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    It's All About Khaki('s)

    Having been in Taipei for close to 3.5 months, I've never really been wowed by any restaurants until I've stepped into Khaki's! It is an eclectic restaurant opened by Taiwanese designer, Isabelle Wen located along Ren Ai Road.

    The telly is in perfect condition and it is showing Isabelle Wen S/S 2009 collection;

    The interior design is wonderful! The little knick knacks found all over the restaurant are genuinely vintage; found from antique stores all over Taipei. And with this concept in mind; it is how Khaki is decorated.

    For those of you whose love for retro/vintage extends beyond fashion; you will really fall in love with Khaki; as the ambience and mood are set perfectly; and it is a great place to dine and have those long, lazy afternoon chats with your girlfriends!


    JINX said...

    i miss your post where have you been


    Winnie said...

    Looks like such a gorgeous restaurant! The food looks delicious too!

    Eeli said...


    Babe, you need to get a hold on twitter lol. Quick updates for those that can't spare much time blogging! :P I was wondering about the link between fashion designer andd restaurant owner... but the tv showcasing her seasons collection is pretty genious of her. I'm going to FB you mu luv ;)


    jie said...

    where have you been darling?!
    haha and wow that looks amazing i definitely want to check it out...there are so many interesting restaurants in taipei :)

    Flavia M. from FRINGE INDIE MAGAZINE said...

    It looks so pretty!, and the food so yummy!! hahha

    KIRAFASHION said...

    Place AND food and everything!

    Kisses girl!

    The Stiletto Effect said...

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    proudly says, said...

    it's been a long i haven't heard from you
    and i haven't visited your blog.
    huh! i've been busy.

    i love these pictures, my dear!
    i love those different style of lamps!

    Darrah said...

    I love restaurants like this because they provide so many communication starters! Looks like you had fun. :)

    - Daniela - said...

    i love everything here !

    KIRAFASHION said...

    The place and the food are fantastic!
    I love to discover new places...I am always doing that and defining my fav spots! hehhe

    Kisses Penelope!

    miss sophie said...

    this restaurant and concept looks amazing! makes me want to visit taipei now more than ever :D

    labeautifulvie said...

    Gorgeous photos!

    what kind of camera do you use? im trying to buy a new one and i like the way your photos turned out.

    Kat said...

    Yummy looking food!