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    I'm Dreaming of My Feather Dress...

    School had been crazy with tons of projects and reports to be submitted around the same period. Thankfully, I've already lived through those insanely long nights with coffee as my new favorite beverage and those presentations and printing and binding nightmares~

    However, I've managed to take time off last Saturday and I went shopping with my family and we were walking past Fendi when I was captivated by their F/W 2008 ad;

    I love their use of furs and feathers and Raquel Zimmermann's look was especially haunting. House Designer Karl Lagerfeld did the photoshoot himself and it was achingly beautiful.

    I think my facination with feathers started out when I saw Lily Collin's beautiful Chanel Couture gown to the Crillion Ball in Teen Vogue. The beautiful sleevs and the lovely feathered gown just made me swoon and it was c'est tres chic!

    And then; there was SJP in SATC~ Her accessorizing her gorgeous Vivienne Westwood wedding gown with the blue feathered headpiece was genius and till date; I could still remember her gorgeous skin with her deep red lipstick and pretty eyes~

    However, my obsession with feathers waned after many failed attempts to find pretty feathers for myself~ However, the lust in me for feathers came right back after I saw Michael Ballack's beautiful wife, Simone Lambe's gorgeous gown!

    The neckline is lined with feathers which sets off her tan beautifully and the silver embellishments is enough to brighten this bride up~ So much so that she could go au naturel on her face.

    Till date; I still have not found any gorgeous feather stuff~ I'm still looking for my very own feathered friend; So if you have any suggestions! Be sure to give me a holler!

    Zhang Ziyi & Kate Bosworth;
    Equally stunning in their feathered gowns at a Fendi event(: