact that she gave out goodie bags filled with deluxe samples of Jo Malone products.

    i've always been in love with Jo Malone for their chic black and cream packaging- just like how the world is in love with Tiffany's robin blue gift boxes;

    however, what got me so entralled was their candles((:
    they ARE wax, but they dont provide practical back up during power shortage nor are they the aromatheraphy ones;

    but still; the large ones, like this Amber & Sweet Orange Candle costs a whopping £260 a pop!

    with a couple of clicks, i found my way to the homepage of Molton Brown, another established British bath and body products company and those gorgeous pots of wax, which are wrapped in luxurious leather costs £70, which is still a tad expensive;

    So what's the deal with these candles you may ask;

    it is an intangible feeling;
    imagine coming home after a long day at work to a boudoir infused with scent-

    it is the same reason as to why people would readily shell out the greens to sign up for those luxurious massages and spa packages; to enjoy the pleasures of life.
    And with a booming economy and a higher standard of living, it is no longer the IT bag, or the flashy suit that allows ALL ACCESS to the culture of rich.

    The candles also come with pretty packaging;
    like in Molton Brown, the candle holders are hand blown by specialists in Lithuania and their signature air candels takes 14 people 2 days to create!

    and in Bottega Veneta, the leather used are the same as those used on their pricey handbags

    Not just a pretty "face", candles, like those from Penhaligons are said to contain premium herbs too; and remember, one should be able to smell the scent of the candle even when it is not burning!

    Do not worry about the carbon dioxide contributing to global warming because many luxe candles are made of vegetable based wax which smells good and is kinder on the environment.

    Their wicks arent wicked to the environment and to one's health (YES, your HEALTH!) as compared to the wicks in cheaper candles which contains LEAD which is extrememly toxic!

    Also, these candles are of superb quality and they all lasts up to 60 and 70 hours; plus, the wax doesnt drip or even if it does, it is MUCH easier to clear up the mess!

    These are the information which i have found and i dont know if they do justify the costs of these designer candles. But as someone who wants to work in a posh hotel someday, i know how it is with these augmented products;

    It is certainly fabulous, walking into a hotel suite, (or your own house) where such candles are lit because they DO put you in a different frame of mind(((:

    Manuel Canovas Empire Celeste USD$160

    Relaxing Yuan Chi Air Candela USD$84

    Rigaud Lilac Demi USD$55


    But if you are looking for something pretty and you're cash strapped;
    don't worry((:

    Was doing online shopping at Bloomingdale's when i saw these pretty candle holders((:

    [Just get a bag of candles from Ikea and u're set=p]

    Fringe May Bird Motive USD$12.90

    Madison Kate Candle by Fringe USD$22.90

    Wont the flower motifs (and bird) JUST fit in, a nice garden party??

    Get me some nice candles ALREADY!
    A certain Jo Malone one if you would please((((: