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    NO ANOREXIA; NO l-ita

    i dont know if any of you are familiar with this ad but when i saw this; i was repulsed by the picture but then; i was kinda glad that someone; namely the italian photographer oliviero toscani was brave enough to do something about this disease.

    if u didnt think that it was horrible enough.. the 2nd picture would def shock your senses!

    i mean how can ANYONE get so sick?!
    how can anyone NOT eat just because she feels fat enough in her skinny jeans?
    actually. i know people who just refuses to eat or say "i'm on a diet" just because she's gained a few pounds.

    i used to be this way and i still am.
    but i'm not anorexic.

    haha. if my dad were to see this; i think he'll freak.
    but i know i wont be that sick to be like the poor girl; isabelle caro, 27.

    so the question is;
    who is responsible for this twisted image in the society?
    even boys are getting anorexia, bulima or the adonis complex.

    personally. i think the answer would have to be very obvious.

    whether or not if anyone were to argue; i guess it would haf to be the way these patients are brought up; and of course; the celebs and models being plastered all over...

    factor 1.

    like from the recent article frm teen vogue- some girls are being subjected to teasing by their own moms when they getting a larger serving or 2nd serving for lunch or dinner!

    i mean; shouldnt your own mom love u for who u are?!!
    and since we spend a majority of our time at home;
    i guess; it;ll have to be easier for them to eat lesser or not at all!

    take tyra banks for example;

    no doubt; she's a bigger sized model and on one of the episodes on the tyra banks show;
    i remembered vividly; how she said she'll run to her mom and cry just because she was teased about her weight.
    guess wht did her mom do?
    she told her to wash up and get ready to go out to the diner for pizza and sundaes.

    aint that cool?!

    factor 2.

    with models like kate moss, agyness deyn, gemma ward etc etc around..

    wearing all those fabulous clothes and strutting their stuff on the runway; how can any girls not be jealous of them?!

    size00-2 is like. the norm and like what was written in the devil wears prada, size 6 is the new 14!! how twisted is that?!! i gta admit. when i saw that; i was furious! and then ashamed. i'm an 8.

    lindsay lohan used to look so healthy in freaky friday and mean girls; she's had thighs. then; on herbie and all her subsequent movies; she's visibly skinnier and her thighs are like non existent.

    hilary duff- i have a friend who's teased her about her supposedly "corn beefed" arm in the cinderella story and now; she's leaner and skinnier!!!

    what about our dear mary kate?! she's been thin as pin ever since she was little and she got checked for anorexia too!!

    what exactly is the RIGHT size?
    in this part of the society where thin= beautiful..
    even normal and healthy girls also wna be part of this thin game.

    when will curvier models of the 90s like christy turlington be in vogue again?
    will we ever accept a totally different kinda girl on our magazines?

    it's time that something's gta be done about this.
    dont you think?!

    of course; having said all these; i guess my model of the week would have to be christy turlington

    she's one of the earlier super models and she's THE ONE with the multiyear contract with Maybelline and has famously said

    maybe she's born with it
    (she;s also been with chanel and calvin klien)

    i've used christy for this week not because she's curvy but because of wht she believed in.

    she's such a healthy person having been a yoga enthust before anyone caught the bug in the 90s, been the face for anti tobacco campaign and had scaled mt. kilimanjoro; one of the tallest free standing mountain in the world!!

    she aint just a pretty face from walnut creek, california huh?

    i think that she's such an amazing person who embraces the gift of life;
    i honestly wna ask for out for tea someday and ask her about her thoughts of some of the issues we're facing like the anorexia nervosa problem we have on hand.

    i love her!
    and i hope u do too!

    photo credits
    christy photo gallery

    ps/ i chose chasing cars by snow patrol because i guess; the sombre tones just suits the topic for the post today.
    lol. i'm one emotional wreck today=p


    doggy bag it!

    so a little while ago; i was at the hypermart with my mom when i spotted this furry animal in the handbag section...

