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    For All of You Who Adores HK!

    Be sure to watch out for this space(: One of my darlings went home to Hong Kong, ROC for a visit and she's gotten me some pretty awesome stuff. And I mean; AWESOME:D:D

    Will be doing a post on that pretty soon and in the meantime! Who else felt that Vanessa Willams looked amazing at the EMMY'S?!

    Her shoulders looked amazing in that toga dress and the strokes on it were amazing!

    In the sea of all the Hollywood types who are sticking out due to their dimishing dress sizes and escalating beauty fixes done to their bodies~

    Vanessa is one woman who could be inspiration to all the girls out there to lead an active and healthy lifestyle!

    Will More Vanessas Stand Up PLEASE!


    Grease IS The WAY!

    Have been busy the entire week with projects; YES in the hols): and with helping out my dad at his office~

    Managed to catch Grease and I was absolutely hooked to the songs and the vibe of the whole musical! ONJ was the stunning girl next door and John Travolta's just the yummmiest High School Senior there can EVER be!

    From what I've seen with the whole 50s vibe~ I'm seriously considering getting some pleather tights! Which is pretty much a bold move coming from me! BUT I love how little effort it will take with one fab pair; to jazz up your outfit! Although~ There is a very high possibility of looking like trailer trash with one wrong choice of clothing/ accessory.

    Owell; I'm going shopping tomorrow and I'll let you guys know if I've managed to get one of my own!

    The likes of Ashley O. & SJP
    Looking FABULOUS & FAR from trashy(:

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    Feathers on a Fedora

    So sorry for my long absence, have been busy with my final week and THEN! the internet connection at home had been terrible!

    Was out shopping when I saw this guy standing a few feet away from me; Because the train was approaching the station, I had no choice but to snap a picture of him on the sly~

    Remember my previous post in which I was so fixated by feathers? His fedora was jazzed up by this bunch of feathers which remind me of a modern day Robin Hood.

    I loved how he was wearing a woolly vest with a smart pair of bermudas and his slipper/shoe thing~ It was really unique and a fresh change from the usual casual friday look I see around(:

    Alright that's all I have now(: Will continue to take more pictures of people from the streets! As for majority of you who are reading this; enjoy the start of the new school year!