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    Un Deux Trois, En Pointe!

    There are certain times when a girl has to put down the stilettos and trade them in for something a little more comfortable: at the airport, on long shopping sprees. Sneakers and flip flops will never do; they have "sloppy" written all over them!

    in comes the trusty, classic pair of ballet flats;

    they were inspired by the en pointe shoes which ballerinas wear and it wasn't until the 50s' in which the trend took off.

    All thanks to actresses like audrey hepburn, who wore a pair of flats with skinnies in the movie Funny Face, along with other actresses who popularized the look, like Bridgette Bardot to mention one.

    Ballet flats look great with everything from skirts to jeans and are extremely comfortable. Every girl should at least have a pair in their closet, and preferably in black which is timeless chic.

    Ultra feminine and always chic, ballet flats are a popular choice for dressing up clothes without adding height or killing your feet.

    being lover of all things nice;
    it is OKAY to indulge and have a couple of EYE CANDIES.

    seriously, when doing this post, i AM looking for a pair of nice black ballet flats;
    and now, i;ve committed suicide by LOOKING AT THESE GORGEOUS SHOES!

    OF course!
    being the rational me; i KNOW that i would scuff my shoes some way or other;
    no matter how careful i am.
    and everyone knows how i LOVE LOVE those Salvatore Ferragamo Varina flats!!
    and to my SUPRISE!!
    9WEST have got something similar!!

    ** i cant wait to go shopping after my finals((((:

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    Seraphine said...

    Heyyy I love my "sneakers"!!!
    But those flats are beautiful too.

    Emma said...

    I love the mickey mouse tee in the first pic under the coat

    The Clothes Horse said...

    I love my ballet flats, I live in them and I especially love them when they are scruffy--it shows how they have been loved.

    Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

    that's one of my favorite outfits from chloe!! especially the blazer!

    Romeika said...

    You're so right, Penelope, ballet flats join elegance and comfort in one single thing. I have only two ballet flats and none of them are black, it's been a while I've tryed to look for the perfect ones. Those ferragamo ones are incredible but a little too much for my budget:-p hehe


    coco said...

    I think Chloe looks amazing there, so laid back but really hip
    and the selection of flats are amazing
    wonderful taste!

    Aisha said...

    Flats are here to stay!
    As much as I love heels, i really can't wear them to university, so flats seem like the perfect option these days (:

    LML said...

    ohh i love all my flats - i was so excited when they came back in style :D

    Nicole Then said...

    Alright! haha

    emsie said...

    chloe really inspires me
    i love her style

    Ana said...

    Chloe looks adorable, I love how she looks totally apropriate in a kidish Mikey Mouse shirt.

    it irks me when people say i wear fliplops for comfort/ personaly i hate flipflops and i think that ballet flats are more comfy and tons more chic.

    Wendy said...

    I don't own many pairs of flats, but I always opt for them when I want comfort.

    sierra said...

    Great post. I really like the "laid-back" look on Sevigny, it suits her..

    Jill said...

    Ahhh I love flats too!!!!

    I recently purchased a pair of Ferragamo Varina flats in cream patent. Gosh they are SO BEAUTIFUL and very comfortable! Bought them in HK...hmmm, HK really is shopping haven! ;)

    Love your blog!! xo

    The Stiletto Effect said...

    I like flats very much, they are comfortable and cute!
    I like the ones you selected!

    Carolina Lange said...

    I love flats1 Those are all so cute!

    aschlee said...

    I love all of these flats...one of each please :P I always take a pair to work with me just in case my feet get tired in heels, they're my back up 'n a life saver.