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    live from campus!! plus a lil extra from luella

    wow for the 1st time ever, i went up to this girl in school and took her picture(: haha!!!

    love SAMANTHA's floaty top and her flats remind me of the lovely Salvatore Ferragamo Varina ones.. yum=p haha!

    anyhow.. went to The Sartorialist and i saw a picture of this lovely girl from Hong Kong~

    everything about her outfit and make up is so so perfect!!
    plus the floaty skort is so wonderful!
    such a unique way of pairing them all!

    and of course! whn i saw SAMANTHA's floaty tunic, i was immediately reminded of Luella Bartley's Spring RTW 2008!!
    i love the 1st floaty dress!!! so girly and totally cute!!

    lol and i think that BATS motif are the next HOTTEST thing that's gna happen!!
    they're just so edgy and wow! i honestly cant wait to get my hands on scarves which are imprinted with bats!!

    although halloween is tomorrow,
    i honestly think they're gna be ard for the longest time;
    just like those skull heads!!!

    ooh and everybody knows my love for khakis right?!
    haha! i SERIOUSLY am gna try to pair my khakis with flowery prints!!
    they sound so OLD. but. they look so FABBB!


    if luella says they're hot,
    THEY'VE got to be!!!



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    gold is back!!

    went out with the girls and i love what aud's wearing!!
    the white cardi,
    rainbow striped bag which has got a sling too!
    the gold necklace esp!!!!

    and look what reese has got hanging frm her neck?
    a gold necklace too!!!

    and jake + reese look so lovely tgt!
    what's more? they're tgt on a holiday in rome...

    i can only dream....


    photo credits
    just jared


    i'll cheat a lil today...

    yess!! omg i love this bag!! haha! saw this on mei chian (yer this is a chinese name=p) and i love it!! have never seen such a cute lil case before and it's gorgeous!!! it's real PLAID + synthetic leather!!! and at USD 40, wow. honestly. it's a steal!!

    i love love mk and ash's clutches!! they're so so gorgeous!! esp ashley's frilly one=p and although the outfits are a lil mismatched on both girls.. i think that it's really their style and they rock it! no matter wht some other people say(:

    anyhow.. the gorgeous girl in the center is actually designer jenni kayne.. so out of curiousity, i went to look her up and i love her!!

    esp her jackets!!! they're TOTALLY different from the normal ones you see around!!

    love this best!!! it's so pretty in an edgy way! and i love how this outfit is pulled together!

    and i guess this is the longish version. isnt it just fabb!! haha! love it love it!! lalalas. haha. well. one can always dream=p haha!

    and speaking of dreams...

    sarah johnson has got like, my DREAMMM INTERNSHIP.
    featured in the november issue of teen vogue, she's an intern with Salvatore Ferragamo's NY Press Office and i love the fact that she's in love with the Business of Fashion. haha! how cool is that!? lol!

    and she mentioned those gorgeous varina flats!! omg!! now i'm obsessed with them!! haha! they look so so pretty in the picture but every single pair of varina flats i called out frm google just looks crappier than the next~ sigh. owell.

    anyhow tt's all i've got for today and honestly!! school's killing me!!! and it's the 2nd wk!!

    haha! owell. till next time=p
    i probably would have got more snapshots of the random people in school by then=p haha!


    photo credits
    just jared
    jenni kayne
    teen vogue



    so school's in and the week's over soon enough. haha!
    so before i start doing my tutorials which are all due next week...

    guess wht i've found?!!
    this gorgeous heart shaped pendant from Guess.

    so as soon as i saw this hanging off Sam's neck- i attacked her and of course she was a good sport abt it!
    she even flipped the pendant over which revealed a pirate crossbone.
    it was so so gothic chic! and i love it!! haha!

    ps/ i love her striped scarf and goldish handbag from newurbanmale.com too!

    so wht do you guys think?!

    not bad eh=p haha!


