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    Taipei; From The Streets; Prairie Girl In Jeans!

    Hey Dearies!
    I'm SO TIRED; after interning for 6days straight; it's SUNDAY tomorrow; And I have to wake up at 0530 tomorrow for the breakfast shift; BUT still; it's fun(: I'm sure this is an experience I'll never forget!

    I've got to go soon; so sorry; that I haven't been visiting your blogs; i'll be having OFF DAYS next week; so I'll be sure to do a follow up!

    AND, here's an outfit from one cutesy Prairie sales girl from Shilin Nightmarket;

    LOVE her hair, especially; and her boots are just fab! I REALLY; am trying to find a good pair which I could use for my winter holidays!

    Okay, I got to run; have to shower and wake up in a couple of hours time;



    From The Streets ( And My Own!); The Last; And The First;

    Hey darlings! I'm FINALLY in Taipei!!
    Today was DAY 1 of work and it was tiring! BUT it was really exciting; learning new things; and trying to build rapport, with the fellow interns in the F&B department!

    Went out to popular shopping district, Hsimending, after work with my darling bestie; Esther; and we just had tons of fun; absorbing the sights and sounds, and had so much fun; taking it all in; that WE ARE finally in Taipei, and will be here, for the next 6months!

    OF COURSE we went shopping; and we've bought some stuff;
    SHE got some really pretty plaid dresses and I got my hair accessories (my latest fetish!);

    I LOVE ESTHER'S jacket; with all the visible zips and she's one girl; that is superbly comfortable in black and grey;

    Jacket: G2000 (A brand from Hong Kong)
    Grey Tunic: Dong Dae Mun, South Korea's Wholesale Center

    Here's my FIRST outfit in Taipei;
    Thank goodness for the trench as it was drizzling and I had something to cover up!
    PS/ I don't usually wear bright colours, but I felt a little daring today; it was LIBERATING!

    Trench Coat: Echo
    Tunic: Promod
    Leggings: Giordano
    Shoes: Taipei's Shilin Night Market
    Bow Headband: Hsimending
    Bag: Prada

    I shall backtrack to the LAST SG Street Snapshot; when I was still in Singapore a couple of days ago; I was shopping at Far East Plaza, when I saw this jazzy, pop of colour; worn by this tall, tall, girl, WHO was wearing heels!
    (Again, I had a soft spot for her boots; and I HAD to take a picture of her!)

    Dara's a student from Jakarta, Indonesia, and I LOVE her long tee; worn with those; GORGEOUS, 9 West boots!
    They are most perfect! To pair with leggings, legwarmers, socks, or even rolled up jeans!

    To finish the outfit was her grungey, studded bag which, complemented her bright, graphic long tee, so wonderfully!

    Okay, that's all I have for today; I shall go off to bed then! Reporting time for work tomorrow: 7am!

    PS/ I will try to post up pictures from the Christian Lacroix's exhibition, as soon as I can!

    AND, I will try to catch up on the comments ASAP!

    Much Loves!



    YAYYYYYYYYY, everything's finalized! AND I'll be leaving for Taipei on Sunday; where I will begin my 6months internship with Holiday Inn East Taipei!

    I'm SO excited; so I've decided to channel all my energy into another VLOG! (And yes, I've taken the opportunity to thank a very special someone!)

    Alternatively, you could click ON THIS to access the video;

    Okay, so that's all I've got; I'll definitely come back with MORE pictures before I leave!



    From The Streets; Wonderful "Vintage" Satchel + VLOG 4!

    Took this picture on the sly a couple of days back; but I guess, there was no real need to inform the unsuspecting lad; as it was his BAG which I'm interested in!

    LOVED that brown, "vintage" satchel and I'm drawn, ESPECIALLY to the gold buckles! They're so retro, something that I can imagine my parents using, when they were younger!

    It's not everyday that I get to see a teenage boy, especially one in his school uniform, using such a fantabulous bags; as they are usually carrying huge, clumsy crumplers or low, slouchy backpacks.

    WE NEED, more lads like that around!
    Though he's obviously younger than me, I find myself gravitating towards him; the VIBE that he is giving off; with the nonchalant, rocker attitude;
    (His loud music, BLARING from his ear piece; and that fact that he's got COOL STUDS on his Vans, gave that part away! Yes, I've got a soft spot for musicians!)

    Here's another VLOG for all of you! Hope you enjoy it! You May CLICK ON THIS Too!

    PS/ You may want to increase the volume of your speakers as it may be a little soft!

    Much Loves!


    I'll Always Remember Andy's Superstar...

    Happened to catch Factory Girl on cable just now; And once again; I was captivated by the portrayal of Edie Sedgwick by the amazing, Sienna Miller. Of course; I couldn't discount Guy Pearce, and his wonderful take of the legendary Andy Warhol.