    haha omg.. honestly. i cant imagine anyone carrying this shopping anywhr!! i mean. it looked good enough to cuddle but just not for putting yr mobile or purse!!

    i cant even imagine a lil girl carrying this.
    ( owell. cos it's just too big for them..)

    anyhow. i kinda reminded me of the doggy handbags seen on moschino cheap and chic f/w07...
    haha so what do u think?!!
    does the fabber and much cuter design entice you to get one of these doggy bags for yr own?! or are u gna think that it's hideous too?! haha!!
    frankly speaking; i think that the doggy handbags from moschino cheap and chic are super cute. but i just wouldnt get one for myself.
    what can i say?!!
    i'm just not a doggy bag kinda girl=p

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    me and mr darcy...

    owell. yer!! dont be surprised!! haha! i wna try my hand at doing smt different and so; i did a lil book thing! haha!

    every girl is looking for her Mr. Darcy,
    Imagine if you found the real one...

    being a fan of jane austen's pride and prejudice; of course! i was itching to find out more. when i saw this book sitting high up on the bookshelve in borders.

    anyhow. the story starts off with Emily's nightmare of the date where her date actually gets her to pay her HALF of the pizza and shoves his hand right under her nose of the mere sixty five cents which she's left out!

    oh god.
    anyhow. me and mr darcy is v diff frm the stuff i usually read bcos for once; in all chic lits; Emily totally doesnt give her outfit any thoughts!!

    clothes arent my priority

    she said; and shes packed her suitcase with so many flippin books on a short; one week vacation!!!

    uh huh; even when her fashionista of a friend told her tt she cant exactly wear sense and sensability on a date! haha!!
    (i laughed out loud at this one=p)

    this book is def a wrk of fiction ( due to the highly questionable storyline) but it's fun.. cos u get to really wonder wht really happen to emily. did she REALLY see mr. fitzwilliam darcy? or was she high on pride and prejudice?!

    also. to those who love love the elusive mr. darcy to bits; alexandra and~ bravely ( in my opinion) written abt the stuff that mr. darcy is known for and how much fiction is a far cry frm reality.. it's made me wonder and really think abt the saying- be careful of wht u wish for..

    personally; the book is engagaging; and funny and now; i'm sorely tempted to re- read this work of fiction again=p haha!

    read on till the end!! the ending is so.. OTT u gta give it to alexandra potter to churn smt as far fetched out of her!!

    ooh and i couldnt resist putting this in-
    topshop was mentioned and i;m so so jealous emily got to spend hundreds of dollars on a couple of new head to toe topshop stuff!!! haha!!
    love that to bits!!

    this book is fab if only u like a girl who's got the guts to stand up for her own rights ( kinda like elizabeth bennet) and of course!! for those who are a romantic at heart!! haha!!

    ps/ hope u guys love this post and of course! the book too!! haha!

    ooh!! so the million dollar question-
    who's yr own mr darcy?!!

    for me; it's benjamin mckenzie !!!! or more specifically; ryan atwood!!!
    omg!! he;s hot and he's deff elusive but ( he aint brit. but tt's ok=p)
    haha! anyhow the dwn side-
    i guess it'll be hard to like someone w/o getting the hugs whn u really need it=p
    poor marissa. (poor me=p)

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    so; as we all know; dear lauren had came out with her own clothing line and i'm sure many were pretty sceptical as she always seem to dress so... safely.... even while interning at one of the most successful teen magazines in the states..

    anyhow. i signed up for the newsletter just so i'll be able to check her collection out when it's ready and all i can say is.. she's made kate moss's disappointing debut launch looks god sent!

    i really love this look though it's kinda.. simple. i mean. anyhow can throw this look tgt if they haf got the staples but i love love the shoes!! TOTALLY burberry inspired!!
    ( if u want; and can afford to; get those shoes!!!)

    if i haf to pick my fav. i'll choose this dress..
    love love the pretty sleeves and it totally suits bigger sized girls who arent a size 2/4 ( like the "designer" herself!)

    and i hate hate hate this one.
    i mean. it's a tube for god's sake!! it's simple. it's supposedly "burgundy" and u can see them EVERYWHR. so why is it going for a flippin' US$130?!! it's insane!!!

    that's all i've chosen frm the meagre collection..
    i gta say she's a v talented person. and she sure can do much better than this!!

    so what do u guys think?!!
    is it any good?!!