    Welcome To Lisbon, Portugal!

    school's in and fortunately, there's a break for me today cos there's no tutorials the whole of this week and yes, i'm lucky enuf to haf tutorials for the whole of tuesdays=p haha!

    one thing i've gta say though, is that french 101 was; confusing!! what with the different masculin et feminin, le verbe s'appeler au present... totally je ne comprends pas!!!

    haha! anyhow back to my favorite thing in the whole world- i;ve got our lovely Su from The Stiletto Effect to give us a crash course about her amazing hometown- Lisbon, Portugal!

    So first up! Tell us where are you from?
    I’m from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. I've lived here since I was born and I love big cities so I can’t imagine myself living in the countryside=p

    (i honestly did gasp audibly whn i saw this. it's so beeyootiful!!)

    Belem Tower Monument

    Lisbon at night

    So, growing up in Lisbon, tell us the BEST things about your home? (Is there any particular place or food that we’ve definitely got to go or try?)
    Lisbon is a very typical city, even being the Capital. We have very old, traditional and picturesque neighbourhoods in the city centre, but we also have a cosmopolitan area too.

    Lisbon's Main Square

    Lisbon and Tagus River

    Out traditional food is Sardines (Grilled fish) and Cozido à Portuguesa (can’t translate that, but it’s a mixture of meats and vegetables). If you come to Portugal you must try those.

    Portugal has almost 900 km of sea coast, so we have great beaches. Algarve, in the South of Portugal is great to go on vacations (the weather is great, just like in the rest of the country, beaches are amazing, and the nightlife rocks!)

    (i'm a big fan of yachts so wow... Lisbon honestly reminds me so much of Monaco!!)

    Wow, it sounds so amazing!! But, what about music styles in Portugal?
    I can say my country is the ultimate destination for night “owls”. We have very talented musicians (from techno, funk, pop, hip hop, and electro clash to the fusion between electronics and jazz, opera or traditional Portuguese music, named “Fado”).

    And do you celebrate any traditional festivities?
    In Lisbon we celebrate “St. Anthony’s Day”, and during almost one month the city is in total party! The older parts of town are full with people, music, dance and concerts on the streets!

    That is so so fab!!! And i can't imagine how the nightlife will be.. What is it like?
    We have a hot nightlife!!!
    While in other countries, discos and pubs close at 2 am or 4 am, here in Portugal, they close very late. Some discos close at 12 pm (the day after). Sometimes, me and my friends go out at 2 or 3 am hehe, jealous? ;) We can stay out dancing until the other day and return home at 1pm.

    In Lisbon, the area with more cool and awesome pubs is “Bairro Alto”, we can call it the “Mecca of alternative culture” (every tourist must visit it).

    We also have great discos, such as “Lux” where we can dance till dawn, to the sound of top international DJs.

    If you are looking for all-night fun, you must definitely come to Portugal!

    And what's fab during summer?
    Oh! We have many cool festivals during summertime: “South-West”, “Vilar de Mouros”, “Super Bock Super Rock”, “Hype@Meco”, “Boom Festival” and others!

    Summer Festivals- OMG look at the crowd!!!

    So; you must have been on vacations and such - what is the one thing (especially food) that you’ve missed?
    To be honest, when I’m on vacations what I miss the most is my family, my friends, my pets and my house. But I also miss Portuguese food of course, especially desserts ha ha)!

    I love food from all over the world, Italian, Japanese, Chinese etc, but there’s no place like home ;)

    Aww, that's nice.. haha so how's the portuguese like?
    People are very nice in Portugal, maybe it’s because of the weather. We have good weather throughout the year and sun makes people feel better right? ;).

    Regarding fashion and style, in the countryside people don’t care so much with fashion or following trends! But in the main cities you can certainly spot the difference. People like to dress well.

    At my work place most people dress very formally and stylish, something like “The devil wears Prada” meets “Ugly Betty” (without the Betty lol)!

