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    This is not one of those goodbyes;

    Really apolegetic that I've seemed to dropped off the face the earth;
    And I'm here; NOT to say goodbye.

    I've finally decided for myself; what I want, for a blog and I've decided to switch everything; over to my OTHER blog.

    In a nutshell; it's more personal, it feels more ME; as compared to my darling Pearls & Sands unfortunately;

    So if you're interested; do update the links on your pages and hop over!



    *Sent Shivers Up My Spine*

    It was one of those days, when my tutorial class had to stay behind in school for a class project for Retail Management!

    All of us dragged our feet to the school cafeteria for dinner; and that was when my eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

    I was in line, for my food, when I saw this girl, with an impossibly eclectic style in the stall beside. My line of vision went straight to her boots as I was wondering how in the world, can she manage to walk around campus in THOSE heels; gorgeous it may be.

    It look ridiculously like YSL's Tributes; and guess what?! After a small chat with her, it confirmed my guess!

    I asked to snap a picture of her;

    YSL shoes are impossibly classy, and gorgeous, and, I don't know, seeing them outside the store's window display just, literally, sent shivers up and down my spine.

    Do you have the same feeling too?

    PS/ I LOVE, her top too! Love those big, purple lips!:D


    Here Comes the Bride!

    Happened to be browsing Wretch, an online photo sharing community commonly used by the Taiwanese, when I came across a particular wedding album.

    I was intrigued by the photos; and even more so by this picture;

    The bride looks every bit of a super model; and this is just so unconventional; like something that you will get out of a magazine instead of a bridal album!

    She's simply, stunning.


    For The First Hour, The Second, And Thereafter.

    Okay, as promised! I have done a little hourly, photo journalling post today! This is something that I have been wanting to do since a long, long time ago; after Rebecca, of The Clothes Horse did something similar on her blog, which I thought I could try out and share a part of myself with you(:

    GOOD MORNING; like always, I always have my sandwich on the car; I love my breakfast today, THANKS MOM! I'm loving turkey breast ham more than tuna fillings now(:

    I've arrived like; an hour early, sitting in the internet cafe; FACEBOOKING, TWEETING, and blog hopping(:

    Off to project consultation in the library; my group is doing a research on Tourism Tasmania; it's my final year! And after this; off to College! Feeling a sense of apprehension;

    Except for Rachel, who has a purple bracelet, the 5 of us, have some sort of blue in our outfits today! A total coincidence(:

    In the Business Communication class; we're learning about resumes, and cover letters; which reminds me, I actually have an assignment due next Monday!

    Waiting for our bus; to bring us to town; located just right of the bus stop is an actual railway track! I love, truly love, how photos taken by the railway tracks turn out(: So obviously, this is my favorite picture today; I like how it looks so rustic; with the semi withered tree in the background.

    Here we are, at LITTLE INDIA, one of the tourist attractions in Singapore! We do not come to this part of Singapore usually; but we have a Retail Marketing assignment to do at one of the biggest discount department stores located in Little India(:

    LUNCH TIME! One of my favorite Indian food; MURTABAK(:
    It is made of flour, and inside, it is filled with sliced chicken, chopped onions and curry sauce; It is almost like the Mexican, quesadilla!

    Went over to Mustafa, THE popular discount store (which I was talking about!) where they sell almost everything you can dream of; and I thought I could share Singapore's iconic symbol, the Merlion, an imaginary hybrid of half lion, half fish.

    From left, Shirley, Melody & Audrey; A huge spring in their step(:

    At a bus interchange; waiting for our bus; not sure about where you're coming from; but Singapore has got single, and double decker buses; which were so much fun; especially when you're a kid!

    Happened to see Sin Eng and Carmen at Macdonald's and they were with their lovely kids; Naomi and Elijah(: I just love, LOVE, snapping photos of children; playing and seeing their laughters just make you forget everything else!

