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    model of the week

    Agyness Deyn

    A mere 21, she's walking for so so many designers that it's kinda intimidating for ME to do a post on here this week. however, thru her pictures, she emitts a certain kind of glow and warmth!

    i chose (mostly) all the candid, non cat walk pictures as i feel that those are fun and very very Agyness.

    ps/ i think tt she's d only girl who could really rock the House of Holland tees=p

    photo credit:

    chanel's gone horribly wrong

    wht's happened chanel's fall winter 08? i've always thought that chanel is the epitome of class and their designs are all timeless..
    however, it seems that this time round, the line could barely kick start fall with a splash!
    firstly, there was the dangly chains..
    (as if the original chained straps alone wasnt fab enough)

    a green chanel creation is hard to stomach.. and yet...

    they have had to add on those hideous chains.. bleugh.

    plus, it's a no wonder plaid has a bad rep...

    with such a monstrosity stomping around..

    and the worst thing ever:
    PLAID IS HOT FOR FALL!!! pls dont ever recreate this supposedly "chic" creation...

    and if me, a girl who's more interested in my topshop buys are grossed out by these..
    i dont know wht's gna happen to those Lauren Conrad types who have closet full of Chanels.

    my analysis... Chez Coco gna lose big bucks for sure- if nothing's done abt this...

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    J'adore Elle

    i know i know, this post would prolly raise several eyebrows frm most of you Vogue loving fans. but honestly, Elle August is way fab as compared to Vogue's which is all dressing thru thr ages or smt lyk that..

    here are some of the pictures...

    Sarah Jessica Parker

    Carrie was my favorite in Sex & The City; so how can i not these?!

    this was fab!! there are so many diff examples to pull off the preppy look! Geek Chic, Going Greek, English Lesson etc, every look was gorgeous..

    but Art History's my fave!! the colors and clothes shown are so pretty!!!

    this feature on MK was fab!! for those we love love MK's style, this is lyk an absolute cheat sheet!!

    Bar Rafaeli's photo shoot

    there are like... 3 or 4 other shoots and the photography in all are amazing!! but sigh. could only find this on elle.com.

    overall, this issue has got tons of articles and photo spreads and all are equally engaging. though some may be a mouthful, i had a great time reading all, word for all! by the time i was finished, i was so excited, cos my mind was bursting with so many ideas for my blog!!

    with this issue, i'm so much of a fan of Elle's now; owell, though Teen Vogue will always be my 1st love=p


    photo credits:

    off to college(:

    haha nope, i'm not the one who's gg off but some of my friends; and some of u fellow bloggerettes are(: so, while i haf to wait patiently till whn i'm 21, i'll let my excitement spill over into this post!!

    the list of the...
    Cutest Stuff For Dorm

    haha, and THEN you guys will know whr my excitement stem frm=p

    Victoria Secret Terry Bathrobe

    so, technically, it doesnt HAVE to be Victoria's but, this is jus so lush! i mean, since u're spending 3to4 years in a dorm with so many others.. might as well invest in one which gna last u, eh?

    Cute Shower Caddy

    this pink one which i've chanced upon on the net is jus so handy! and cute. it's so so many pockets for you to stuff yr many different toiletries. And the best part? you wont haf to stow it away in yr closet!!

    Flip Flops

    this Havaianas one is so pretty!!! and, it's thick slab of rubber is so comfy you wont wna change it for nothing!


    Tupperware is a must-have! Bring them to the cafeteria and stock up on leftovers, or just use them as substitute for bowls shd you need one for your cereal.


    this one is a must!! you can place pictures of your friends back home.. randomn pics form magazines or even a place to stick a post-it for yr roomie!

    pop up laundry basket

    due to the space constraints, this one frm ikea can be stowed under your bed shd u not need it. though it's kinda plain, you could decorate it wif fabrics, photos and badges!!

    owell, of course there are somemore on the list! like, a mini fridge, iron and mini ironing board and snacks and a mini light etc.. but, frankly. i dont think tt an oh so boring fridge will make the cute on the blog=p haha

    for those who are gg away to college, enjoy your time there!!! it's gna be the fabbest time of your life!!!


    photo credits:


    the benefits of benefit

    ok, so seriously, i wna add this pretty tint to my bag. but i'm not very sure. wht do u think?!

    bene tint.

    i've been eyeing these for mths!!
    ( yer, tt's my personality, i've gta ponder for eyeons before i ged my stuff=p)

    "Sex. Clothes. Popularity. Whatever"

    does that sounds familiar?! only bcos it's the tagline for CLUELESS, one of the most FUN movies ever!

    watched d movie jus now and wht strucked me most was d clothes that Cher and her homegirls wore!! kinda lyk the trend for fall now!!
    tt's wht i love abt clothes!! jus a few tweaks and voila! u ged smt diff!!!

    so here are some of the pictures frm the movie...

    haha! dont u JUST wish u were Cher??

    and here are some of the clueless-ish stuff i've found, courtesy of forever21.com((: trust me, u're gna love it!!

    plaid dress

    it's d hottest thing of fall2007 and this version is much prettier than tt frm 1995=p

    "pencil-like" skirt

    i know i know.. i shd haf found a "real" pencil skirt. but i kinda feel that it's jus too stuffy for the hallways in skl. anyhow, this is so cute! it doesnt really matter=p

    black cardigan

    i just HAD to put this up!! Alicia looks so chic in hers!! how i wish i cud pull off this look!!

    patent peep toe.

    though they arent mary janes, these wrk jus as fine!!

    now, do you see wht i mean??!

    anyways, my advice for those who wna look diff but better than the crowd, watch some movies frm the 90s or 80s. you'll be inspired by the many outfits you see!!


    Clueless pics frm,


    i heart high street!

    sorry girls, but lately, i find tt i'm so much more in love with my topshops and ms selfridges than i am with those high end stuff. went online (browing) shopping jus now and these are my faves!! cant wait to ged my hands on these!!

    Satin Bow, Forever21
    This is so sweet! great for fall or whn it's too chilly in the air conditioned room!
    however, i would prolly snip of the bow and replace it with a silvery sequined or hot pink satin ribbon with long flowy tails!

    grey pointe cardigan, ms selfridge
    this is perfect when worn over ANOTHER cardigan and UNDER the biggie knitted ones (See by Chloe). messy eh? but the end result is so so good!!

    gem band cowl back top, topshop

    this is so pretty!!!though the sleeves are kinda.. not very flattering, i guess it'd be fine with a cute/ classy bolero!! both would give off a very diff vibe!!

    frill bib, topshop

    i dont care if bibs are in or out but i do know tt this look is sweet!!!
    wow, can imagine it being paired over black skinnys and patent mary janes, with skinny bracelets!! it's perfect!! if i had to choose, i'll definitely choose this!!!

    i <333 SHOPPING (online=p)!!!

    photo credits:

    ok, so the chic blogerette of pls dont feed the models had alerted me of an oh-so-fab online shopping site, asiajam.com. went to take a look and i was swamped by images of such kawaii (cute in jap) tops, dresses and bags! these are my faves, too!

    this dress is so sunny and cute! it's so diff frm wht u see on the streets!! oh, and though i hate, hate, florals.. i prolly wont mind this!!(:

    the design is so pretty!! though i'd prolly find a way to shorten the length!!
    (i hate shorts tt end at mid thigh! totally unflattering; and it looks awful if it's till d knees, so owell, wht the heck=p)

    yer!! i know, i cant believe whn i saw this!! it totally looks jus lyk d topshop one which i posted earlier on. so if u're hard for cash and u love this design, go for this asiajam one!! (lesser chance of seeing other girls in the same outfit=p)

    yupp, tt's all i haf, FEAST YOUR EYES(:


    photo credits:

    the good, the bad, and the ugly

    flipped thru my july issue of Glamour (for the fourth time??!) and noticed tt there are plenty of ads which gta do wif fragrances.. so this post is kinda lyk a run thru commentary on the ads which i loved and (unfortunately) hated(:

    the GREAT

    Juicy Couture's Smell Me.

    this is lyk, my fave!!! the big spoofy hair and the lil yellow bird reminds me so much of Marie Antoinette!! haha so if i were to be a "lil" regal lyk someday, u'll know=p

    Nina, by Nina Ricci

    ok, so at 1st, i didnt even gif this ad a second look. but once the creative side of me kick in, I SAW IT! the apple shaped bottle is jus so sweet!! it's gna look so cute on any dresser!!

    and the not so...

