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    I'm So, Sorry!!! { But Here's Something to Make Up For All That!!}


    I know, I know, I'm so sorry for disappearing all of a sudden;
    And there shall be no excuses; just that I'm plain lazy, and tired from work and the "after activities";

    It's already September 3; and I'll be going back to SG on the 15th! I can't believe that 6months zoomed by just like that! But I know I'll miss this place so much!

    So as I'm munching on these absolutely yummy Oreo wafer rolls, I've decided to snap a picture of my latest purchase;

    A pair of YUMMY, almond colored heels! They're absolutely gorgeous and I know; I'll have so much fun, pairing them with everything!! (well, almost:D)

    I'll have a massive post, coming right up; but in the meanwhile; (like 2million others, I've signed up for an account a while back) SO! You can actually catch me on TWITTER!

    Really, I'll be right back(:

    Loads of love and cyber hugs;