    We don’t have many designer stores in Portugal (we have Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Hermés, Armani, Burberry, Longchamp, and a few more) but we have very cool street stores (not to mention Zara, H&M, Stradivarius, Pull&Bear etc).

    Although, in the city centre, there is an area, named “Chiado”, that is considered the 9th luxurious area in the world (together with 5th avenue and others), that’s great hum?!

    Yer totally!!! So, don't keep all of us waiting! Tell us about the fashion scene over there!!

    that's me preparing for a night out!

    people tend to care about what they are wearing. Youngsters and teenagers dress with alternative styles. But in general, when you are walking on the street, you see a very different mixture of styles (from classic, to “Carrie Bradshaw’s wanna be, to other cool styles hehe).

    Ok! I’m not going to lie, you also see ugly outfits walking around the town but I prefer to forget about those lol =p

    I guess the current national obsession is shorts dresses with big belts around the waist.

    Ok... So, Confession Time..
    ONE city that will honestly make you leave your home town for?
    Ha ha let me see I love European cities! There’s nothing like London, Amsterdam or Paris! But I supposed if I had to choose a city to move to, I would pack my bags and definitely move to New York ;)

    LOL so i suppose if i got you to choose between being a Londoner or New Yorker, you'll choose the latter?
    I love London very much, but I HEART New York, so I would probably choose to be a Londoner living in New York. Just like Sting’s song “I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien, I’m an English “woman” in New York”! ha ha ha!

    That's me in Central Park

    LOL! And i gta say i love her last answer the best!!! i think that's what you call, the best of both worlds huh?! haha!!

    So, that's the last part of my Global Fashion interview and i hope that you guys enjoy reading them as much as i've enjoyed doing these with Kat, Jen, Su and Liberty London Girl!!

    Thanks A MILLION!
    ooh, and hope that u'll love the new miu miu header=p haha!!



    First Garden Party, EVER=p

    OMG!!! I don’t want camp to end):
    not because I love getting my shoes mucky and going to bed at the wee hours of morning..
    but because of wht’s coming after that-yes. It’s s-c-h-o-o-l.

    How am I supposed to go back to school when I feel like having fun and travelling to all sorts of places enjoying the culture, people and of course going shopping?!!!

    Owell, so I guess I had the next best thing(:
    I’ve sent an invitation to some of my favorite blogettes for a little garden party and we actually talked about their home, favorite cities and of course fashion!

    Who’s who?
    Jen from Mahalo Fashion
    Kat from She’s In Vogue
    Liberty London Girl

    Of course! it would be pretty boring if we were to eat the stuff that we were used to and so I did Japanese! I wanted Thai but I guess, not many could get used to the hot and tangy flavor..

    So just as placed the last of sushi tray on the table, Jen, Kat and LLG came right into the backyard looking all chic and glamorous!
    I mean, try dressing for a garden party-its just too easy to be overdressed and yet you can’t be that casual lest your guest get too offended by your tardiness but these girls did fab!!

    Jen was in a pretty multicolored floaty long sleeved dress ala Mischa Barton;
    Kat was her usual eclectic self with her FCUK dress, big clutch and ribbed tights and
    LLG was like the magazine girl she is; dressing pretty much like Emily from The Devil Wears Prada.

    After all the hellos and look-a-rounds, finally we’ve got to sitting down at the table and I got to say! We’ve all taken to each other like bees to honey! Haha!

    So Kat, we all know that you’re from Ireland but where exactly are you from?

    Well I live outside Cork city in the south of Ireland and it is the second largest city in Ireland after Dublin.I guess I have always loved Cork city itself. It is a very small city on an international scale but it is really quite nice, far more so then Dublin in my opinion.

    I always find that there is a very nice atmosphere in the city if you walk around on a Saturday afternoon. I suppose, this is the part where I add in about how nice the Irish people are and how green the fields are but really it is difficult for me to say.