    I watched this film, some time back; and yet, once again, I was intrigued by the short and tragic life, of Edie Sedgwick.

    From the film; it seemed that she was doomed to a path of destruction; by choosing to stick with Andy Warhol (who was widely criticized to be the one who brought her depending on drugs); but one has to remember that it were those hay days; that Edie was shown to; and had taken the world by storm!

    SHE WAS, THE, IT Girl;

    She's like the present day Kate Moss; setting trends; and having girls all over; falling head over heels; trying to get that little piece of Edie;

    She's known for being loud and avant garde; wearing whatever she wants; with no care with how the world sees her;
    (The clothes in the movie were just amazing! Tons of sequins, and gorgeous, gorgeous chandelier earrings!)

    In a sense; in spite of all those series of unfortunate event; we could all learn from this, poor little rich girl; (obviously; not her abuse of drugs) but rather, her act of defiance; of wearing whatever you want; where ever you want! For having the guts, to step out; in something others perceive; as really WRONG, but to you; it's SO RIGHT!

    Whenever someone critisizes you for wearing some, loud, outstanding piece of clothing or accessory; Whenever someone, only has bad things to say about your style;


    Style is all about having the right to dress up; OR even the right to dress "down"; whenever you feel like it; Fashion is about having fun with yourself; Having fun with your clothes;

    Who knows?! You could be the next Edie/Kate; sending the world into a frenzy; with whatever sartorial style; that YOU, have!



    From Campus & The Streets; The Verdict's Out; RIP EVERYTHING!

    Some of you regulars may recognize Samantha , as the Girl with The Gorgeous Denim Jacket from THIS POST and she's appearing on this blog again; because of her fabulous ripped tank top!

    The ripped back is so delicate; but Sam's accessorized really well with this top, and it is so perfect!

    I don't know where's she's got the top from, but Sam's paired the top with a high waisted skirt from Espirt, and a vintage DKNY backpack which she loves to bits!

    I'll like to take this chance to give a shout out to YOU, Dearie!

    Sam's probably still on a flight now, to Orlanda, Florida, where she is starting a 4 months attachment with Disneyland!

    Tons of luck and love to you, babe! I'll definitely miss you and of course! Your crazy, grunge/pretty princess style((:

    Anyway, I was crossing the road just now, when I spotted this really petite girl; standing by the bus stop;

    I LOVE Sonia's ripped jeans; which were DIY; and I love her long, flowy grey top;

    She's so perfectly grunge;
    But she's cute-n the look by adding that extra big, black bow on her head! Which was just so pretty(:

    And WHOEVER CAN, EVER, resist, nude sandals?!

    Not ME for sure ;)


    From The Streets, The Dandy Who Played With Fire

    This was I think; the first time when I had to literally chase after someone to snap a picture of!

    Was at the train station; plugged into my iPod, and happily, going off to meet my girls when I saw this guy, who's fedora was perched precariously on his head;

    I HAD to look at his shoes; and I was sold (IT WAS SOO PERFECTLY STRAPPY!); I KNEW I had to get a picture of him; Made an about turn; and I almost missed him going down the steps!

    I loved Farid's shoes; and how he had taken the trouble to roll up his leg cuffs!

    And on a closer look; I fell in love with his shirt;
    THOSE HOLES! They look pretty much like DIY; Whoever had thought of burning holes onto a tee shirt?! That's just so wonderful!

    And yes, I'm still in SG, I will be leaving for Taipei soon; though I don't really know when; as we're still waiting for the work permit and visa permits; owell; I will do a video again before I leave; my LAST ONE, before I leave for 6months!

    On a last note; I NEED HELP for Spring wear!! I need to pack light though; so I need tons of help; for the staples that I can bring along(:

    Thanks a million!((:


    From The Streets, Cutesy Denim Jumper

    Was at a chalet the past few days and it was a blast! Had to get some stuff for my mom at the supermarket and that's where I spotted this girl along the aisle!

    Was a little hesitant when I saw Kanako because I can't speak a word of Japanese and I'm not sure if she understood English.

    Took a deep breath, anyhow, and I approached her; Love her cutesy, pale denim jumper, paired with that cute, big, pouffy cardigan and a surprise, Converse High Tops! Love her cutesy style and she looked like she's having so much fun in her outfit! Which is what fashion is all about!

    I ended off, introducing my name; and asking her for hers; In the few bits of Japanese which my darling friends taught me; and there was a huge sense of achievement after this picture as I've managed to do 2 things which I thought I can't!

    And I'm glad I managed to snap another picture of a darling tourist!:D