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    Taipei; From The Streets; 3 BFFS, 3 Eclectic Individualists

    Thought I'd post up more pictures from Taipei(:

    At first, I was only thinking of snapping a picture of dear Sunday ( on the Left); She was selling me the exact paisley dress that she had on; which reminded me so much of those from Gucci's F/W 08 campaign; but she lent an edgier feel to the entire look!

    As I was paying for my dress (TWD$330, which were about USD$10!), I saw Sunday's friends/ business partners who were coming out from the back room!

    I was gravitating towards Ken's grungy look; ESPECIALLY his bleached splotted jeans; which were tucked into a pair of motorcycle boots and I was in love with Peggy's warm knitted dress which reminded me so much of Christmas! With the cute maple leaves prints(:

    I've seen SO SO MANY of those dresses and I WISH I could buy one home and wear it without sweating like a horse!

    To the majority of you who are from the Northern Hemisphere; just KNOW that I'm so so envious of you!

    Many of you are so in love with the gorgeous Chanel Christmas tree; and since it's Christmas today; I have another one for all of you to fall in love with!


    It's HUGE-R than Chanel's and the array of Tiffany's robin blue gift boxes just blew me away!
    I only wish I could see it during nightfall; It's gna be so so gorgeous!

    Have a Blessed Christmas My Dear Blogettes((:


    Taipei; From The Streets; Mostly Black + A Dreary (SO NOT!) Tree


    Unless you live in a cave; or if you're a hermit who rarely ventures out; a trip down town would TELL you that it's Christmas! I'm not talking about the gorgeous Fairy lights or the decorations BUT the CROWD!

    OMG! To think that we live in the 21st Century where Online Shopping is the norm; I guess, we're all a stickler for traditions; going through the routine of getting; "hand picked" gifts for our loved ones...

    You guys would probably know my LOVE for Chanel; So imagine how I felt when I saw this tree right in front of me when I was shopping at Sogo, in Taipei!


    Maybe we shall have a very Chanel Christmas eh? HAHA
    (A girl can always dream:D)

    That night; while shopping around; I saw this guy; who was decked in black too! Just like my gorgeous Christmas tree; And I couldn't resist; stopping him to snap a picture!

    I love his preppy blazer and ESPECIALLY his jeans! They were more of a gunmetal grey; but it's totally rock & roll; and that striped scarf just completes the outfit!


    This trip to Taipei, I honestly, almost did get whiplash; looking at uber stylish fashionistas on the streets! There are tons of them! And their style varies from person to person! Everyone was so much of an individualist; I wished I've got more courage to step foward or run after them (some of the walk REAL fast!) to get a picture!

    I've got a couple more on my desktop and I'll post them up soon! In the meanwhile, let's drink hot cocoa, listen to Christmas carols and bask in the Christmas spirit!



    3 TIMES of PLAID + Taipei VLOG!

    SO! I'd like to assure you guys that I'm safe back HOME! Taipei was FABULOUS! Love the city; the shopping AND THE FOOD! The weather is fantastic! If only SG was like that; I would have no more complaints! HAHA ( I Hope!)

    ANYWAY; I'd like to say a BIG "THANK YOU!" for the lovely comments about the shoot and the particular photograph in the previous post! SO glad that you all love it! And I'll try to get a shot of my booties soon:D

    I love the plaid dress so much; I brought it with me to TAIPEI! APPARENTLY; my little brother had bought a plaid hoodie and I was SO SURPRISED! When I saw him wearing it at the airport! {I was so EXCITED! Cos' I know I could put him on my blog:D}

    Location: Danshui, North of Taipei (FABULOUS FOOD AROUND!)

    I'm Wearing;
    Fedora: My brother's! Bought from Hsimending; the most HAPPENING place to be at; in Taipei
    Blazer & Tights: Wufenpu; HUGE Wholesale market; east of Taipei!

    I LOVE MY NEW BLAZER! (How I wish I've got an extra badge to pin it on!)

    He's Wearing;
    Hoodie: Springfield
    Sweater: Gap
    Jeans: Levi's

    (You can click on this too!)
    DID it with the help of my little brother; with my cell in the hotel; AND thus; apologies for the grainy quality!

