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    YSL YSL YSL YSL YSL((((((:

    ok, i admit; when my dear friend got me to talk about yves saint laurent; the only thing that i wanted to do was to rave about how much i love the ysl muse bag and how that was the FIRST designer who's bag i genuinely adore.

    it certainly doesnt help that i was seeing ms moss online carrying the signature bag and at that time; Kate Moss was certainly EVERTHING i wna be (cept for that cocaine incident of course;) i was only 14? 15? yer; and besides, cheesy as it may sound; i found that i'm loving the IT bag that everyone was carrying not because of the initials stamped on the bag but rather, i was amazed at how the designer have actually created such a beauty that is structured and yet girlish at the same time.

    of course! i got a little help from google and realised that yves saint laurent have actually led a much more colorful life than i've imagined.
    at 17; he was already working at the house of dior and shortly after, he was sent to serve int he French Army where he;s suffered from a nervous breakdown where he had to undergo psychiatric treatment.

    he was released from christian dior because of this and thus, he started YSL.
    there, he started mainstreaming the idea of wearing silhouettes and he arguably created the most famous tuxedo suit for women; le smoking.

    even till today, as seen in ysl s/s 08; we can see silhouettes which are inspired frm menswear;

    also; what may come into one;s mind when YSL is mentioned are the SHOES!

    remember the stacked heels that ysl started off which aldo and topshop and other high street label started getting "inspiration" from?

    YSL have got another of those super high heels which are so unbelievably sexy and dangerous to walk in and one of the fabbest pair ever made is the tribute pump!! i want one of those too!!!

    with the way things are going; i cant even make it down main street w/o checking myself into A&E. hahaha

    furthurmore, how can anyone not miss those gorgeous ysl ads starring supermodel, giselle bundchen?!

    that was a brillant campaign and the concept was fabbb!! with the streets of italy as backdrop for the gorgeous mostly black clothes!!

    let us all take a collective sigh~ haha

    yves saint laurent is certainly a fabulous designer who;s bounced back from the hardships in life and year after year, he;s created such beautiful collections!!

    wht;s there not to love abt YSL?!!
    let's go shopping for a downtown bag now! hahahah


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    Imagine How I MUST Have Felt....

    girlfriends went shopping tdy. but unfortunately i wasnt with them)):

    they gave me a surprise!!!

    i screeeeeched when i saw this!! OMG!!! it's so classyy!! it's actually a make up caddy. which. is more suited for show on your vanity. than for lugging around town.
    and according to my dear girls; the inside is covered with midnight blue velvet!!
    HOW plush!!

    not sure what is this used for but it;s big!
    on the outside, it;s a collection of posters and black and white pictures of films which Audrey Hepburn had acted in. the most obviously being Breakfast At Tiffany's, My Fair Lady and Roman Holiday(:

    however, from the 3photos they showed me, i love this Marilyn Monroe one best!! it;s got the nicest shape and i love how she looks against the antique case!!!

    and the answer to the lust in your eyes? no; unfortunately. i dont think the store have got an online shopping website.
    but still~~ they;re so NICE to look at!



    When In Japan, Do As The Japanese Do

    so sorry that i'm taking forever to come up with this post; but when i was in Japan, i was amazed that everyone was wearing long shorts, knee high boots and gorgeous jackets.

    of course! they were all different in a way; like they would customise with cute scarfs, neckalaces, shades, bags etc etc. also, the japanese girls are BIG on hair and make up! thus, everyone looks different which is just amazing!
    ( for those of you who wna check out the japanese street fashion, click here)

    decided to pick up a japanese magazine when i was in the airport back home and i could see that the pages were filled with gorgeous boots, long shorts and bags!! though i dont read a word of jap, it doesnt matter. but i was kinda dissapointed cos i saw tons of fabulous stuff that i could nvr get cos i DONT KNOW whr to get them=p hahah
    (which probably is good news for my dad's pocket though=p) haha

    so, decided to do something about it and that's why i;ve come up wif my own list of japan worthy stuff (which will look as fab ANYWHERE else too).
    i would wear the gorgeous jackets and boots. if only singapore's daily temperature is not at a high of a whopping 30 degrees celsius ( 86 degrees fahrenheit)!!

