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    Dark, Dark, GORGEOUS Midnight Blue!

    So I was doing a post on all the dull and sombre colors of Fall and it so happens that it was my dad's 47th birthday yesterday; I decided to pull out this new dress which I've got to celebrate in((: {Although the color and the celebrations were anything but dull!}

    We went to the gorgeous SG Flyer where we get to see SG at night and though it was a little boring; the gorgeous lights all over the city made up for it((:

    The lights from the Flyer and my outfit was totally matchy matchy!
    (I apologize for the blurry picture!)

    I was going for a bit of a classy look and thus I pair the silk and linen, midnight blue dress with my trusty, black silk mary janes!
    I did not add any belts or necklaces because I didnt want to draw away the attention from the classic sihoulette (or maybe I'm just darned lazy for a fash blogger:S) Haha but just focus on the gorgeous dress eh?((: Although I did put on a string of gorgeous baubles bracelets=p

    Another dark blue something which I'm lusting for would be these pretty, yet grungey blue plaid shirt! LC made her outfit look so casual chic and they are just! Going to be a staple in my closet! I just know it!

    PS/ It's about time to invest in some gorgeous dark blue nail polish too!:D

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    Happy belated b'day to your daddy!:)
    You look so cute & the Singapore view is so gorgeouss too! Thanks for your kind words... Hope to hear from you again dear!

    ~great new week for ya'

    The Seeker said...

    You look so nice and pretty dear.
    Hope you had an enjoyable time.

    Oh, I'm so in love with plaid and dark blue also, but I've nothing with that :(

    The song is in Portuguese, I'm Portuguese, you know.

    Take care dear

    Dane said...

    I love LC's shoess! I just came from singapore, great shopping! Nice blog you have.

    MR style said...

    u look pretty good sweetie ! yeah that's fab !

    WendyB said...

    Love dark blue polish.

    Mimi said...

    You look super sweet.
    Lauren Conrad's look pleased me a lot.

    Miranda said...

    so cute.
    your dress looks super gorgeous
    and i think the silhouette is lovely. no belts needed!

    simply.steph said...

    aww you look uber cute and i love the hair!

    Amelia said...

    Lovely picture!

    Miss Karen said...

    you look so gorgeous! I love LC's outfit here too - I think I need some dark polish as well :D

    Wendy said...

    I actually really like the sound of dark blue nail polish right about now.

    zhengning said...

    You looked pretty! Dont mind me linking you up? :)

    Juliet said...

    Lauren's shirt is something I have been after for the whole autumn!

    juliet xxx

    ♥ fashion chalet said...

    I'd love an xl baggy fit blue plaid top myself. :)

    Great dress, I love the fit on you. Thank you for the lovely comments, too. :)

    xo/ fashion chalet

    The Clothes Horse said...

    We'll call you minimalist--that is what I say when I don't add too much. I like the shape and your look. LC annoys me, but she also makes me regret not packing my navy nailpolish!

    Join the Gossip said...

    That's an awesome pic! Love all of the colors. LC's outfit is very cute, but those shoes look too high. She looks like she's about to break her ankle =(

    Eelie said...

    Oh my gosh you look so beautiful in that picture up there! I could eat you if i weren't a vegetarian or a homo-canibalism-person-thingy (does that make sense haha) :P

    I'm swamped with replying but check the silly vlog for the reasonings lol. I'm saddened to say i can't make it to SG this sat. Mummy says there aren't any more seat! :( POO TO THAT! But i very much hope to someday! *sigh* i wish that was sat though :(

    Please wish your father a Happy 47th from the random internet blogger haha. I'm SURE he'd appreciate that! ;)

    Wendiva said...

    i just bought a plaid shirt yesterday and am loving it already :) your picture makes me miss singapore!! lucky girl :)

    Romeika said...

    You look so cute!

    yiqin; said...

    You look great! :) & I still haven't seen you in schol :( WHYYYYYYYYYYY

    Cris Lazoru said...

    I think that that is one of LC's best looks ever. And I like your pic, very funky


    Stompface said...

    Oh you look lovely!
    Def very classy!

    Oh I have been wanting some dark blue nail polish as well.

    Or some gun metal coloured.

    Seraphine said...

    you look awesome. it's hard to take night pics, but you look great. happy birthday to your dad.