    WILL most DEFINITELY post up pictures soon! From the trip AND the shoot!


    The Photoshoot Where I Wore My New (Plaid) Dress:D

    So, I did mention about getting something NEW(!), which broke my bank; in my previous post; And I've actually worn it for a friend's photo shoot((:

    Jeslin had to hand in like; 500 photographs for her assignment and she's kindly asked to borrow me and my closet for the day; AND we had so much fun shooting at Fort Canning; a really quaint, Victorian, place in the heart of Singapore!

    The toilet was our favorite hang out; with us doing a shoot! And numerous outfit changes in it; Thank God it doesn't stink of anything unpleasant! I'll post up my other outfits when I get them!

    So in this scene; I was portraying this mod girl gone wild; As seen with me; having my "deer caught in the headlights" look; LOL

    There's a series to this; but unfortunately; the others have to go through some major "photo shop" to magically remove my dark circles which could not be hidden by concealers:S The BANE!

    People Of Asia Company Dress,
    Fox Grey Striped Socks
    H&M Laced Up Oxfords Booties

    PS/ It was DURING this shoot when I've made up my mind to wear socks like that more often! I'll refuse to buckle, to the deadly stares of any random passers by!


    I'll be going to Taipei early Sunday morning and I will be back on WEDNESDAY! I'll be sure to SNAP tons of pictures; of the food, the streets and YES! The PEOPLE!

    Have an AWESOME weekend!

    Photo Credits:
    Jeslin Lee 2008


    From The Streets; Epitome of Casual Chic

    So FINALLY! After a long and arduous week; my COMMON TESTS ARE OVER!!!!!

    Went down to town for some MAJOR retail therapy; And yer; I've left a blistering hole in my pocket with just ONE purchase; But it was TOTALLY worth it!

    Apologies for the blurry image!

    But; the main point or points of today's post is all about Valerie & Nicholas!
    Saw this uber stylish couple outside Cotton On and I can't help but stop them to take a picture!

    Love Valerie's pixie hair cut and her awesome Bohemian fringe bag & her SANDALS!! Also; I was truly WOW-ED by Nicholas's patent Doc Martens! They're just so awesome and I could concur that he's probably from a band or something;

    I mean; who ELSE do you see; wear such AMAZING boots?!
    (You can't see from the picture, but Nicholas's shirt had got some; glittery threads! HOW FAB!)

    They're both the epitome of casual chic;
    Valerie and Nicholas had managed to capture this PERFECTLY!


    From Facebook (A First!); Caramel & Co. + Gorgeous Hair Piece

    So; Here I am; still busy cramming for my papers;

    Anyway; I was on Facebook like; 1 week ago; and one of the best things about Facebook is the many albums you get to see!

    So it was prom season and I was clicking through the many albums with ladies and gents, all dressed to the nines, but I was most amazed when I saw this GORGEOUS girl, in her beeyootiful dress and eclectic hair accessory!

    With a few email correspondence; I got to know that the awesome piece of hair accessory was Sijia's sister's find; from when she was in London and what was more amazing was that she was wearing a dress from her sister's boutique; Caramel & Co. With her sister being one of the 2 designers!

    I was floored when I heard; and the other dresses from her boutique are simply FANTASTIC! For those of you out there who loves your dresses and the classy; girly glam look; be sure to click on the link!

    Thanks Sijia!


    Common Tests! + Mars vs. Venus?!

    I'm having my Common Tests right now and I've got 3 more papers to got! All of them being tourism modules!

    Happened to be browsing the Dailymail while I came across the following...

    "A recent survey found that most women think about shopping with about the same frequency that men think about sex..."

    Good Lord!

    I'll be going to Taipei next Sunday and I'm so psyched ever since I found out! And most importantly... I've been fantasizing about the SHOPPING, like; no tomorrow! Does that mean.....?!

    I'll leave you to think about it!

    I'll be sure to catch up on my comments soon! Wish me LUCK darlings!


    From Campus; Look I LOVE!

    Saw Samantha in the aisle, shopping for some candies and I LOVE her denimn jacket!