    Yes, the people can be quite friendly (if a little nosy!) and the scenery can definitely be beautiful in places. I especially love west Cork for it's barren, marshlands and wild, sprawling landscape - a total escape.

    What about you LLGand Jen? I mean, before going to NY and Melbourne respectively?

    I grew up in the middle of the country in England, so not a lot going on there. I had an idyllic childhood playing on a farm, building dams in streams, driving tractors, petting farm animals. But I also spent a lot of time in the dressing up box making up outfts, and playing fashion shows. It's not surprising I ended up as a fashion editor.

    Wow! Now u’ve shown us all a different side of England.. It’s so utterly quaint and different from the cool, edgy London we know..

    Haha! I agree! Anyway, I'm from Ottawa, Canada but I've been living and traveling in Australia for the last year, heading back home soon though!

    Wow! It’s like two totally different environments, so what’s fab about these two amazing countries!

    Traveling to various places I've grown to appreciate how friendly and laidback people are back home. Canada is so beautiful, it offers everythingfrom natural beauty to a cosmopolitan lifestyle in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

    just to interrupt but I totally agree with you, Jen-
    I lived in London for ten years, and the best thing about London is its ethnic diversity – it has more languages spoken than in any other city in the world.

    And so you can imagine how diverse the food is too: whether you want to eat Ethiopian, Bangladeshi, French, Portuguese, Malaysian, the best authentic food is always available.

    So it was a shock when I really started travelling to discover that very few other cities in the world have such an incredible diversity of food on offer. I miss good Indian food the most – it's terrible in New York!

    WOW!! I know right- and the best part about Singapore is how cosmopolitan it is; no matter how the Chinese form the majority of the population right here.. So Jen, what about Australia?

    I would say the best part is the beach atmosphere and culture, I'm a beach girl so coming here was heaven.

    If you were to visit Canada, mainly Quebec and Ontario, you've got to havepoutine and beaver tails they are to die for! Being in OZ this year, I really missed poutine no matter how fattening it is!!

    On the other hand, Australia’s main dishes are meat pies and sausage rolls and not tomention great Italian food!And this may sound gross but some people will want to come to Australia and try exotic food such as Kangaroo meat but I'm not that adventurous! (thank god for that!)

    OMG!! Beaver tails and Kangaroo meat?!!! WOW! Haha! they sound so odd but I sure you must too when you’ve heard of the infamous frog’s legs porridge in Chinatown huh? Haha!! (At the mention of the poor beavers, kangaroos and frogs, we four girls take a collective breathe and continue talking about shopping=p)

    In Ottawa where I'm from people don't have too much of a fashion sense,being the capital and all it's a pretty conservative city. Normally if your're into fashion you can expect a lot of compliments since it's not as prelevant.

    When I came to Australia I was in awe of how fashionable people wherethere, everybody no matter what age has an impeccable sense of style.

    I spent a lot of cash feeling the need to keep up with all these fashions,I'm kind of missing back home cause I felt a little more comfortable withmy outfits there wasn't as much pressure to keep up.

    In Australia popular brands are Kusbi, Sass and Bide, Lover,Josh Goot, Alannah Hill, Sportsgirl etc.

    Girls will wear all the latesttrends, vintage, retro clothes, shift dresses, different color tights,leggings, skinny jeans and all the latest sunnies!

    Popular brands back home in Canada I would say are the same as the America and I think people are more trendy in Winter. We still wear uggs and cute pea coats, Uggs are still trendy because in a cold weather it'simportant to have warm comfortable boots and uggs provide that.

    Uh huh! I remember the time when Uggs were EVERYWHERE!!! Haha! Kudos to your for wearing them!!! Anyway, what about London, LLG? Where do you people go to get your gear?

    Hmm, I would still advise fashion hungry visitors in London to go to the markets: Porotbello on a Friday morning, and Camden in the afternoon, Petticoat Lane and Roman Road in the East End.

