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    It's REALLY All About Plaid:D + VLOG

    Apologies! It's all plaid; again~
    Previously, I mentioned that I've gotten a red plaid shirt and here it is(((:

    Shirt; Topshop

    I love how casual this outfit is and if not for those staggering heels; It would be perfect for school!

    Anyway; YESS! This is my 1st VLOG ever;
    Hope you would enjoy it as much as I had fun doing it for you((:

    Alternatively; You could click on this link if you can't watch it from my blog(:

    PS/ I'm probably not what you would presume me to sound like!
    (And I'm in my brothers' room using their laptop! So you would see that mountain of notes behind me on his table!)



    Dane said...

    Cute vlog, and thanx for your comment. Actually monsoon is over, and spring/summer starts for us soon. You should definitely visit the philippines if you can!

    the Oracle of Style said...

    I love the shirt!
    Btw you have a disarming smile:)

    Juliet said...

    I can't view the vlog, it won't let me bush play. :(

    juliet xxx

    Juliet said...

    The vlog is cute!

    ♥ fashion chalet said...

    Thanks for your encouragement. :) It makes me happy to have readers wanting more from me (in the blog) be it outfits, collages or wanting to read my writing about something. I meant every word in that vlog. And I'm here to say, I liked yours too (it stopped about halfway?) but from what I saw, you came across so upbeat and natural. Great job!

    xo/ fashion chalet

    The Seeker said...

    Congrats for the v-log!!! I admire who do that.

    The shirt is pretty cute and you look stylish.


    Miss Karen said...

    Oh I love your shirt! And the V-log was awesome - I really enjoyed watching it :)

    chuckles said...

    You can't have too much plaid

    Annie said...

    Your hair is perfect!

    The Clothes Horse said...

    No such thing as too much plaid. I love it!

    Romeika said...

    I didn't expect that u would sound british hehe You're cute. And I really like the plaided shirt.

    $ouLphate said...

    oeh i like the plaid blouse =)

    Kat said...

    aw you are adorable! Love the vlog, your hair is so pretty.
    Your totally rock the plaid shirt too and your shoes look really cool.
    totally agree - audrey hepburn is amazing!

    The Stiletto Effect said...

    let me start with the shirt: it's way cool :)
    now the Vlog: love your hair and you are really pretty! I love to see what other girls have in their bags :) like you I also carry my ipod everywhere and I also have a pen (I always write in black, but when I feel more girly I write in light pink, blue, green etc).

    Sebastian Perinotti said...

    you look lovely, as usual!

    btw, the picture in the banner is great, i love Gaspard;)


    adorable voice & cute hairstyle!
    I agree with you, I love the sound of the the clip on bags too ;D

    Stompface said...

    Hooray for plaid
    you look too cool in it!

    Oh I want to watch your vlog! but I am at work and it wont let me :(
    will have to check it when I go home!

    coco said...

    That is one of the nicest plaid shirts I have seen. And I have seen a lot recently.

    Kay said...

    ive seen those heels before but idk where...... where did u get them?? love the outfit by the way :D

    Fashion Tidbits said...

    you have such a cute voice!