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    Common Tests! + Mars vs. Venus?!

    I'm having my Common Tests right now and I've got 3 more papers to got! All of them being tourism modules!

    Happened to be browsing the Dailymail while I came across the following...

    "A recent survey found that most women think about shopping with about the same frequency that men think about sex..."

    Good Lord!

    I'll be going to Taipei next Sunday and I'm so psyched ever since I found out! And most importantly... I've been fantasizing about the SHOPPING, like; no tomorrow! Does that mean.....?!

    I'll leave you to think about it!

    I'll be sure to catch up on my comments soon! Wish me LUCK darlings!


    The Seeker said...

    LOL I also say Good Lord about that statement :)

    Hope you'll have a great time, darling and Good luck ;)


    Carla said...

    Wow that looks a serious shopping centre. love the lights. Carla

    Amelia said...

    Haha, probably true. I think about shopping more than I would admit.

    Miss Karen said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Miss Karen said...

    Hehe I wouldn't be surprised - I think about shopping all the time!

    PS. I posted this comment twice by accident sorry!

    deep_in_vogue said...

    Need to do some shopping myself :)

    MR style said...

    the big debate