    Oh and I know a lot of girls under the age of 21 who are all obsessed with asos.com which is the UK's fastest growing on-line shopping site.

    Uh huh! I’ve been onto the website and the clothes are fab!!! Haha! What about the Irish, Kat? Online shopping too?

    Haha! No.. but in Cork.. I would recommend Merchants Quay, which is a small shopping mall with tiny big chain outlets - Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins and an extensive make up selection.

    A stroll down through St. Patrick's, will mean a visit to lots of high street stores such as River Island, Oasis, Warehouse and Accessorise.

    For bargain shopping head to Pennys, which stocks cheap, cheap Primark goods, but beware. On a Saturday afternoon the shop can be crammed with people so have an idea about what you are looking for.

    As well as that don't over look items that look weird or revolting (believe me there are many!) as they could look very cool and even high fashion if worn correctly and mixed with more expensive items.

    The same goes for the men's section where a nice oversized shirt may be found, so you can pull off the androgynous look on the cheap.

    For designer shopping your best bet is Brown Thomas, a designer department store that has shoes, bags, makeup, lingerie and women and men's clothes all under one roof.

    I might add though in Cork there is no such things as an exclusive designer store; you will not find a Chanel or Armani boutique in Cork.

    One of my favourite places in Cork city is the O' Conaill's Chocolatier on French Church Street, where luscious hot chocolate and chocolate treats can be bought, all made from the finest Fair Trade chocolate. Dark and light hot chocolate served with mixed chocolate chips is a personal favourite. Enjoy in the cosy cafe or be very cosmopolitan and get it to take away.

    Oh GOD! Kat!! And you keep ranting about how Cork is a Siberia of Europe or something.. it seems like so much of a pretty place… Honestly! What is it that you miss most after being away?

    when I go on holidays I tend to miss regular Barry's tea! Us Irish people love our tea! I don't really like fry ups (assortment of fried food - e.g. sausage, bacon, tomato, egg with toast) but after returning from holidays I usually get a craving for one.

    Haha really? And I thought that it’s the Chinese who love theirs! So what about the people? Is there anything that is uniquely Irish?

    I hate to say it but I think Irish people tend to dress really dull. I think Ireland in it's heart is still quite an old fashioned, conservative country and despite all this 'Celtic Tiger' stuff, the closet of the nation tends to reflect this.

    A lot of people just don't want to stand out from the crowd. Saying that though I know lots of people who love getting dressed up, wearing different, unusual clothes or who are really fashionable.

    The whole 'Emo' thing is quite big here at the moment, Vans and Converse All Stars galore! But I’m not that big into that!

    At present, my friends are loving things like skinny jeans, waist belts, shirts and cardigans. And as for my personal style, I’m usually decked in skinny jeans, ornate waist belt, loose tops in muted tones of grey, navy blue plaid dress, grey pixie boots, tuxedo jacket, scarves, clutch or silver slouch bag, long silver earrings, beret.

    Lol, I guess I can understand what you mean.. I mean, being on the streets of Singapore these few days, I guess you can see how many tend to be in regular jeans and a simple tee or cardigan. Though I have to give credit to those we dresses prettily. Anyhow, being so near to London, Paris and all, have you ever been there?

    I am ashamed to admit it, but despite only being about a 40 minute flight away I have never been to London. I have always thought though that I would love London, it just seems to me to be the epitome of cool.

    I have been to Paris twice and I know it's a total cliche, but it is the most beautiful city, everything is breath taking - the atmosphere, scenery, shops, fashion, history, architecture, everything.

    If I could I would get the first flight to Paris in the morning. Sorry, Cork but Paris is the best!

    WOW!! 40minutes from London?! I would have to take 13 flippin’ hours to get there! Haha! So I guess, if I were to ask you to choose between being a New Yorker or Londoner, you would choose to be the latter?

