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    *Sent Shivers Up My Spine*

    It was one of those days, when my tutorial class had to stay behind in school for a class project for Retail Management!

    All of us dragged our feet to the school cafeteria for dinner; and that was when my eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

    I was in line, for my food, when I saw this girl, with an impossibly eclectic style in the stall beside. My line of vision went straight to her boots as I was wondering how in the world, can she manage to walk around campus in THOSE heels; gorgeous it may be.

    It look ridiculously like YSL's Tributes; and guess what?! After a small chat with her, it confirmed my guess!

    I asked to snap a picture of her;

    YSL shoes are impossibly classy, and gorgeous, and, I don't know, seeing them outside the store's window display just, literally, sent shivers up and down my spine.

    Do you have the same feeling too?

    PS/ I LOVE, her top too! Love those big, purple lips!:D


    Here Comes the Bride!

    Happened to be browsing Wretch, an online photo sharing community commonly used by the Taiwanese, when I came across a particular wedding album.

    I was intrigued by the photos; and even more so by this picture;

    The bride looks every bit of a super model; and this is just so unconventional; like something that you will get out of a magazine instead of a bridal album!

    She's simply, stunning.