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    the all new bagaholic anonymous.

    Haha; so judging from the title. I guess- this post would have to be for those of us who are addicted to the bags you see dangling from the arms of the rich and famous. Sigh. Haha! Owell. Not that bad; I guess.

    Anyhow, I’ve secured an interview with Coco of Coco’s Tea Party because we both share the love of a FABBB Chanel 2.55 handbag. Ooh. Honestly- I would totally spend my 1st pay on the gorgeous lambskin bag!!


    So, first things first-
    Could you tell us what’s in your bag?

    In my bag (which is a Chanel copy from Topshop on Oxford Street by someone called Marc B) I have:

    My ipod
    Max Factor Mascara and YSL touch elect or whatever it is=p
    Red nail polish
    Coco Butter lip balm
    A mini Burberry Brit perfume
    A sample of Daisy by Marc Jacobs cos’ it makes my bag smell good
    My Phone
    Estee Lauder powder
    And a heart pendant necklace

    Wow! OMG! I was so right to interview Coco for this! Haha! That;s cos we’ve both got Chanel Inspired bags!!

    Anyhow; being a Coco fan; what would you choose to own; with your 1st paycheck?

    Ok the bags I would be buying by Chanel would be the bowler bag (Lindsay Lohan has one and I nearly brought one on ebay but it turned out to be a fake) and a 2.55 in black white or red.

    So, looking at f/w07', what in your opinion, would be the next IT bag?

    I predict the 'IT' bag for fall will be either the pink Miu Miu bag that Rachel Bilson was seen with or the Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Tote, though this season I think 'IT' bags are out, it's more about practical bags.

    (uh huh! I totally agree with coco on this one!! Hardly hear anything about IT bags this season!)

    And, being such a seasoned fashion blogette; which celeb do you think have got the fabbest handbags?

    Hmmm the best handbags???? Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Victoria Beckham and Cameron Diaz all have fab collections, but I'm not sure who I would say has the ultimate collection.

    how can we forget her crazy collection of the uber expensive hermes birkin bags?!!!

    And which is the ONE bag u'll GLADLY STEAL frm the store?
    ( lol i just couldnt resist this qn=p)

    I would gladly steal a Chanel bag or the pink Miu Miu. I would probably steal lots of bags if I knew I could get away with it though.

    oh and looking at MK with her pale green balenciaga motorcycle bag, do you honestly think that people wouldn't laugh and point if you carried a passe IT bag?

    I think its ok to use 'IT' bags from previous years, otherwise what is the point in investing in them? If you still like it USE it.

    so, do you haf any advice to the other blogettes on getting " THE PERFECT BAG"?

    it’s to stick to something in dark colours as it is more likely to go with everything and try not to go for a fussy shape because that will date quicker.

    Complete this sentence;

    Coco is a;

    Whore for a bag!!!! Hahahaha.

    anyhow; i'm TOTALLY in love with BLACK BAGS!!!!!
    i think they go with anything and with the right size and shape; they'll last you for a pretty long time!!!
    ( ooh. i chose designer bags. cos. sigh. i'm in this "phase" when i'm doing this post=p haah!)

    marc jacobs black handbag.
    isnt the gold chain abso-flippin-lutely gorgeous?!!

    burberry patent mini manor

    i couldnt find this in black but the black one is FABBB!!

    chanel 2.55 classic
    i can never get tired of this!! i KNOW this will be a fabb investment!! oh goddd...

    look at the celebs in these.. mannnn.. i'm so freakin jealous!!!


    ooh. just to share you you guys;
    this is my new fabb bagg!! haah!!
    owell. i love love how this look like a chanel's creation=p hhaa!!
    love the chain!!!

    haha!! i had fun doing this post.. hope you guys love love this as much as i do=p


    photo credits:
    just jared


    francesca v for alldressedup ++++++++ a lil bit more ( girls. DEEP breathe.)

    so one fine day; if u were click on perezhilton and see the celebs all dressed up in francesca v for alldressedup- SMILE and remember penelope of i<333clothes!!niece of gianni versace; her 1st guest designer 20piece collection will be showcased in Paris Fashion Week! Omg i really cant wait for the show to be out!!

