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    It's REALLY All About Plaid:D + VLOG

    Apologies! It's all plaid; again~
    Previously, I mentioned that I've gotten a red plaid shirt and here it is(((:

    Shirt; Topshop

    I love how casual this outfit is and if not for those staggering heels; It would be perfect for school!

    Anyway; YESS! This is my 1st VLOG ever;
    Hope you would enjoy it as much as I had fun doing it for you((:

    Alternatively; You could click on this link if you can't watch it from my blog(:

    PS/ I'm probably not what you would presume me to sound like!
    (And I'm in my brothers' room using their laptop! So you would see that mountain of notes behind me on his table!)



    From Campus; And Now, It's All About Plaid!

    Ever since the previous post in which I've posted about my adoration for LC's plaid shirt; Plaid seems to be jumping up at me every where I go! I've noticed so many people, both guys and girls wearing them in school and everyone just looked so amazingly grunge or girly.

    Was about to go back home today when I saw this girl walking behind me and I just loved how she'd worn the red tartlan shirt with another patterned skirt (The patterns are really faded)! And her SHOES!

    I asked about her skirt and I was so impressed when I found out that it was hand made! (She took 2 days!)

    She's so tiny isn't she?

    Like what The Clothes Horse once said; I feel like putting her in my pocket:D

    Okay; that's all I've got for today and good news! I've actually bought my very own plaid shirt(: But I couldn't find a nice blue one, so I got a red one instead! I'll post a picture of it real soon!

    Happy Weekend!


    Dark, Dark, GORGEOUS Midnight Blue!

    So I was doing a post on all the dull and sombre colors of Fall and it so happens that it was my dad's 47th birthday yesterday; I decided to pull out this new dress which I've got to celebrate in((: {Although the color and the celebrations were anything but dull!}

    We went to the gorgeous SG Flyer where we get to see SG at night and though it was a little boring; the gorgeous lights all over the city made up for it((:

    The lights from the Flyer and my outfit was totally matchy matchy!
    (I apologize for the blurry picture!)

    I was going for a bit of a classy look and thus I pair the silk and linen, midnight blue dress with my trusty, black silk mary janes!
    I did not add any belts or necklaces because I didnt want to draw away the attention from the classic sihoulette (or maybe I'm just darned lazy for a fash blogger:S) Haha but just focus on the gorgeous dress eh?((: Although I did put on a string of gorgeous baubles bracelets=p

    Another dark blue something which I'm lusting for would be these pretty, yet grungey blue plaid shirt! LC made her outfit look so casual chic and they are just! Going to be a staple in my closet! I just know it!

    PS/ It's about time to invest in some gorgeous dark blue nail polish too!:D

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    "Recession Chic??"

    For those of you who have been following the news closely; You would have found that the financial state of the world economies are in frenzy with the US going into a possible recession that would actually be worse than the Depression.

    Thus, it is no surprise that sombre colors dominate the F/W 08' runways, way early in the beginning of this year; which even extends into Spring09'; Yes! Dull colors for Spring? Avant garde or just plain depressing?

    Speaking of which; PLAIN DEPRESSING!

    That was my first thought when I saw Jeslin in church today!

    Nothing to do with her character! Rather, she was dressed in monochrome black with the exception of her gold headband but like I'd said, the color palette just reminds me so much of that found on the runways and I love love her preppy blazer which she's got for a steal from F21!

    I love the crest; (which she's ripped out the accompanying silver chain!)
    & the gorgeous silver, stainless steel buttons with engravings on it!

    The monochrome dressing is supposed to be depressing but these tiny details just added so much cred to the outfit!

    Anyway back to the Runway; I've got to stick out my neck and say that I'm really impressed with Lanvin's collection and especially Alber Elbaz's use of fabric and how he'd coaxed gorgeous ruffles and ribbons from them! And turn those gorgeous swath of fabrics and especially those in black; into a dress entirely inappropiate for a socialite whose investment banker beau is up to his wits' end at work!

    But; if I were to pick another collection which had caught my eye; I would have to pick Balmain; I love those structured shoulders and those jeans are just! Fab! I would TOTALLY. NOT. wear these. But they are just so refreshing and I love how everything looks so grunge!

    I'll just leave it till here today; AND! It's the start of a new school semester tomorrow! Wish me luck and I hope I can snap some pictures from campus soon(:


    My Love At First Sight:D

    So I was yakking away about some fabulous Hong Kong finds in the previous post; which my darling got me and HERE IT IS!

    It has always been a bane with no H&M in Singapore and when I chanced upon this pair of laced up Oxford wedges on their website; It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!

    Took a gamble with my shoe size and THEN; I was waiting anxiously for my baby~

    Have been waiting for a fabulous chance to wear my babies and I happened to be flipping through Allure when I saw Gucci's gorgeous f/w 08 ads. The gypsy vibe was jumping off the page and I felt that this was one of the best Gucci ads in a long time!

    I was so inspired that I began rummaging through my closet for this perfect floaty gypsy top which I got a couple of days ago and it matched Gucci's vibe wonderfully!

    Though my outfit got a "nay" from my little brother ( tsk; what does HE know about clothes anyway LOL?!); I've got this secret smile on my face when I stepped into the car; ready to show off my fabulous Gucci inspired outfit and of course! My lovely new shoes:D