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    Hey Dearies!
    Sorry for my looong absence! But I've been busy studying for my finals! Which are next week! I've got 3papers; so do pray for me!

    Decided to get a video done:D
    AND! Be sure to listen REAL CAREFULLY:D:D I've got some GREAT news in there:D

    Alternatively, you can click HERE

    PS/ I was having a bad hair day; SO! I had no choice but to bunch up my REALLY SHORT, pony tail! (I'm in the process of leaving it long:D:D)

    I HAVE NO IDEA; What's happening to Blogger:S
    But to comment; click on the TITLE; or comment on the previous post! DON't allow this to annoy you!


    Charmaine said...

    you are so cute! hahaha, what arey ou interning for there? congrats :)

    Emz said...

    yay for taipei! I'm actually from there =) I miss all the food... all the cheap shoppinggg grr I'm so jealous!! Have tons of fun there =)

    - Daniela - said...

    yay!!! a trip anywhere is a great gift ANYTIME. Hope u have lots of fun

    love your head bands and bows (you already know I am a fan!)

    :* good luck!

    **what's the internship for?

    Kira Fashion said...

    I wish you good luck!

    a big kiss for you girl!
    you are fabulous!

    Amelia said...

    Good luck with finals!

    PS I like the ponytail.

    The Seeker said...

    Hi sweetie, looking lovely with the little ponytail :)

    Wish you good luck, dear.

    Hope you'll have a nice time.


    Couture Carrie said...

    You are too adorable! And I think your hair looks lovely pulled back!


    The Stiletto Effect said...

    Hi :)
    Good luck with the papers and with the internship :)
    You look very cute in your videos!

    ana b. said...

    Congratulations! Oh and a voice to a face. How wonderful!

    Eeli said...

    Congratulations on the acceptance! You'll have a blast and with your friends they'll be no doubt that it WILL be.

    Good luck withthe papers too dear.

    Luv always Eeli xx

    Ziling said...

    Aww glad i saw your blog! You're so cute! Haha and wonderful blog hunny. Goodluck with your internship btw! Im going to taipei in april!!! Cant wait for it too!

    Cate said...

    Thanks for wishing me luck with my papers, I wish you lots of luck and success with yours too!
    Yay, a vlog!
    So cool you going to Taipei! I hope you take lots of pictures there and that you will be able to upload them too!
    I'll add you on YouTube, ok? I'm "vrtule1".
    I have a bad hair day today too. I hope my hair will grow too. Anyway, I thought your hair looked cute!
    Blogger sucks, I know it... But I could comment okay!

    The Romantic Apple said...

    wowow, march is just around the corner :D make sure your luggage is extra huge so you can stuff in all the goodies from taipei! :D :D

    Anonymous said...

    hey! i just found your blog and just wanted to leave a comment :) I really like your blog and your style!!

    Anonymous said...

    i freakin love those headbands!! I wish you jolly good fun in Taipei! :) take lots of pictures.

    Sam said...

    Good luck with your finals!

    Noelle Chantal said...

    those headbands are really nice! and good luck with finals. and hello summer! :)

    Romeika said...

    u're so cute, and look so natural with the camera, really spontanous!

    ♥ fashion chalet said...

    I love vlogs. You're so comfortable in it too. Anndd congrats. How fun!! =]


    Silje said...

    You are so cuuuute!=)=)

    ramone said...

    what is up with your accent man??
    let singaporeans just be singaporeans yes? I think people will understand if you spoke without the occasional slang or american "aaaaaand".

    Elisa said...

    a) good luck with finals
    b)I love your voice
    c) I need to grow out my hair too, but yours looks adorable as is!


    Maverick said...

    Aww, you're so pretty :) Hope you have fun!! Good luck!

    xoxo, mavi

    anne said...

    good luck on your intership!