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    YSL YSL YSL YSL YSL((((((:

    ok, i admit; when my dear friend got me to talk about yves saint laurent; the only thing that i wanted to do was to rave about how much i love the ysl muse bag and how that was the FIRST designer who's bag i genuinely adore.

    it certainly doesnt help that i was seeing ms moss online carrying the signature bag and at that time; Kate Moss was certainly EVERTHING i wna be (cept for that cocaine incident of course;) i was only 14? 15? yer; and besides, cheesy as it may sound; i found that i'm loving the IT bag that everyone was carrying not because of the initials stamped on the bag but rather, i was amazed at how the designer have actually created such a beauty that is structured and yet girlish at the same time.

    of course! i got a little help from google and realised that yves saint laurent have actually led a much more colorful life than i've imagined.
    at 17; he was already working at the house of dior and shortly after, he was sent to serve int he French Army where he;s suffered from a nervous breakdown where he had to undergo psychiatric treatment.

    he was released from christian dior because of this and thus, he started YSL.
    there, he started mainstreaming the idea of wearing silhouettes and he arguably created the most famous tuxedo suit for women; le smoking.

    even till today, as seen in ysl s/s 08; we can see silhouettes which are inspired frm menswear;

    also; what may come into one;s mind when YSL is mentioned are the SHOES!

    remember the stacked heels that ysl started off which aldo and topshop and other high street label started getting "inspiration" from?

    YSL have got another of those super high heels which are so unbelievably sexy and dangerous to walk in and one of the fabbest pair ever made is the tribute pump!! i want one of those too!!!

    with the way things are going; i cant even make it down main street w/o checking myself into A&E. hahaha

    furthurmore, how can anyone not miss those gorgeous ysl ads starring supermodel, giselle bundchen?!

    that was a brillant campaign and the concept was fabbb!! with the streets of italy as backdrop for the gorgeous mostly black clothes!!

    let us all take a collective sigh~ haha

    yves saint laurent is certainly a fabulous designer who;s bounced back from the hardships in life and year after year, he;s created such beautiful collections!!

    wht;s there not to love abt YSL?!!
    let's go shopping for a downtown bag now! hahahah


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    The Clothes Horse said...

    I love how YSL was so revolutionary in bringing menswear to women.

    Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

    I want those shoes, they make your legs look so long!!

    Wendy said...

    YSL is one of my favorite designers, because my personality agrees with his femininity meets masculinity.

    Nicole Then said...

    Great post, interesting to read the history of fashion designer. I didn't know he had a mental breakdown! OMG Oh, and ur new picture for the blog is so damn gorgeous!

    ChiliLady said...

    KATE MOSS,yey!!!

    Anonymous said...

    wow, great post. i never knew all of that about him, it's fascinating

    Anonymous said...

    wow, great post. i never knew all of that about him, it's fascinating

    Elisabeth said...

    Great post - YSL is a fabulous designer!

    Cute blog :)

    Molly ;) said...

    Ysl is simply amazing.
    And as for those shoes? Super cute!
    Nice post, and great blog you have here. x

    coco said...

    I am in love with your header
    those ads were some of the most perfect of all time!!!

    Cee-Cee said...

    great new header!!

    ok.. YSL is like the epitomy of "effortless" cool..

    Gloria said...

    ugg! I would love YSL shoes...but the ankle strap totally makes me look bad. My calves' size are above average and i'm just average height so the strap makes me look shorter and my legs not as good :(

    Kat said...

    Oh great post, Pen!! I love YSL, the spring/summer collection is rather fabulous, I love the moody colours and the stars. YSL shoes and bags are just well..*sigh*!!
    And of course YSL's contribution to fashion history is great, I personally love the androgenous suits.

    Cee-Cee said...

    oh, by the way ive been wanting to comment on your other blog but i cant seem to figure out how I do :S

    Soul Tanggg said...

    i get 55% off YSL!!!
    and gucci!!

    the muse bag was one of my first purchases

    Aisha said...

    I see a new layout up! it's lovely, as lovely as YSL and his glasses on the last picture :)

    who would say he worked for the french army? not me. Thanks for the information ;)

    Andy said...

    aaaw. i really like those heels! adorable. and the bag in the second picture is beautiful, i love it. cool pictures.

    Ana said...

    great post
    i LOVELOVELOVE the trubute heels

    LML said...

    YSL is just so classic - im obsessed with the photography they use in their ads - beautiful!

    Jen (MahaloFashion) said...


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    dusk&summer said...

    I love YSL, I just got done reading his biography. He's amazing

    Debbie Shiamay said...

    Hey there! Love this post... rather informative. And the colours on thoes fashion sketches r so super cute!


    its always tricky putting menswear into womenswear.. i could never pull it off, but the post proved me somewaht wrong... i still wouldnt be able to pull it off, but other people can!

    Ali said...

    YSL is F-A-B.
    im beyond obsessed with his A/W line this year especially menswear

    Emma said...

    what fab shoes! =)

    Kira Fashion said...

    i love kate and the divas from before ;)

    a kiss

    Seraphine said...

    Good shoes make anything look better.

    Anonymous said...

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