    From the looks of it; the collection is more than fab and so; guess where i'll be spending my greens if i had any to spare?!!


    i was so freakin happy when i heard that actor djimon hounsou who had a nomination in the Oscars for his role in Blood Diamond is gna be the newest CK UNDERWEAR MODEL!!

    from leading a life in the streets; his life has inevitably changed whn fashion designer Thierry Muggler's discovered and turned him into a fashion model.
    i mean; pick any boy frm Chad, Ethiopia, Mauritania, Sudan etc etc.
    How many of them haf actually dreamt of such a life so different from wht they're facing right now?!!

    Djimon is the perfect guy for Calvin Klein Steel and somehow. i've got this niggin feeling that with all his fame and fortune; he's so gna be Angelina Jolie No.2=p

    ooh. and let's haf a lil. history lesson.
    ( of the CK Ads; that's it=p)

    with his boyish good looks; actor mark wahlberg's ads is considered to be one of the most successful compaigns!! with his washboard abs; it's kinda due to them that metrosexualism has been slowly on the rise this decade- NOT that we're pointing fingers at him! haha!

    also; how can we forget our dear kate moss who was featured topless in CK's underwear ads at 14( i think that's her age)!!!
    pst! like twiggy in the 60s, it was ms moss that's started the frenzy for waif like models (again~) in the 90s..

    ok. so this isnt underwear but more for the Black Label CK Jeans. i dont know if any of you rmb seeing this ad featuring swedish soccer stud fredrik ljungberg and natalia vodianova. but CK is definitely selling sex!!
    i mean look at that!!
    it;s totally potraying a couple caught in the middle of foreplay!!
    oh god!
    i'm kinda like imagining the poor moms out there covering their lil kids eyes as they pass by times sq or smt. haha!!

    so. to end off. i haf this lil question for you blogettes:

    given the choice; which CK Underwear model would you choose to plaster all over again?!

    haha! this is gna be interesting=p


    photo credits:


    i heart nicole <3333

    I have to admit-
    i wasnt that much of a fan of nicole richie

    and if i had to give a time; ( as to when i've started liking her.)
    i guess it would have to be around the period when her pregnancy was announced to the whole world..
    that's when i've sat up and noticed her chic outfits and how it would also look good on those who are non preggars too!

    here are some of my favorites!!
    (click on the images to enlarge)

    owell. so; these are some of my favorite nicole looks and a few of my picks!
    lol! i think i'm kinda addicted to microsoft paint(copyright)=p haha! still.

    i love nicole!! and i'm sure she'd be a great mom to her baby boy!!
    let's just hope that she'll continue being so healthy even after pregnancy!!


    photo credits:
    just jared


    amazingly, i'm in love with khakis...

    when i saw these jodhpurs in balenciaga's f/w 07' i kinda ignored them and instead; focus on those gorgeous scarfs!!
    yer i know!!! dont kill me! khakis arent exactly my favorite when it comes to buying trousers and especially because it's such a difficult color to coordinate!! ( as much as i love my white heels; i cant exactly be wearing them all the time right?!)