    The wash of the jacket makes it looks all vintage and I love the way Samantha made it all old school with the chic DKNY bag and navy blue pleated skirt

    True, this was a look of Spring/ Summer 2008 with celebs like Rachel Bilson and Kate Bosworth TOTALLY rocking the denimn jacket but i think; one shouldn't be slave the trends and the seasons isn't it?

    I'm STILL Loving Agyness Deyn; & this D&G S/S 08 look is just so choked full of denimn but it SEEMED so RIGHT!


    From Campus; Quirky Top Hat (Almost!) + Really Nice Shoes!

    Saw this guy in the cafeteria today and he was very conspicuous due to his smaller version of an English top hat!

    Not only does he look really chic in black and white, with the blazer pulling the entire outfit together , but he'd jazzed it up with a really gorgeous layered necklace from On Peddar.

    * I mean, come on! How many guys have you seen wearing necklaces, which is TRULY his own; AND has so many layers?! It really adds major Cookie Points for him!

    Also, his rolled up trousers are really relaxed and on a closer look, he had worn really classy loafers from Gucci which just seems to complete the outfit!

    Really LOVE this! One of my favourites! What do you think?


    From The Streets; LEOPARD PRINTS & Pink Doc Martens

    Was at Forever21 when I SPOTTED this girl; amongst her group of friends;

    I was attracted to this girl IMMEDIATELY for obvious reasons due to her leopard prints skinnies and HOT PINK Doc Marten Boots!

    I honestly have not seen ANYONE in these RAD boots and I was just; jumping to wait for the right moment to approach her! (While I was prancing around with my wide leg jeans; which I bought in the end; shall show them in another post!)

    I loved her leather jacket too! She's just tooo RAD! Loved her OUTFIT! So daring and exciting! However; she was shy; and requested for me to take her back/ side view instead;


    From Campus; Fellow Blogger, Geek Glasses, Blair Waldorf Headband

    SO; FINALLY, I bumped into the eclectic Qin, of Qin At The Disco in school while the both of us were getting food from the cafeteria and I couldn't help but run up to her and say a BIG "HI!".

    She is exactly like the girl on her blog and her outfit was so so cute! There was her signature geek glasses, Blair Waldorf headband and bright, candy colour skirt!

    So OF COURSE! I have to snap a picture of her; Love all her outfits and she's just the sweetest! I can't wait for the next time when we meet(:

    And guys, thanks SO MUCH for The Sartorialist comparison. I'm far from Scott Schuman but I'd definitely try my best to bring you the streets of Singapore from my point of view((: I'm really glad you guys enjoyed it!

    ♥ ♥


    From The Streets; Colours, Fringes & Flowers

    I was crossing the road when I saw this girl behind me. So you can imagine me craning my neck every 3seconds to sneak a peek at her!

    Loved her colourful dress and her accessories just added so much fun to the entire outfit!

    The big blue flower; geek glasses, fringe booties and satchel;
    She seemed to throw them on randomly and YET it worked amazingly well for me:D

    I was rambling when I asked to take a photo; and after a nod and a teeny "okay", everything was done(: It wasn't after I walked away when I realised that she doesnt speak a word of English!

    And the feeling was GREAT! Cos, YAY! I've managed to snap a picture of a tourist out an about! A FIRST!

    And I promise to bring you more((:


    From Campus; Leather-ish RocknRolla Jacket+ Rolled Up Jeans

    Came out from the elevator today and I happened to see this super tall someone right in front of me;

    He's name's Kong; and the first thing that attracted me; other than his stupendous height was his amazing Leather/denim-ish RocknROLLA jacket. It gave so much cred to his outfit and it didn't feel too much for school.

    Next, his grey trousers are so discreetly rolled up; that it took me a second glance to notice them but they suited his white slip ons perfectly!

    This is one of my favorite looks around school and trust me; it isn't only because he is my friend but because I've looked hard all over campus and thus; it's JUSTIFIED((:


    Blazer(ing) Love((:

    I've always been in love with the idea of wearing blazers but the weather here and the weird looks I'll get from others kind of deters me from doing so:S

    However I was reading some article on the Dailymail website earlier on about Kate Moss and I happened to see this picture of her at the 7th On Sale Gala. She rocked the androgynous style and the edgy blazer she had on was just amazing!!

