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    And the Oscar Goes To.......

    Ok, i know a million other bloggers would be blogging about the hottest dress and the crappiest ones as seen on the red carpet at the Oscars, so i'll just concentrate on the one trend that keeps popping out on the red carpet~

    is it me or is red like, the new black or something?

    The BEST!

    Helen Mirren
    She's one gorgeous lady and she;s so elegant! love the way she paired her dress with the cardigan! it;s lovely!

    Katherine Heigl
    This Greek inspired, Escada dress is so flattering for Katherine! Though the mop or curls seem to age her, the cocktail ring and cute bracelets made up for it!

    Moral of the Story- Jewellery is SUPERBLY important too!

    The REST;

    Anne Hathaway
    She can definitely carry this BEAUTIFUL crimson color! but what's with the roses?!
    i know it's in vogue in Japan right now; but Ms. Hathaway should stick to classic pieces!

    Miley Ray Cyrus
    i love the back of her dress! so cute! but not the front~ kind of frumpy in a way;
    but i love what she did to her hair(:

    Heidi Klum
    I hate this! the hair and the BIG dress;
    she looks like the barbie doll i used to play with when i was little!


    So, like, in school, we have all these crap social standing and stuff, so, gna borrow some of that pretentious titles and use it on 3 of my FAVORITE CELEBS of the moment:DDD


    i think that Saoirse is the cutest girl around! i love that sea foamy green and the whole look. very vintage! though it kinda look like a nightgown. haha


    Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis is THE COOLEST COUPLE around!!
    they're forever so coordinated in a non matchy way and i love his glasses!!! also, vanessa's dress is like. super gorgeous!

    Anyway; i've got my favourite dress(:
    alright. DRESSES.
    cos i haf like. 3 most favorite?
    it's hard to choose alright! =p

    Marion Cotillard
    Vive La France! Mademoiselle here has done France proud by clinching the Oscar for Best Actress and i love her dress by Jean Paul Gaultier! it's so pretty!!

    Renee Zellwegar
    This cool Brit isnt exactly known for her sense of style; but i love her silver Carolina Herrera gown!! it fits her to a T!! though her hair is kinda spacey for me! haha

    Cate Blanchett
    at first, i hate her overly casual dress ( i know right, shoot me.) but slowly, it grew on me and i love how she accessorized her dress with her loose, wavy hair and easy smile! gosh; Cate oozes class like no other!

    so who do u think is the best dressed?!!

    ok; tt;s all i have for the oscars update;
    hope that you'll like it!!!

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    Went shopping right after my Business Statistics paper and we were walking past Prada, when i saw the lovely Resort 08 dresses on display.
    Ok, granted, right now, the designers are already showing off Fall pieces on the runways but still; it's not even Spring now!

    I love the advertisment featuring Sasha Pivovarova, Meghan Collison, Angelika, and Irina Kulikova and of course! How wonderfully feminine the dresses were!

    The big pouffe of the dresses and florals depicted on them is just like the ones women wore back in the 50s and 60s; just that it is an updated version!

    The pink cardigan drew me in instantly and i was kinda regretting having my "No Cardigans Ever" Policy. The cardi is so old school and widely available, i think it shouldnt be a problem for every girl to have a pink one in her closet; NOT paired with jeans of course!

    So although this girl from Sartorialist isnt wearing a cardi, i love her navy blue coat and i love her prettttty dress!!
    whoever that say this look is frumpy; ought to be shot! seriously!

    Should i cave in the next time i saw a cardi, i would definitely go MOD with a stripy top under the cardi, fastened with a skinny belt and finished with my skinnies!

    The Resort 08 collection is very girlish, very fun, and honestly! i really really want to get a flower printed top soon!

    i know i know, i have been saying that ever since i saw the Luella S/S 08 Collection but seriously, i had been tough finding one which i love;

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    Un Deux Trois, En Pointe!

    There are certain times when a girl has to put down the stilettos and trade them in for something a little more comfortable: at the airport, on long shopping sprees. Sneakers and flip flops will never do; they have "sloppy" written all over them!

    in comes the trusty, classic pair of ballet flats;

    they were inspired by the en pointe shoes which ballerinas wear and it wasn't until the 50s' in which the trend took off.

    All thanks to actresses like audrey hepburn, who wore a pair of flats with skinnies in the movie Funny Face, along with other actresses who popularized the look, like Bridgette Bardot to mention one.

    Ballet flats look great with everything from skirts to jeans and are extremely comfortable. Every girl should at least have a pair in their closet, and preferably in black which is timeless chic.

    Ultra feminine and always chic, ballet flats are a popular choice for dressing up clothes without adding height or killing your feet.

    being lover of all things nice;
    it is OKAY to indulge and have a couple of EYE CANDIES.

    seriously, when doing this post, i AM looking for a pair of nice black ballet flats;
    and now, i;ve committed suicide by LOOKING AT THESE GORGEOUS SHOES!

    OF course!
    being the rational me; i KNOW that i would scuff my shoes some way or other;
    no matter how careful i am.
    and everyone knows how i LOVE LOVE those Salvatore Ferragamo Varina flats!!
    and to my SUPRISE!!
    9WEST have got something similar!!

    ** i cant wait to go shopping after my finals((((:

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