    Click on the pictures to enlarge!!

    haha! so there!! now i'm so so excited!! tons of ideas and it'll work on the ol' regular jeans too!!
    Do you have any other suggestions?!! Tell me yer?!

    ps/ i've been so bad at maintaining this blog. but i'll buck up!!!


    a gorgeous, beige colored pair of jodhpurs from warehouse going for £40.00!!! not exactly the same camel shade as those frm balenciaga; but still....... haha!


    for wives and girlfriends...

    i was on the bus today whn i smelled smt really, really bad!!
    nope, it wasn't the gross negligence of the guy's personal hygiene;
    but i would say, the OVER enthusiasm of his, to smell good for his date!

    honestly! ever since forever, i kinda notice that guys seem to have, a particular smell! either the smell of the cheap ass deodorant from the drugstore; or the overpowering Boss variants.

    i mean, i can be walking on the streets and i could smell anything from the strong coco chanel parfum to the sweet dolly by anna sui eau de toilette on the ladies but the same ol' gag inducing ones on the guys..

    is there a secret handbook that i dont know about, ENCOURAGING le male to smell that way?!!!

    so of course!!! i would understand your shock whn i tell you that there ARE flowery or citrusy perfumes in the market RIGHT NOW targetted at guys!!!
    haha! wouldnt that be amazing?! guys smelling good and him looking all so chic right beside you?!!!
    so anyhow, if you girls would love love to get some of these scents for yr sweetheart; here are some of my recommendations:

    for the prepster


    it's laced with essence of coconut, hibiscus, ylang- ylang, sugarcane and many more..
    but i guess it's enuf to conjure images of you sailing through the high seas off the caribbean huh?! haha!
    ( this is actually my personal favorite!!)

    for the guy that every bloke wna be and the guy every girl wna snag...

    FLEUR DU MALE (Jean Paul Gaultier)

    first up; at 1st, i thought it was weird to have a half naked guy posing for a GUY'S scent. haha; then i remembered my moschino cheap & chic- fun ad and i was ok=p

    orange blossom is found in this bottle and the overall smell is kinda woody citrusy.. somehow; the ad, the design and the active ingredients JUST make me think of the guy's guy! haha!

    ps/ wouldnt it be perfect if we'all have such a man in our lives?! haha!!!!! he;s kinda like the quaterback in high school that the cheer captain dates; minus the stereotyped dumbness found in jocks huh?!

    for the guy next door( if there's such a thing) with an extra bit of ruggedness

    COMME DES GARCONS 2 MAN (Comme Des Garcons)

    with incense, white smoke, saffron flowers, nutmeg, kumquat, mint and etc in this bottle. i guess, it sounds pretty much overpowering but i guess, it's ok for almost every guy out there.

    ohhh wht wouldnt i give; to not smell the disgusting hugo boss stuff out ANYWHERE! ANYMORE!!!

    and the last~
    the hippie

    ESCENTRIC 01 (Escentric Molecules)

    with stuff like pink pepper, green lime and balsamic notes like benzoin, mastic and incense; honestly, i think that only the hippie is suited to the scent.. maybe it is indeed a form of stereotyping but.
    pink pepper
    do you think that a prepster would go for THAT?! haha!
    you see my point=p

    so that's all i have... and as for the girlfriends and wives out there; if you do get some of these unconventional scents, pls do come back and tell me if your guy's better off stinky or yummy smelling k?!!! haha! love!


    ooh. i've also got the rockin' girl blogger award from ana of snazzy, coco of coco's tea party & amy of fashion fleur( thanks a million!!) and i guess, it'll be fab to pass this on to five other bloggers:

    1. coco of coco's tea party
    (never mind that she's given me the "award") but,
    she's fab!!!!!!! have been reading her ever since i started out and i love her posts!!! never seen her having an "off" day=p haha!

    2. kat of she's in vogue
    we've both started out together and i've loved her since day one!! kat's getting so so good!!! honestly! you guys should go visit her if you haven't!

    3. romeika of a room;s of one's own
    she takes amazing pictures!!!! and her posts are always fab; always well researched! who say's that the internet is eating our brains?!! haha!

    4. tru of the perks of wallflowerdom
    her posts are always so fun!!!!
    (not lately though, as she's busy; but really! they're fab!!)

    5. lauren of la petite fashionista
    her blog is so colorful and fun!! i always love going to her blog; just because=p

    oh and their links can be found on the right side of the page!!

    wow. a long post today; but i didnt mind/ it's so much fun!!