    So I'm glad to say Miss Moss actually got me to schelp up to my room and put on an outfit channeling her vibe ( I hope I did anyway!)

    Thankfully, the weather is a little cooler than most days ( but it's still what? 30 degrees Celsius) and I went out in the evening to the mall with air conditioning up on full blast!

    Loved this look and honestly! Le Blazer will definitely be getting more free time out of my closet((:

    I ♥♥ Blazers!


    It's REALLY All About Plaid:D + VLOG

    Apologies! It's all plaid; again~
    Previously, I mentioned that I've gotten a red plaid shirt and here it is(((:

    Shirt; Topshop

    I love how casual this outfit is and if not for those staggering heels; It would be perfect for school!

    Anyway; YESS! This is my 1st VLOG ever;
    Hope you would enjoy it as much as I had fun doing it for you((:

    Alternatively; You could click on this link if you can't watch it from my blog(:

    PS/ I'm probably not what you would presume me to sound like!
    (And I'm in my brothers' room using their laptop! So you would see that mountain of notes behind me on his table!)



    From Campus; And Now, It's All About Plaid!

    Ever since the previous post in which I've posted about my adoration for LC's plaid shirt; Plaid seems to be jumping up at me every where I go! I've noticed so many people, both guys and girls wearing them in school and everyone just looked so amazingly grunge or girly.

    Was about to go back home today when I saw this girl walking behind me and I just loved how she'd worn the red tartlan shirt with another patterned skirt (The patterns are really faded)! And her SHOES!

    I asked about her skirt and I was so impressed when I found out that it was hand made! (She took 2 days!)

    She's so tiny isn't she?

    Like what The Clothes Horse once said; I feel like putting her in my pocket:D

    Okay; that's all I've got for today and good news! I've actually bought my very own plaid shirt(: But I couldn't find a nice blue one, so I got a red one instead! I'll post a picture of it real soon!

    Happy Weekend!


    Dark, Dark, GORGEOUS Midnight Blue!

    So I was doing a post on all the dull and sombre colors of Fall and it so happens that it was my dad's 47th birthday yesterday; I decided to pull out this new dress which I've got to celebrate in((: {Although the color and the celebrations were anything but dull!}

    We went to the gorgeous SG Flyer where we get to see SG at night and though it was a little boring; the gorgeous lights all over the city made up for it((:

    The lights from the Flyer and my outfit was totally matchy matchy!
    (I apologize for the blurry picture!)

    I was going for a bit of a classy look and thus I pair the silk and linen, midnight blue dress with my trusty, black silk mary janes!
    I did not add any belts or necklaces because I didnt want to draw away the attention from the classic sihoulette (or maybe I'm just darned lazy for a fash blogger:S) Haha but just focus on the gorgeous dress eh?((: Although I did put on a string of gorgeous baubles bracelets=p

    Another dark blue something which I'm lusting for would be these pretty, yet grungey blue plaid shirt! LC made her outfit look so casual chic and they are just! Going to be a staple in my closet! I just know it!

    PS/ It's about time to invest in some gorgeous dark blue nail polish too!:D

    Photo Credits:


    "Recession Chic??"

    For those of you who have been following the news closely; You would have found that the financial state of the world economies are in frenzy with the US going into a possible recession that would actually be worse than the Depression.

    Thus, it is no surprise that sombre colors dominate the F/W 08' runways, way early in the beginning of this year; which even extends into Spring09'; Yes! Dull colors for Spring? Avant garde or just plain depressing?

    Speaking of which; PLAIN DEPRESSING!

    That was my first thought when I saw Jeslin in church today!

    Nothing to do with her character! Rather, she was dressed in monochrome black with the exception of her gold headband but like I'd said, the color palette just reminds me so much of that found on the runways and I love love her preppy blazer which she's got for a steal from F21!