    Moschino FUNNY

    so, it's not u, but me. so there's actually nothing earth-shattering wrong wif this. in fact it's so sweet! but.. as compared wif the prev ads lyk the Moschino Cheap and Chic, featuring Lily Cole, it's pretty tame!!

    C'mon Moschino!! you can do better than this!!

    dvb, intimately BECKHAM

    ok, i dunno if u guys agree with me but i hate this one!! letme show u how i interpreted this:

    "attn all david wannabees, spritz a lil of this and u'll have girls of the Posh Spice calibre falling dwn at yr feet."


    Posh Spice is, as her name suggests, uber posh. thus, i cant imagine her lying on her husband's shoulder, being so fragile and all!!
    i mean, she's won the Glamour Entrepreneur of Year! and now this?!!! it jus doesnt click!!!

    photo credits


    model of the week

    17 and one of the most celebrated clotheshorse in the industry- Chanel Iman's i guess, one blessed chick. she's more or less d same age as all of us who passes thru my blog and if i were haf to choose someone for us to "look up to," i cudnt haf chosen better.

    she's so grounded and bubbly tt i guess for those not in the know, they wudnt haf guessed tt she's a top model if they were to bump into her on the streets!
    anyhow, wht i love abt Chanel, is her smile- looking thru the pics which i've found of her, her smile seems, jus so real!! wouldnt any of us have given anything to radiate warmth jus lyk her?

    haha, so of course!! how can i leave such a personality out of my model of the wk!! she's a great model and i'm sure, an even greater person!


    ps/ was pleasantly surprised tt my nude heels frm the prev post was such a great hit!! thanks so much for all u're lovely comments!! will cont to bring great. suprises for y'all!

    photo credits


    my nude colored shoe.

    visited a post jus recently abt nude colored heels and i fell i love wif dem!! however, tt particular bloggerette was complaining tt these shoes come in sky high prices!!


    if yes, i've got news for you!!!
    i got mine for approx. US$24!!! at local shoe chain, charles & keith!

    arent they pretty(:
    (i meant d shoe=p)

    anyhow, for those who (still) thinks tt a particular trend/ style doesnt come cheap, keep yr eyes opened and u'll find those babies soon!!



    the bag post.

    haha wna haf a post tt's more.. personal. so decided to take some pictures of my bag and d stuff which i've brought wif to skl earlier on for some enrichment!!

    le bag.

    when i saw it at ripcurl d other time. i KNEW i gta gedit=p i love how it matches almost all my outfit=p

    okok now for it's content. k, deep breathe:

    1)the cutesy Kleenex pack
    those are actually my friend's; kinda sick yst (and tdy) and she gave it to me!!
    sweet isnt it=p

    2)jumbo shades
    bought them frm forever 21 and i've loved it since!!!
    (and no, i didnt wear them IN campus)

    3)blue teddy key chain
    it's actually a mobile charm but i needed smt for my key. isnt it cute(:

    4)The Body Shop honey beeswax
    i love this lip balm!! lips are totally kissable after i apply it on.
    (not tt i haf any one to pucker up to=p)

    5)Stila convertible color
    lillium is d perfect color for my cheeks and lips. looks totally natural!! u guys
    shd try it! totally worth for $$$!!

    6)Hello Kitty purse
    i bought them frm Taipei's shopping district- ximending when i was there last
    december. fell in love wif d cutesy cat and the ribbon-y design!

    7)purple marker
    love to write big swirley words on d top of my worksheets or notes(: makes me feel
    so girly and happy!! haha guess u can say i'm easily contented.

    8)my mobile
    yupp. i cant live w/o my mob and lappy. haha. wht can i say?! i love to be
    connected! hehe. and d froggy charm? it's "joints" are bendable, it's so cute!!

