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    Taipei; From The Streets; Androgynous Chic + Me; Complete Opposite!

    Yay! It's Esther's and my OFF DAY today; we have another day off tomorrow; But anyway; we decided to make a visit to the wholesale market again; and we've managed to cart home; tons of stuff; which we simply, ADORE!

    *If I've got the time tomorrow; I'll probably do a video about the purchases! (It will be a LONG video; if that's the case!)

    But the star of today; is HER!

    I was captivated by her androgynous style; and her all black outfit; was FAR from boring!

    Her blazer's such a gorgeous cut;
    And her top has got soft, romantic ruffles and a longish bow which softens the look;
    Her geek glasses and bowler hat complements each other; they look so good on her!
    ( I don't know if anyone else with a pixie hair cut; would look as good with the hat AND the glasses!)

    Surprise, surprise, this is a nice touch to the hat!


    As for me ; I haven't done anything particularly androgynousy;
    But I was inspired to match my FAVOURITE, girly; colour block dress with my grungey studded black jacket;

    I love how swingy the dress is; without having to cinch the waist in with a belt; and I LOVE, LOVE my newest addition of the hot pink bow to the dress!

    Jacket, Bow & Rings; ALL from the markets around;
    (They ARE the best places to score for cheap thrills!)
    Dress; P.O.A Company
    Shoes; Topshop

    PS/ For those of you who saw the PREVIOUS post; You'd be glad to know; that I actually took my own advice; and got myself a COLOURFUL tunic today!
    It's just, the cutest thing; with loads of little, colourful hearts printed all over!:D


    Taipei; From The Streets; The Cutest Couple. Ever.

    I was at Hsimending; shopping happily with my darlings; when I spotted this mass of brown, longish hair; topped off with an uber cool fedora.

    On a closer look; I saw him with THIS GIRL; wearing the cutest pastel; DIYish top;

    Hamm & Miyuki looks super cute together; And totally matchy; in a non kitchsy way.

    Their black jeans;
    Biker boots;
    And that same laid back;
    Grungey attitude that simply oozes out of them.

    How they managed; to look so cheeky and cute; is beyond me.

    On a second thought; MAYBE; it's their colourful tees/tunics.

    Let's add COLOURFUL, GRAPHIC TEES; to our shopping list then:D


    I Love HSINYI DISTRICT; And Black Jackets Too!

    Went out to Hsinyi District (where the infamous Taipei 101 is located;)
    And I'm reminded of why; it is my absolute favorite place in Taipei!

    To date; I think I've been to the area like; 5 times;
    And I'm still so friggin hyped up; each time I'm there!

    It was on one of my trips down; when I saw this guy;

    Russell's plaid beret and geek glasses were one of the first things which I noticed about him;
    Then, I took in his black jacket; perfectly faded jeans; and huge belt buckle!
    (His bag added cookie points for him of course!)

    Just when I thought his jacket couldn't be better; I fell in love; with Annie's leather jacket!
    Love the zippers; the folds; the tiny details; the fit, especially.


    So it was actually; after this incident; which made me crave for a good fitting; grungey; black jacket;

    I was SO EXCITED; when I spotted this jacket;
    LOVE the zippers; the STUDS; the fit; the material of course!

    And the fact that it costs about NT$650 (USD$23) didn't hurt either!

    Blazer & Tights; Wufen (五分铺)


    Christian Lacroix Exhibition; + My Inspiration!

    Yes, FINALLY, I'll be blogging about the Christian Lacroix exhibition which I've went to at the gorgeous, National Museum; the day before I was set to leave for Taipei!

    * I've left the programme booklet back home; so right now; I do not have that many facts and information for me to write with;

    As everyone knows; Christian Lacroix is famed for his opulent, fantasy creations; His haute couture line is always so luxurious, so wonderfully over the top; With that small pinch of knowledge I stepped into the exhibition with great reverence and I was truly wowed;

    Each of his creations are so unique to itself;
    The colours; designs; fabrics; are all so lush!

    The idea of stepping out in them is enough to make my knees go weak; and yet, being able to dance, and prance around in these costumes must really be really awesome!

    There was a short video, of operas, ballets and theatres which Christian Lacroix worked with; and it was just; fabulous, to see the costumes; coming alive! It is different; so much different; as compared to the catwalk where models just parade up and down the platform.

    The performers; music and emotions portrayed in the performances gave life to the costumes; and it's breathtaking; to see the layers of fabric; especially tulle; swishing around!

    Here's a video which I took; of the video; (So it isn't as clear!)
    Alternatively, you may click here; to access the video.

    Also; although I may not be a fashion student; but I'm LOVING these sketches so so much! The strokes; and colours used; are just so vibrant;

    Furthermore; the little notes that you see; just make it seem so incredulous; as it's the EXACT copy which the designer had drawn and ponder over; making decisions; and cuts.

    OF COURSE; I was inspired after leaving the exhibition; (I mean; who wouldn't be, right?!)
    I've got a new found love; and that is TULLE;

    Previously; I've always associated the fine netting with ballerinas and little girls; I've never dreamt; of wearing that cutesy; French made fabric~

    It was only weeks later; AFTER I'm in Taipei when I chanced upon this awesome, grey tulle skirt which I fell in love with immediately!

    I LOVE that it's so flouncy, so light; and SO PRETTY!

    Drawing inspiration from one of Christian Lacroix's costumes; I've paired my tulle skit with my blazer, a darker shade of grey, ribbed tights and PEARLS!

    Blazer: Wufen
    Tank Top: Cotton On
    Skirt: Gong Guan
    Tights: Hsimending
    Shoes: Shilin
    Necklace: Diva's

    * LOL, I was laughing as I typed the above section, cos' I realised that almost everything which I'm wearing; are from nightmarkets around Taipei! And it's further proven my point that you don't have to wear labels are spend a bomb to look good!(:

    Okay, that's all I have for today; shall turn in now; I've got to wake up at 6am; again tomorrow; for my 0700 shift! Wish me luck!

    Loads of Love,


    公官( Gong Guan); Going The "Almost" Blair Way...

    I know; I've been neglecting this and everyone's blogs horribly; BUT I hope that all of you would be so sweet to understand(:

    Went out after work one day; and my girlfriends and I decided to go over to 公官( Gong Guan Nightmarket);

    It was bustling with life; people and food; And I've never seen SO MANY pairs of shoes in one shop! It's basically just a sea of shoes!

    This was what I wore;
    And I LOVE this outfit so much! (One thing because; I'll just sweat like a horse should I wear a blazer over a shirt in SG)

    I'm currently VERY in love with bow headbands; I've got FIVE now; (And counting!)
    Paired my blazer and plaid shirt with my string of pearls; trying to do match preppy with a touch of subtle girlishness;

    Blazer: 五分铺 ( Taipei's Wufen Wholesale Market)
    Shirt: Topshop
    Jeans: Miss Selfridge
    Shoes: Topshop
    Bow Headband: Hsimending
    Necklace: Diva's
    Bag: Prada

    Okay; I'm going off to change now; have to work the night shift today; WILL definitely catch up on all your blogs later on!

    PS/ I'll most definitely be blogging about the Christian Lacroix's exhibition I went to in the next post! So DO watch out for that!