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    Apologies From A Flower Girl...

    Hey everyone; i'm back after a LONG break. and i;m so sorry; for leaving without saying a word. There hasn't been a day when i haven't thought about the blog and all the stuff i've been missing out on;

    But i think, i've got a long writer's block and i've got zero inspiration for the stuff i'm in love with~

    But anyhow; i'm back and i hope, even better than before(:

    SO; to make up for my absence; my very 1st post after a long time would be pictures of all things FLORAL i got:D:D

    gosh~ i've fallen deeply for the spring/ summer trend and i've amassed quite a (small) collection of dresses and tops that i've found all over the place(:

    I'm so in love; that i couldnt resist but get this floral besheets from Ikea:D HAHA what can i say? I;m a flower girl at heart((:

    I've gotten this floaty top from Zara and i love how this reminds me of Anna Sui's designs

    I got this a couple of months back when i was in Bangkok, Thailand. You wouldn't believe how much of a steal this was! Remember how i used to covet Luella Bartley's S/S 08 collection?! I YELLED when i saw this top because it resembles the designer's top! And of course! i have got my very own khaki shorts to tuck my blouse into;) Granny Chic anyone?

    I got this from Frontier, Spanish high street label and i love the oldish feel this top is giving me and besides, this was on a sale; so, what's there not to love about it?! haha

    My mom got it from Macau for me, from a vintage shop; the label reads Miu Miu, but i dont know about it's authencity. Owell, even if it turns out to be faux Miu Miu, i still love the material of the dress and the billowing sleeves of the dress(:

    I got this dress very recently and i love how much color is used on this dress! It looks pretty luxe almost with a Prada feel; and the best part is that it is versatile enough for me to wear to school and out for a date(:

    Since my dress is in the wash when i'm doing this post, i got a picture of me in this pretty dress. I got it when i was on a holiday at Bangkok and believe it or not, i got this gem for around USD$10!! I almost fainted when i heard the price and so far, the color hasn;t bled and the seams have not unravelled. So, it's GOOD NEWS(:
    Seriously! I LOVE BANGKOK.

    When i was taking pictures of my clothes, my dear brother came in and just for laughs, he caught me doing a twirl with my skirt! I love this printed skirt and i LOVE LOVE putting in my shirt into everything nowadays! Including this skirt! I don't care how geekish or whatever this look is, i would accessorize with a pair of dark rimmed glasses, IF i could find one. And, if i have got the guts:S hahaha

    Okay, that's all i have for now; i promise!! This blog will be updated periodically; but if it seemed as though i've dropped from the face of earth, do take a look at my other blog(: it's all about me; and my friends and stuff. the complains. hahaha!




    WendyB said...

    I want that dress!

    Katie said...

    I have also fallen deeply in love with floral. Sadly I don't have as much as you. I have one dress, but I did only get it for $4 and it fits perfectly.

    The Clothes Horse said...

    Welcome back! I had given up on you posting again. That tiered floral dress is gorgeous.

    In Yr Fshn said...

    Your last skirt is absolutely adorable! And I'll try and whip up a pearl post this week for you.... I'd been thinking about that ever since I saw the film.
    Glad you are back!

    Kira Fashion said...

    hi!!!i am great you are back with your great clothes and smile!

    about SATC and thought the same thing about the shoes, i never could drop that preciosity!!! hehehe

    a kiss!!!

    Chic Closet said...

    Wow you look fab! Loving the dress on you, it's brilliant! And that skirt....LOVE! I need to visit Thailand, everyone's been telling me how great the shopping there is!

    Weekly Blogette said...

    the florals r fantastic and u got some amazing style and i dont just say that to anyone!
    p.s.please check out my latest post!

    Ana said...

    Yay you're back!
    I love all these florals.

    Sugar Pop said...

    yum. florals.

    Romeika said...

    Lovely summery looks!!! I'm glad you're back! :-)

    m+l said...

    beautiful stuff! i love your look.

    That Girl said...

    Beautiful floral shirts!


    la petite fashionista said...

    AH i love floral prints & that dress you got in bangkok is such a steal! the background of your picture is gorgeous too.

    coco said...

    I love all these prints
    they are so lovely!

    Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

    I'm glad your back darling, don't leave us again!!

    I'm obsessed with florals this year and I love all the pieces you got. You have a good fashion eye;)

    Wendy said...

    I'm jealous, you have so much floral. Can I steal that dress please?

    NICOLE said...

    adorable dress!


    Diana Coronado said...

    Cute dress, i want it !! right now hehehe

    Sebastian Perinotti said...

    i love this trend!!

    Fashion Splash said...

    great tops and dresses. i esp like the zara top, zara is so affordable!!