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    Day Out To Danshui; Fishermen's Wharf + My DARLING Maxi

    Went out to Danshui and Fishermen Wharf; located north of Taipei City and it's such an impossibly quaint and scenic attraction! For those of you who ADORES photography and taking pictures in gorgeous, out of the ordinary locations, the smattering availability of Victorian architectures and the beautiful view here, would be a feast for your eyes!

    PS/ The bridge in the picture is an icon itself; it is known as Valentine's Bridge; and couples are known to frequent and cross the bridge; Symbolically blessing their relationship and bestowing a lifetime of happiness and love onto them.

    There were tons of food on offer; and the sun was scorching! I guess, I'll have to come out and face reality that the hot; humid summer is approaching!

    Decided to make the best use of the weather and so, I wore my new floral maxi with corset detailing.

    Love the beautiful crochet; and the "colourful floral on black" effect;

    And of course! The unique, corset details which caught my eye the very first time!

    Dress; Shilin Nightmarket
    Bag; Agnès B.
    Flip Flops; Havaianas

    What makes me wistful though; is that I do not have a pretty straw fedora to match; the outfit would be so complete and so gorgeously Boho then!


    Yes, I'm Alive And Breathing, And I've Got My 6th VLOG!

    Hey guys, so sorry for my long absence! Was really busy with work; and it doesn't really help; with the odd, crazy hours I've got to put in!

    Decided to come up with another VLOG; Shall let you all be entertained by my ramblings instead(:

    Will be heading OUT TOMORROW! Can't wait for photo ops; And of course! I can't wait to dress up; and stalk gorgeous, effortlessly stylish individuals (or couples!) down the streets!

    Alternatively, you can click on THIS.

    Loads of Love And Kisses,


    I Love Going To The Zoo! And My Beige Blazer Too!

    The weather was awesome on the 2nd day of our off day; and Esther and I decided to make a trip down to the zoo nearby.

    It was like a trip down memory lane; as the both of us have not been in a zoo ever since we were a tweeny and we just went snap crazy! (For more pictures from the trip, do hop over to my other blog:D)

    However, we (or maybe, I was the only one) were totally fascinated by the short, railway track located by the Billy Goats; that we took like; 10 over pictures of us, and the track alone! I mean, we don't really get the chance to sit on railway tracks without the risk of getting run over by a train!

    Wore some of my new purchases (the joy!); and I AM so glad, that I've gotten this gorgeus beige blazer (NT$350). I've been buying so many jackets ever since I went over to Taipei; but really, the price, the quality and the selection of designs available are just awesome!

    Jacket, Top; Wufenpu
    Wayfarers; Raybans

    At the African Animals section, in front of a herd of cutesy zebras; A close up of the tunic with the awesome eyes and lips which I fell in love with instantly! (Notice the trimmings on the blazer!)

    PS/ I'm thinking of getting THIS amazing T-Shirt leotard from American Apparel; I can't wait to get my hands on it and wear it a hundred and one ways!! Which colour, other than black would be the most versatile though?