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    Hey Dearies!
    Sorry for my looong absence! But I've been busy studying for my finals! Which are next week! I've got 3papers; so do pray for me!

    Decided to get a video done:D
    AND! Be sure to listen REAL CAREFULLY:D:D I've got some GREAT news in there:D

    Alternatively, you can click HERE

    PS/ I was having a bad hair day; SO! I had no choice but to bunch up my REALLY SHORT, pony tail! (I'm in the process of leaving it long:D:D)

    I HAVE NO IDEA; What's happening to Blogger:S
    But to comment; click on the TITLE; or comment on the previous post! DON't allow this to annoy you!


    From The Streets; Got The HOTS For PRINTS!

    SO SORRY for my absence! I've got a valid excuse; since it was Chinese New Year and I was busy visiting my relatives; some whom I haven't seen in a year!
    ( Will try to post up some of the pictures soon! )

    But ANYWAY,
    I was at Cotton On yesterday evening with my girlfriends when I saw this girl with the coolest(!) bright coloured jacket walking by!

    What struck me most was the way she had worn it with her gorgeous houndstooth high waist pencil skirt, and her HAIR! She just reminded me so much of Cory Kennedy!

    What's making me wreck my brains now is that; she's also got a super cool name to match; BUT! I've forgotten to note it down! I feel like knocking my head on the wall! Owell, I've given her my blog(: So, SHOULD this mystery Asian Cory Kennedy lookalike pop by; I WILL LET YOU KNOW!((: