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    i <333 HATS!!

    omg!! i was shopping the other day and this party of three just stood out for all the right reasons!!

    love the purple dress!
    the justin timberlake-ish look
    the white shoes!!
    and esp the hats!!!

    they're just strutting their stuff and i gta literally run to catch to snap a picture(: heh

    how is it?!

    and keira knightley just popped into my mind when i think about fedoras!!

    she totally rocked in hers!!
    she's my QUEEN OF HATS!!

    how i wished i rocked in those topman ones i saw the other day=p haha!!


    The Clothes Horse said...

    Those are very stylish friends and Keira can do no wrong.

    LML said...

    love her and her quirky style - i have so much respect for her as a person:)

    Kira Fashion said...

    I just bought mine!!!
    i am so happy about that!

    My version of fedora is one in straws for the beach and after that too!

    so cool!

    a kiss

    Lady N said...

    yay! You're taking more pictures! Love it!

    WendyB said...

    I love that you took a picture of those peeps.

    In Yr Fshn said...

    Great pic.... very deserving of a post. I love all their outfits!

    coco said...

    Keira has great hat style, i am seriously jealous of some of her hats
    and those guys look nothing like JT
    Justin is waaaaay better looking
    No offence to those guys!

    Anonymous said...

    oo yea keira always rocks her hats, quite a feat considering hats are tricky

    Jackie said...

    you just ran up to them and was like can i take your pic?

    i love keira knightley's style.

    Ana said...

    i love the fact you just ran up to them and was like "can i take your pic?"

    i love hats too!!!

    Romeika said...

    Keira is indeed the hat queen;-)

    sebastian perinotti said...

    luvvv that miu miu ad!

    Carolina Lange said...

    That purple dress is really cute!
    I also love hats and Keira allways wears them with such a cool style!

    Fashion Fleur said...


    Gloria said...

    i typically don't care much for fedoras but she pulls them off so well!

    Nicole Then said...

    haha, cool! Did u feel nervous asking them? Lol, think Singapore can get used to being "snapped" at ;) great job!

    gilda said...

    keira always dresses so well. i love her style.

    Patent Shoes && Rants said...

    I love Kiera Knightley!
    And her belts.

    She's my queen of belts =)


    Debbie Shiamay said...

    Fedoras are the greatest! Thats it im saving up for one!!!

    Heather said...

    I really like the white shoes... they're unexpected!

    Fabi said...

    I would pee my pants if I bumped into a girl wearing that preeeetty purple dress at the mall...good shot ;)

    Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

    I love how she wears the same stuff, she looks great!