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    wow so, anyhow i went to a sweet sixteen yesterday and i had such a BLAST there!!

    the playlist for the night was the fabbest and everyone just started screaming when One Republic feat. Timberland; Apologize came on!!

    of course there was the food and goodies but i didnt exactly enjoy them as i was a little unwell)): still. i couldnt control my sweet tooth when i saw these LOVELY cupcakes with super CUTE ICING!! they totally remind me of LML's Modern Marie's Creation. awwwww))): how i miss you guys.

    so, here's a picture of the gorgeous birthday girl, Rachel and her pretty dress from Warehouse!! LOVE the color and of course!! those fabbbb!! peep toes!!!

    and i was at the mall the day before, scouring for Rach's pressie, i ended at the cosmetics dept. so i saw the burberry counter. and on the spur of the moment i decided to try their Buberry Brit scent and i was amazed!!!
    i mean, it smelt sooooooooooo good and to be honest; it's a better scent for me than Marc by Marc Jacob's Daisy.

    so, should i get burberry instead?!!

    (ps/ in case u're wondering, i got her CLINIQUE's gift set which comes which this HOT PINK case! it's LOVELY!!!)

    anyhow, speaking of perfume, i received a package from the good people at Buzz Paradise containing a 100ml bottle of the new Roxy Perfume, a few sample size bottles of the same perfume and a 150ml bottle of Roxy Shower Gel with Pearl Extract all free of charge!!

    initially, i was sceptical if it was a scam and the darling project manager managed to buy me over and i was assured that the information i gave would be in safe hands!!

    so of course!! i tried on the scent for school the next day and with all the florals and citrusy smell, it reminds me of summer and the beach and all things warm. owell. it aint too bad for me cos i;m in the tropics but for all of you who are drinking a hot cuppa while feeling all warm and toasty and in your lovely knits, you're BOUND to wish that winter would just hurry up and go away ASAP!! HONEST!!

    so if you're a beach babe, summer and nature loving kind of girl. be sure to try out ROXY's newest perfume cos it;s def worth it!!

    honestly. i;m busy with school and with common tests coming in 2wks time, i'll me more so. but i feel SO super guity abt neglecting this lobely blog=p so. PLEASE do gimme some ideas on wht to feature abt eh?!


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    Carolina Lange said...

    Her shoes are really beautiful!
    I love Marc by Marc Jacob's Daisy, but my favourite now is Stella, from Stella McCartney!

    Nicole Then said...

    oh, the roxy perfume was really nice too. I wanted to get it. hee

    and the clinique happy :)

    Jackie said...

    I really don't like that Roxy Perfume. It seems a bit off to me. Oh well.

    I LOVE the color of her dress. very nice =]

    Patent Shoes && Rants said...

    I love her outfit! I like Marc Jacobs Daisy, I didn't smell Burberry.

    Maybe you can do a feature on on cute bracelets and necklaces because I really want some new stuffs.

    Good luck on your tests! God knows I have 10000020000.5 myself.


    LML said...

    aww it sounds like u had a blast!!
    and thanks for the mention lol ;)

    i love MJ Daisy, I just got it as an early xmas gift! i will have to check out the burrberry one....

    Heather said...

    I'd love to recieve a Clinique gift set like that! I must ask, though, was it a super sweet sixteen?

    coco said...

    Aww she looked fab in her dress
    its very cute

    The Clothes Horse said...

    I think her dress was so perfect for a sweet 16.
    As for the polo shirt dilemma, I don't know if I am the best person to give advice. I am no expert. I definitly think you should go opposite of what it seems, try pairing items you normally wouldn't pair with it--mix it up with scarves, a printed skirt, etc. Or you could over-prep it ala-Blair style on Gossip Girl. I saw a spread once where someone made polos punk and that was also kind of fun. But really I am no expert. I hope that helped though. ^_^

    Debbie Shiamay said...

    Wow a Warehouse dress??? That must have cost quite a bit! But man she looks perfect in it! Loving the colour.

    In Yr Fshn said...

    That dress is lovely! And I so love that you mentioned LML... whenever I see a fancy baked good, I think of her as well!

    Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

    Loving the little black shoes!

    ed said...

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