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    From Campus; Look I LOVE!

    Saw Samantha in the aisle, shopping for some candies and I LOVE her denimn jacket!

    The wash of the jacket makes it looks all vintage and I love the way Samantha made it all old school with the chic DKNY bag and navy blue pleated skirt

    True, this was a look of Spring/ Summer 2008 with celebs like Rachel Bilson and Kate Bosworth TOTALLY rocking the denimn jacket but i think; one shouldn't be slave the trends and the seasons isn't it?

    I'm STILL Loving Agyness Deyn; & this D&G S/S 08 look is just so choked full of denimn but it SEEMED so RIGHT!


    From Campus; Quirky Top Hat (Almost!) + Really Nice Shoes!

    Saw this guy in the cafeteria today and he was very conspicuous due to his smaller version of an English top hat!

    Not only does he look really chic in black and white, with the blazer pulling the entire outfit together , but he'd jazzed it up with a really gorgeous layered necklace from On Peddar.

    * I mean, come on! How many guys have you seen wearing necklaces, which is TRULY his own; AND has so many layers?! It really adds major Cookie Points for him!

    Also, his rolled up trousers are really relaxed and on a closer look, he had worn really classy loafers from Gucci which just seems to complete the outfit!

    Really LOVE this! One of my favourites! What do you think?


    From The Streets; LEOPARD PRINTS & Pink Doc Martens

    Was at Forever21 when I SPOTTED this girl; amongst her group of friends;

    I was attracted to this girl IMMEDIATELY for obvious reasons due to her leopard prints skinnies and HOT PINK Doc Marten Boots!

    I honestly have not seen ANYONE in these RAD boots and I was just; jumping to wait for the right moment to approach her! (While I was prancing around with my wide leg jeans; which I bought in the end; shall show them in another post!)

    I loved her leather jacket too! She's just tooo RAD! Loved her OUTFIT! So daring and exciting! However; she was shy; and requested for me to take her back/ side view instead;


    From Campus; Fellow Blogger, Geek Glasses, Blair Waldorf Headband

    SO; FINALLY, I bumped into the eclectic Qin, of Qin At The Disco in school while the both of us were getting food from the cafeteria and I couldn't help but run up to her and say a BIG "HI!".

    She is exactly like the girl on her blog and her outfit was so so cute! There was her signature geek glasses, Blair Waldorf headband and bright, candy colour skirt!

    So OF COURSE! I have to snap a picture of her; Love all her outfits and she's just the sweetest! I can't wait for the next time when we meet(:

    And guys, thanks SO MUCH for The Sartorialist comparison. I'm far from Scott Schuman but I'd definitely try my best to bring you the streets of Singapore from my point of view((: I'm really glad you guys enjoyed it!

    ♥ ♥


    From The Streets; Colours, Fringes & Flowers

    I was crossing the road when I saw this girl behind me. So you can imagine me craning my neck every 3seconds to sneak a peek at her!

    Loved her colourful dress and her accessories just added so much fun to the entire outfit!

    The big blue flower; geek glasses, fringe booties and satchel;
    She seemed to throw them on randomly and YET it worked amazingly well for me:D

    I was rambling when I asked to take a photo; and after a nod and a teeny "okay", everything was done(: It wasn't after I walked away when I realised that she doesnt speak a word of English!

    And the feeling was GREAT! Cos, YAY! I've managed to snap a picture of a tourist out an about! A FIRST!

    And I promise to bring you more((:


    From Campus; Leather-ish RocknRolla Jacket+ Rolled Up Jeans

    Came out from the elevator today and I happened to see this super tall someone right in front of me;

    He's name's Kong; and the first thing that attracted me; other than his stupendous height was his amazing Leather/denim-ish RocknROLLA jacket. It gave so much cred to his outfit and it didn't feel too much for school.

    Next, his grey trousers are so discreetly rolled up; that it took me a second glance to notice them but they suited his white slip ons perfectly!

    This is one of my favorite looks around school and trust me; it isn't only because he is my friend but because I've looked hard all over campus and thus; it's JUSTIFIED((:


    Blazer(ing) Love((:

    I've always been in love with the idea of wearing blazers but the weather here and the weird looks I'll get from others kind of deters me from doing so:S

    However I was reading some article on the Dailymail website earlier on about Kate Moss and I happened to see this picture of her at the 7th On Sale Gala. She rocked the androgynous style and the edgy blazer she had on was just amazing!!

    So I'm glad to say Miss Moss actually got me to schelp up to my room and put on an outfit channeling her vibe ( I hope I did anyway!)

    Thankfully, the weather is a little cooler than most days ( but it's still what? 30 degrees Celsius) and I went out in the evening to the mall with air conditioning up on full blast!

    Loved this look and honestly! Le Blazer will definitely be getting more free time out of my closet((:

    I ♥♥ Blazers!