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    Day Out To Danshui; Fishermen's Wharf + My DARLING Maxi

    Went out to Danshui and Fishermen Wharf; located north of Taipei City and it's such an impossibly quaint and scenic attraction! For those of you who ADORES photography and taking pictures in gorgeous, out of the ordinary locations, the smattering availability of Victorian architectures and the beautiful view here, would be a feast for your eyes!

    PS/ The bridge in the picture is an icon itself; it is known as Valentine's Bridge; and couples are known to frequent and cross the bridge; Symbolically blessing their relationship and bestowing a lifetime of happiness and love onto them.

    There were tons of food on offer; and the sun was scorching! I guess, I'll have to come out and face reality that the hot; humid summer is approaching!

    Decided to make the best use of the weather and so, I wore my new floral maxi with corset detailing.

    Love the beautiful crochet; and the "colourful floral on black" effect;

    And of course! The unique, corset details which caught my eye the very first time!

    Dress; Shilin Nightmarket
    Bag; Agnès B.
    Flip Flops; Havaianas

    What makes me wistful though; is that I do not have a pretty straw fedora to match; the outfit would be so complete and so gorgeously Boho then!


    Eeli said...

    Pffft you look equally as stunning WITHOUT the straw fedora ;)

    Love the maxi, such a perfect piece and it needs nothing much more in terms of accesories and layers. Wonderful Summer attire. Gee, I'm jealous that you've found such a nice maxi dress now lol. I've been hunting one for years it seems!

    hahaha Beckett isn't properly toilet trained although he knows he shoudln't defecate on me. Last night I caught him doing something that just made me smile. Let me tell you: :D

    Bubs sleeps on my arm, on my shoulder or on my tummy every night (under my duvet). He had riled himself up and I noticed that he very quietly hopped off my chest, walked out through a little gap in my sheets and did a little poopy 'outside' lol, he then just waddled back to his sleeping place! How cute is that! haha

    Peace out chicka

    Luv ya xoxoxo

    C.Elizabeth and Natalia said...

    This dress is very beautiful and it really suits you!


    HoneyBunny said...

    OMG! That dress is stunning! You look perfect:) It's the first time that I'm so in love with a maxi dress:)

    WendyB said...

    I'm a big fan of corset details. I'm wearing a corset-printed t-shirt right now!

    FASHION CHALET said...

    the blue colour on mynails is Greenport by Essie :) I love your maxidress.

    x, thanks!

    Emz said...

    Love your maxi haha I see you're shopping a lot in Taiwan =) Did you get any good food in Dan shui??

    Daniela said...

    love the dress and gotta lova havaianas ;)

    A BIT COQUETTISH said...

    Gawd you're so cute!!

    (Oh gosh I really don't say "gawd" in real life. Typing it is more interesting than "god", though).

    Love the hair. LOVE that dress on you Miss FAAAAbulous!

    So chic!

    Btw. I think I'm totally oblivious (or simply read over it) but where are you from dahling?

    La C.

    AsianCajuns said...

    I absolutely adore your dress- you look beautiful!
    Those photos are so moody and gorgeous. The AsianCajuns would love to visit some day ;)

    jie said...

    This is so incredibly beautiful. I love the dress!
    I haven't been to Taipei in a while...my parents both grew up there and my mom had a motorcycle accident in Danshui when she was young! Haha. But I agree, it is very picturesque.
    And thank you for the comment - I will try to wear the skirt sometime soon :)

    Δ ℒ Ꭵ Ⓒ Ꮛ said...

    oh i adore Brakfast at Tiffany's - that scene is great. Lovely blog! x


    tis serendipity said...

    Awww pretty pretty prettyyyyy!! =DDD I love that maxi dress and the corset details are so unique!

    Shen-Shen said...

    That maxi dress is stunning! I love the corset details. And I'm from Taiwan too!! I was born in Taipei but I haven't been back there since I was...... less than a year old :X I want to check out that bridge with my boyfriend, heh heh.

    Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

    That dress is lovely. It would look great with a straw fedora.

    rakyatindonesia said...

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    styleburst said...

    that is a really pretty dress love the corset details and the how flowy it is.


    KIRAFASHION said...


    You look so sweet in this great dress...your smile is something amazing! I love to see you here..the most sweet girl at the planet!

    Romeika said...

    A 70s esque dress and havaianas, such a perfect summer outfit! This sort of used to be a daily uniform of mine back in the days I lived in Brazil.. in my hometown it's like 30 C almost all year round:-)

    $ouLphate said...

    you look gorgeous! i loveeeee that dress.. makes me want to buy a maxi dress as well hahah!

    Seeker said...

    What a great dress, my dear, you look lovely!!!!

    And beautiful pictures.

    Hope you're having a nice weekend


    Charmaine said...

    so true, a straw fedora would just top it all off! :D love the header too! can't get enough of breakfast at tiffany's. :]

    Amelia said...

    I'm definitely all for photo opportunities. It looks really cool. Cute dress!

    Silje said...

    Your dress is soo cute, kinda hippie!=D

    Winnie said...

    You look gorgeous in that dress! Looks like you had a great time exploring some more of Taipei. Looks so lovely and hot too! Oh and I will have to share my cupcake recipe the next time I make some more! Look out for it!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Francesca Tan said...

    Aw you look so gorgeous! You're so lucky to find such a unique maxi!! Did you try the tie dan when you're at dan shui? Its the best i love it!!!

    Haha im studying multimedia but im from school of engineering too!!! :)

    Anyway i would like you to do the tag in my blog, i wonder what makes your day!

    Love + Cake said...

    The pictures are pretty, but it's so foggy, it looks cold! LOVEEE that dress so much! I love the white lace pieces around it, it's so pretty.

    xox, mavi

    Noshabelle said...

    Great photos.

    Sebastian Perinotti said...

    lovely dress!!

    K@terina B. said...

    that is the perfect maxi dress!!!!!
    no too long and amazing!!! you look so effortlessly stylish that I wanna buy one too!!!

    andrea said...

    lovely dress:)

    Susana Rodrigues said...

    Hi Penelope :D

    You look lovely in that outfit. That dress is absolutely gorge :)
    I have a very similar pair of havaianas :)

    Sorry for my lack of comments, but I've been so busy (I promisse I'll be commenting more often now!)
    P.S.: Please keep in touch

    Char Ruiz Manjarrez said...

    love the dress . . . and your smile!


    J said...

    nice dress!