    Of course I would love to be a cool, edgy Londoner! And in a dream world studying fashion journalism in St. Martins! It seems to me that fashion, art, music and history are all interwoven in London.

    Saying that though it would be pretty cool to be a New Yorker.......
    *images of Carrie, looking fabulous wondering through New York, enter mind* ..

    Haha!! i know right! It’s sad that we can’t get the best of both worlds! Maybe they should do a London version of SATC huh? What about you Jen?

    As for me, I've been to New York many times and I've almost gotten mugged twice, I'm always scared. I'm sure it's not better in London, but I'd still rather live there.

    Although I haven't been there, but from all I've seen and heard it's somewhere I would love to live someday, not forever but maybe for a year or two. I love the culture and fashion as well as the care free mentality I guess..

    Yer I guess.. there’s bound to be the few clusters of people who make a place seems worse than it is.. Not to worry much yer? Oh and LLG? What about you? Would you go back to London after being away for so long?

    I was born in London, so I will always be a Londoner in my heart and I suspect that is where I will always return, even if it takes me twenty or thirty years to do so!

    WOW!! Look at that!! All of you wna be in London huh?!! Haha!! Despite being in three different countries!! Haha! Guess London is tops for now huh?!

    so that's all for today-
    omg. i know that this is a VERY long post but i hope that you guys would read till the end!
    hope you guys would enjoy this and many thanks to Kat, Jen & Liberty London Girl!!


    ps/anyhow; keep coming back soon bcos the finally blogette on the list is Su from The Stiletto Effect! and this time round, there would def be TONS of pictures!! haha!!


    sexy see throughs(:

    yes i know i know, i did say that my next post would be a gorgeous, fabulous long one but sigh. there're some kinda time constraints as i gta pack for camp right now!!

    yess. oh god, i gta wake up at the crack of dawn like some kinda rooster as we have to assemble in school at 6.45 for the coach.

    so. i hope this will do and thus, my dear bloggettes who answered my interview, u guys gta wait for the one amazing post!! haha!! i promise! it'll be utterly different!!!

    hugs and kisses!

    so i was on the bus with janine and i saw her fishing this see through pouch out of her uber cool Lonsdale bag!! haha!

    it's edgy and it'd be fab for those airport checks with regards to the new regulations and all..

    i guess it'd be another way to show off the pretty compact or your wads of cash eh? haha!

    so i went online to try search for similar pouches and i couldnt find any or either that; they're utterly hideous!

    saw this cute dooney and burke see through bag and i gta say, for a girl like me who hates anything see through

    ( i mean, what if you've forgotten you left your tampon dangling amongst yr wallet and stuff? EVERYBODY would see it right?!!!)

    i think i might consider giving it a thought! haha!!

    so that's all i have and ciao for now!!
    but.. a preview to what's to come......

    At my work place most people dress very formally and stylish, something like “The devil wears Prada” meets “Ugly Betty” (without the Betty lol)!!!

    I have been to Paris twice and I know it's a total cliche, but it is the most beautiful city, everything is breath taking - the atmosphere, scenery, shops, fashion, history, architecture, everything.

    Canada is so beautiful, it offers everything from natural beauty to a cosmopolitan lifestyle in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal....

    haha so are you getting antsy with the wait?! lol!!
    be sure to spot and tell me who said the above lines whn the posts are out eh? haha!!

    ok! i got to go!! off to pack!!


    i love my (black) stripes.

    when i saw rach in the grey sweater with black stripes- i screamed!!!
    i mean; i'm so so chuffed that i've got the freakin same thing as her and it's only been worn once because i was too lazy to wash it after getting it frm forever21.
    i love the khaki pants too(:

    so i'll leave u with this superbly short post as i go on preparation for my next post!! haha!
    and the sad thing is that it'll prolly be my last huge post bcos SCHOOL'S STARTING in 2weeks!!!!


    i love y'all!!!