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    i <333 HATS!!

    omg!! i was shopping the other day and this party of three just stood out for all the right reasons!!

    love the purple dress!
    the justin timberlake-ish look
    the white shoes!!
    and esp the hats!!!

    they're just strutting their stuff and i gta literally run to catch to snap a picture(: heh

    how is it?!

    and keira knightley just popped into my mind when i think about fedoras!!

    she totally rocked in hers!!
    she's my QUEEN OF HATS!!

    how i wished i rocked in those topman ones i saw the other day=p haha!!



    ohhh god. yes. i have been neglecting this blog horribly but dont get me wrong! i still love all of u here!

    so. anyhow. i wna post abt wide leg jeans today!!! although they've been around for quite some times thanks to kate moss and rachel bilson alikes, i choose to do a post abt it today bcos of what i saw in harper's bazaar (singapore)!!

    saw rachel on justjared and she looks so so fabb!!!
    note how she's worn the same jeans and paired them with the same shoes and chanel 2.55?!
    i didnt even bother abt that cos she deff looks GOOD!!!


    jeans jeans jeans. i forgot which designer. karl lagerfeld i think, he once said that, he wished he could be the inventor of those american classic, levi's 501!

    jeans are the ultimate staples in ANYONE's wardrobe! and yes, although u can get a pair from walmart's.. somehow. these uber cool 7 for mankind ones are just a cut from the rest!!

    though i just got my straight cut ones from fcuk and f21, i think i might consider getting one of those wide legged ones from gap!!
    they are so so flattering (esp for those who are pear shaped) and they just spell casual chic!!!

    anyhow. saw LC and i was groaning the whole way through...
    aww!! she looks so so fab a couple of days ago and now?!! she's seen wearing some weird cut offs with chuck taylors to an event?!!

    HELLO?! isnt that a lil. inappropiate?!!
    LC!!! c'mon!! u're an intern at teen vogue!!
    you already looked good!
    please please dont go ard dressing as if u're of to the supermarket!!

    haha lols. ok.
    the above. just seemed so different from my usual style and i guess. that's got to do with sleep deprivation. haha!

    but still.
    although this isnt spectecular or anything. just tell me,
    would you trade your skinnies for the wide legged ones?!! haha!

    ooh. ps/
    glad to know tt u guys loved the looks from the streets!! i'll be sure to keep my eyes wide opened as i scour for more of those looks! haha!!


    photo credits:
    7 for all mankind
    wizard of draws

    and. my interview for Su of The Stiletto Effect is OUTTTT!!! Along with the FABULOUS Kat from She's In Vogue.

    Go Take A LOOK At It;
    it's AMAZING!!
    (and of course!! a lil weird. haha! )

    thanks SU!!!!