    bomber jackets are a big thing in japan and honestly! these would complement the long shorts very well!!

    also, be sure to stock up on pullovers like the one from j crew as they would add a dash of color to yr outfit!

    the star of the attraction for this post!!
    if you're really afraid of the cold, be sure to pair them with the sheer tights which are in vogue this season!
    be sure, to keep it SHEER((:
    or the knee region would look very weird!

    yummy boots!! awww. haven worn one of these in my entire (soon to be) 18 years of my life and HOW i WISH to be able to out on the riding boots and stomp around town in flourish.
    they go well with long shorts and the puffy jackets as their sleek design keep the look tres chic(:

    coming from somone who's never dressed like that; i think i may have lost my credibility. butttt.
    trust me on this? hahaha. was so jealous of the jap girls whn i was there cos they're just so stylish and i dont know. they;re kinda like the parisian of the east? lol!!

    be sure to tell me how this look goes alright? pictures would be fabbb((:

    lots of love!


    The Girl With The Big COACH Bag

    So!! i was asked by a friend of mine to do someone on COACH=p
    haha here it is and honestly!! it looks like some kinda lousy advertisment for them but still~~ haha


    Established in 1941, Coach is an American luxury leather goods company which is famed for their ladies' handbags; the original designer for Coach as it is known today is Bonnie Cashin and she was the one who pioneered the use of hardware on accessories and especially the brass toggle which became the hallmark of Coach.

    Be it for work or for school, or for a casual date at the cafe, a Coach tote will never go out of style as it is just right for all occasion!

    Grab any purse or clutch if you;re hard pressed for time and these cheery, bright colors will definitely brighten up your day!

    One of the things i love about Coach is for their selection of bracelets! i'm so so lusting for the SPECIAL one which i;ve mentioned=p

    though not many people consider Coach, "designer" enough; i feel that it doesnt matter bcos i do belive in Coach's quality and design. Seriously! i;ve seen my coursemate chuck her laptop, charger and what nots into her Coach Signature Stripe Bag and it;s still intact after doing so for this past semester!!

    ps/ sorry about the thing with the font size!! just double click on the images and you'll see the BIG PICTURE=p haha

    next up!! YSL(((((:
    [yet another of the special request; weird combination. but=p haha]


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    Vote Hillary!!

    so; school and projects have taken such a big hold on my life it;s crazy. so!! that;s why i;m taking a breather by coming on here!!

    1st of all, i'll like to congratulate hillary clinton for winning the critical leg of the presidential elections at new hampshire~ yes. although i;m not american, US politics is just fascinating and yer. of course i'm Vote Hillary all the way;!

    Hillary Clinton oozes the charm and sophiscation in this black power suit! love the way she always have got some kind of necklaces or earrings!

    as a girl, of course! i;m glad that there;s a lady out there, working hard and paving the way for other women alike to join politics but more importantly, i;m glad that Hillary has stood firm as an advocate for a woman's right to choose. She has expanded access to family planning services, including for low-income women.

    Hillary has worked to empower women throughout the world. She has advocated for access to programs that enable women to start their own businesses and spoken out strongly against the tragic practice of sex trafficking.

    And as President of the United States of America, i;m sure she'll definitely continue her lifelong fight that all Americans are treated with respect and dignity, regardless of color or religon!

    The orange is just so oriental!! So cute and just along the same lines as wht some of the designers were doing in Paris Fashion Week!

    Go HILLARY!!

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    ps/ haha, just felt like blogging abt this tdy. haf a super cute post coming v soon so do come back in a few days time!!!