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    I've Got Heidi's Candles!

    So sorry for my long hiatus but i have been really busy with projects and a hot date who had just came back from the States=p Just as well, during this stressed out period, i have got some lovely candles to use which were given to me by the good people at Heidi Klein's.

    It came as a surprise when i saw the email in my inbox and through further correspondence, I got my candles within 2weeks of confirmation and I was elated to be able to try the exotic, Coconut Beach Candle.

    The moment i opened the parcel, i could sniff out the strong smell of coconut and the candle in it's holder looked too chic to be burnt.

    Nevertheless, I lit one up and i was entralled by the dancing flame and it looked really good on the dresser. Within seconds, I could smell the distinct scent of.. Something. I wasn't sure if it was coconut as I have never smelled one before (only drank), and it was affecting me like how aromatherapy oils would affect me.

    The scent is ALL i could smell and soon, it was getting a bit overpowering for me. I had to move it from beside me to the other corner in my room and it wasn't so choking after all.

    The wick took a long burn to burn and after more than an hour and a half on my laptop, i could barely see the difference in the layer of wax and the wax did not leave any awful stains on the side of the candle holder.

    At roughly USD$64, honestly, i would rather spend that amount of money on a pair of shoes, but I would have to say, it is great for when you want to indulge, and give yourself a treat. For those who can afford to, and is game enough to have something a little more exotic, you can treat yourself to this particular Heidi Klein's Coconut Beach Candle to remind you about a balmy day at the beach off somewhere exotic!


    WendyB said...

    I've never been a candle person -- I'm convinced the house will catch on fire.

    Weekly Blogette said...

    this makes me want to get candles myself!

    Sebastian Perinotti said...

    well actually i did not write the poem, it's a song by Radiohead and it is about how we become strangers to our own lives. Participating in the routines of the everyday world, an imitation of life.
    But there is nothing left behind your eyes, no pain or joy, no sorrow or hope. The beauty of nature is something we take for granted, and we shouldn't.

    Sugar Pop said...

    oooh, I can just imagine that scent!

    Wendiva said...

    mmmm....i could smell the candles just from reading ur post. i need to get me some of heidi kleins!

    Savvy Gal said...

    Love candles.... My favorite is Jo Malone, pricey but to indulge oneself at time, it is savvy worthy!

    Kira Fashion said...


    a kiss!!

    Nicole Then said...

    haha nice shot! I want to be sly too :p