    9)water bottle
    it's in d kitchen right now and all i can say is tt i'm a water babe!! no h2o and
    i'll die.. it's a gd habit but it makes me feel tt i'm in a desert every single

    owell. tt's all i haf in my bag. hehe hope u guys found it interesting. i wna see wht u guys haf in yr bags too!!!



    the good and bad sides to Prints.

    i love plaids!!!
    many used to think tt plaids are like the "geek's uniform" but wif proper detailing, accessorizing, this look work wonders! esp if they're in autumn-y colors!!

    yum! so so marc jacobs-ishq


    what is it wif FLORALS?
    A good example wud be lil allen's New Look Launch:
    her "designs" are completely messy and difficult to pull of w/o looking lyk the gran next door!! hardly the look we're looking for-

    owell, to gif her credit, i loved d dress on the right and the ironic part is tt it doesnt even haf florals.

    florals- love them, hate them.

    up to you to decide!!

    photo credits:


    I <333 TAIPEI

    the taipei 101,

    can u imagine shopping in one of the world's tallest building?!!!
    not only tt,
    dior, coach, gucci, lv, etc etc...
    floors and floors of designers

    xi men ding.
    kinda lyk the camden and oxford st of the east!!
    i've shopped here; it was AMAZING!!!

    shilin night market

    this is whr i literally walked, till i dropped.
    this place is HUUGGGEEEE.

    one BIG market for food,
    one BIG one for fun fair lyk games


    haha, so, u guys may be thinking, what's up wif my post?

    so the thing is, i'll be gg for a shopping trip in Taipei at end aug and, whn i were there last winter, i was sooo jealous of the girls ovr there!!!

    those girls haf spent years, growing up wif tt kinda weather and haf accumulated enuf dress sense to dress fashionable for winter;

    not to be outdone this time round,
    would lyk all u bloggerettes out there to help me jazz up my closet so tt i will be as chic, if not even more- than the girls there((:

    i'm thinking of bringing my white long shorts, "summer roberts- like" skirt, polly pockets, tees, flip flops...

    right, i know this isnt paris, milan or barcelona. cos i know tt's whr majority of u guys are gg;
    but, i guess it's fab tt u guys will ged a perspective on how the other half of the world are doing their shopping.

    so any great ideas?? pls dish them out!!! haha
    i promise i'll gif u guys an update on the crazy bargains i've got;)
    thanks so much!!!!
    many kisses

    model of the week

    Lily Cole has one of the most avant garde looks in the industry. besides, she's also really really smart. i mean tt girl is taking a break, forgoing millions of dollars to study for her psychology degree! wht's not to like abt such a strong lil girl? she's only 19 or 20 this year!!

    so it's w/o a doubt tt she's my model of the week!!

    photo credits:

    she's a yummy mommy and we love her!!!

    ok, so ms blogerette; kira fashion was my "muse" for this post. haha!! was looking at yummy mommy, posh spice, and haf decided to look for other mommies out there, to parade on my blog!!!

    of course ms jolie gta be 1st on the list!! she's gta be d yummiest of all with 4kids of her own!! man; besides, which mom out there wud gif her son a mohawk? nuff' said.

    the nice shades, dangly earrings and super cute pink muffs for her daughter; i wna be lyk gwyneth too! (when i'm a mom myself=p)

    ok, so, all black isnt exactly so awe-inspiring but she looks so chic peeking out frm her shades and the skinny headband doesnt hurt either=p
    (look out for reese's kid whn she grows up; gna be one cool chick)

    four words: ostrich leather nappy bag. what more can i say?!! suri's one lucky baby. as for mr tom cruise, he looks like he's woken from d wrong side of bed. what's up wif d hair?!!

    ohhh yes. like it or not, nicole's gna be a mom. and.. let's jus pray tt we wouldnt be seeing a replay of her babysitting antics from the simple life 3. cos this time round, the "victim" will be her baby!
    and please please please!! no more weird names for Le baby!! between nicole and joel madden, i shudder to think of the nightmare they'd come out with!!

    owell, so let's be honest everyone, who wna be lyk these yummy mommies when we grow up?! i know i do=p defitnitely=p

    and a big thanks to romeika!! she's reminded me of super mom, Liv tyler!! went out there and i found this one:

    Milo looks so cute in this one!!