    And that's the end of my day(: It was wonderful, with my darlings; doing some things that we won't usually do, and of course; this hourly, photo journalling was so much fun! I truly felt so much like a tourist, snapping the whole way; even at school!(:

    Hope you've had as much fun reading this post, as I had, doing it; and of course; at the same time, get to know a little more about Singapore and one of the many ethnic cultures we have in this cosmopolitan city!

    Right now at 0012;
    I'm missing a certain someone; wearing blue toooo(: *shy*


    Going the super casual, on a holiday, look again(:


    A Peek Into Anna's (Or Grace's) September Issue

    Caught The September Issue a couple of days ago; and it was beyond, awesome! It was great, to have the chance to have an exclusive peek; into the life, of the woman who single handedly, took charge, of the fashion industry.

    But of course, what was even better, was the chance to see how things WORKED, in Vogue(: The closet; the sheer number of clothes, and shoes, and stuff spilling out are just to die for; it's like, only at Vogue, it does not seem frivolous to be extravagant- or, there isn't such a thing, as being tooo, extravagant.

    But what truly captures my attention in this documentary was Grace Coddington; She's such an amazing woman; with a STRONG personality (that's probably an understatement, considering how she stood up for herself against Anna!) She's got both beauty and brains; and she's extremely witty. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that she's BRILLIANT, to think of using the production crew in the Colorblocking photo shoot!

    However I have to agree with what Anna's daughter, Bee Shaffer had to say about the industry; fashion is meant to be fun, and an expression of who you are; but some people are just; copying straight out from the pages of Vogue; which in fact, isn't very stylish at all. Sure, you may be fashionable, but if I were to take Vogue away from the person, what would he or she do?!

    Now, that's a food for thought.

    To end off; I was very inspired after the movie, to do something, Vogue-ish, and so, I was very hard pressed, to take a picture, in front of this beautiful, cobble stoned wall; (who cares if Anna might just have a heart attack if she were to see me, hah!)

    I was in a very casual, and very blue mood, that day;

    Shirt; Tommy Hilfiger
    Shorts; Cotton On
    Heels; Prima Vera (They're Esther's! And they're just so cute!)
    Bag; Mulberry

    Okay, I'm off to tidying up my room; after which; I'll be having a bumper post; filled with some of my favorite buys from Taipei!

    Love ya!


    I'm So, Sorry!!! { But Here's Something to Make Up For All That!!}


    I know, I know, I'm so sorry for disappearing all of a sudden;
    And there shall be no excuses; just that I'm plain lazy, and tired from work and the "after activities";

    It's already September 3; and I'll be going back to SG on the 15th! I can't believe that 6months zoomed by just like that! But I know I'll miss this place so much!

    So as I'm munching on these absolutely yummy Oreo wafer rolls, I've decided to snap a picture of my latest purchase;

    A pair of YUMMY, almond colored heels! They're absolutely gorgeous and I know; I'll have so much fun, pairing them with everything!! (well, almost:D)

    I'll have a massive post, coming right up; but in the meanwhile; (like 2million others, I've signed up for an account a while back) SO! You can actually catch me on TWITTER!

    Really, I'll be right back(:

    Loads of love and cyber hugs;


    It's All About Khaki('s)

    Having been in Taipei for close to 3.5 months, I've never really been wowed by any restaurants until I've stepped into Khaki's! It is an eclectic restaurant opened by Taiwanese designer, Isabelle Wen located along Ren Ai Road.

    The telly is in perfect condition and it is showing Isabelle Wen S/S 2009 collection;

    The interior design is wonderful! The little knick knacks found all over the restaurant are genuinely vintage; found from antique stores all over Taipei. And with this concept in mind; it is how Khaki is decorated.

    For those of you whose love for retro/vintage extends beyond fashion; you will really fall in love with Khaki; as the ambience and mood are set perfectly; and it is a great place to dine and have those long, lazy afternoon chats with your girlfriends!