    I love the crest; (which she's ripped out the accompanying silver chain!)
    & the gorgeous silver, stainless steel buttons with engravings on it!

    The monochrome dressing is supposed to be depressing but these tiny details just added so much cred to the outfit!

    Anyway back to the Runway; I've got to stick out my neck and say that I'm really impressed with Lanvin's collection and especially Alber Elbaz's use of fabric and how he'd coaxed gorgeous ruffles and ribbons from them! And turn those gorgeous swath of fabrics and especially those in black; into a dress entirely inappropiate for a socialite whose investment banker beau is up to his wits' end at work!

    But; if I were to pick another collection which had caught my eye; I would have to pick Balmain; I love those structured shoulders and those jeans are just! Fab! I would TOTALLY. NOT. wear these. But they are just so refreshing and I love how everything looks so grunge!

    I'll just leave it till here today; AND! It's the start of a new school semester tomorrow! Wish me luck and I hope I can snap some pictures from campus soon(:


    My Love At First Sight:D

    So I was yakking away about some fabulous Hong Kong finds in the previous post; which my darling got me and HERE IT IS!

    It has always been a bane with no H&M in Singapore and when I chanced upon this pair of laced up Oxford wedges on their website; It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!

    Took a gamble with my shoe size and THEN; I was waiting anxiously for my baby~

    Have been waiting for a fabulous chance to wear my babies and I happened to be flipping through Allure when I saw Gucci's gorgeous f/w 08 ads. The gypsy vibe was jumping off the page and I felt that this was one of the best Gucci ads in a long time!

    I was so inspired that I began rummaging through my closet for this perfect floaty gypsy top which I got a couple of days ago and it matched Gucci's vibe wonderfully!

    Though my outfit got a "nay" from my little brother ( tsk; what does HE know about clothes anyway LOL?!); I've got this secret smile on my face when I stepped into the car; ready to show off my fabulous Gucci inspired outfit and of course! My lovely new shoes:D


    For All of You Who Adores HK!

    Be sure to watch out for this space(: One of my darlings went home to Hong Kong, ROC for a visit and she's gotten me some pretty awesome stuff. And I mean; AWESOME:D:D

    Will be doing a post on that pretty soon and in the meantime! Who else felt that Vanessa Willams looked amazing at the EMMY'S?!

    Her shoulders looked amazing in that toga dress and the strokes on it were amazing!

    In the sea of all the Hollywood types who are sticking out due to their dimishing dress sizes and escalating beauty fixes done to their bodies~

    Vanessa is one woman who could be inspiration to all the girls out there to lead an active and healthy lifestyle!

    Will More Vanessas Stand Up PLEASE!


    Grease IS The WAY!

    Have been busy the entire week with projects; YES in the hols): and with helping out my dad at his office~

    Managed to catch Grease and I was absolutely hooked to the songs and the vibe of the whole musical! ONJ was the stunning girl next door and John Travolta's just the yummmiest High School Senior there can EVER be!

    From what I've seen with the whole 50s vibe~ I'm seriously considering getting some pleather tights! Which is pretty much a bold move coming from me! BUT I love how little effort it will take with one fab pair; to jazz up your outfit! Although~ There is a very high possibility of looking like trailer trash with one wrong choice of clothing/ accessory.

    Owell; I'm going shopping tomorrow and I'll let you guys know if I've managed to get one of my own!

    The likes of Ashley O. & SJP
    Looking FABULOUS & FAR from trashy(:

    Photo Credit:


    Feathers on a Fedora

    So sorry for my long absence, have been busy with my final week and THEN! the internet connection at home had been terrible!

    Was out shopping when I saw this guy standing a few feet away from me; Because the train was approaching the station, I had no choice but to snap a picture of him on the sly~

    Remember my previous post in which I was so fixated by feathers? His fedora was jazzed up by this bunch of feathers which remind me of a modern day Robin Hood.

    I loved how he was wearing a woolly vest with a smart pair of bermudas and his slipper/shoe thing~ It was really unique and a fresh change from the usual casual friday look I see around(:

    Alright that's all I have now(: Will continue to take more pictures of people from the streets! As for majority of you who are reading this; enjoy the start of the new school year!



    I'm Dreaming of My Feather Dress...

    School had been crazy with tons of projects and reports to be submitted around the same period. Thankfully, I've already lived through those insanely long nights with coffee as my new favorite beverage and those presentations and printing and binding nightmares~

    However, I've managed to take time off last Saturday and I went shopping with my family and we were walking past Fendi when I was captivated by their F/W 2008 ad;

    I love their use of furs and feathers and Raquel Zimmermann's look was especially haunting. House Designer Karl Lagerfeld did the photoshoot himself and it was achingly beautiful.

    I think my facination with feathers started out when I saw Lily Collin's beautiful Chanel Couture gown to the Crillion Ball in Teen Vogue. The beautiful sleevs and the lovely feathered gown just made me swoon and it was c'est tres chic!

    And then; there was SJP in SATC~ Her accessorizing her gorgeous Vivienne Westwood wedding gown with the blue feathered headpiece was genius and till date; I could still remember her gorgeous skin with her deep red lipstick and pretty eyes~

    However, my obsession with feathers waned after many failed attempts to find pretty feathers for myself~ However, the lust in me for feathers came right back after I saw Michael Ballack's beautiful wife, Simone Lambe's gorgeous gown!

    The neckline is lined with feathers which sets off her tan beautifully and the silver embellishments is enough to brighten this bride up~ So much so that she could go au naturel on her face.

    Till date; I still have not found any gorgeous feather stuff~ I'm still looking for my very own feathered friend; So if you have any suggestions! Be sure to give me a holler!

    Zhang Ziyi & Kate Bosworth;
    Equally stunning in their feathered gowns at a Fendi event(:


    It's TOGA-Licious!

    I've recently taken a liking to all things cute and pastels and remember how I've said that I'm not a pastels person in my previous post. I know. Girls(: We're allowed to be ever- changing and no one could accuse us of having split personalities!

    I saw my friend's flats I could barely contain myself! I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the cute design and the very fact that you could achieve the same results should you have acrylic paints and a good eye for colors and design!

    I would gladly rush out now to get my white canvas shoes, and do my own design but the exhorbitant price of acrylic paint is putting me off. Owell~ C'est la vie.

    Anyway, to pinpoint the exact period when I have gotten caught with the "cutesy" bug, i guess, i would have to say right after i got my side swept fringe cut into bangs! I have never thought that i was a "bangs person" untill my fringe got too short and i have to arrange it like i did when i was. 7?

    So, if you have read my previous post, I mentioned about a particular Mr. Hot Date who just came back from the States? We had an awesome 2 weeks together(; { For those who are interested, you can take a look at my other blog; i've taken a gazillon pictures and let's just say I'm thankful for digital cameras!}

    When he left, i gave him the hugest hug i could because the next time i could see him would probably be Summer next year; [ crazy, i know~ that's long distance for you], SO i was feeling kind of. depressed and i went for retail therapy with my girlfriends;

    Saw this AWESOME toga, PASTEL dress and i HAVE to get it. It is so different from what i'll usually put on and to say the truth, I was a little reluctant to get it when i was trying it on in the small and squeezy changing room. But i love how i looked in the cute dress and with that affordable price tag, it was a done's deal(:

    True, this toga style may be really last year, who can forget how awesome Selma Blair looked in her white Kate Moss for Topshop toga, (by the way, she was awesome in Hellboy 2) but i guess, in fashion, you should always wear what you love and most importantly, have fun while you're at it!

    Caught Audrey looking up on some gorgeous dresses in livejournal while we're supposed to do some project discussion and OF COURSE, i fell into temptation and got her to give me the link to the website and I saw quite a couple of lovely dresses!

    These are 3 of my favorites!!

    Gold + Black is such a glam combination and you could dress it up for an evening out or don them with shorts for school(:

    CLICK To Go To Miss-Schick

    This two togas are basically the same designs but of different materials. I love how fun the denim one looks(:

    CLICK To Go To White Gallery


    One more reason to tuck your tops into your skirts, girls! Rihanna proved that this IS the better way((:

    Tons of XOXO;

    Photo Credits: