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    Whoever Knew FCUK & Audrey H. Go Together?!

    Audrey Hepburn's outfits in her movies NEVER fail to inspire me;

    A couple of days ago, while shopping at FCUK, I came across a front pleated shirt which reminded me so much of what Holly Golightly (Breakfast At Tiffany's!) wore in that particular scene when she climbed out of bed to open the door for Fred;

    I don't normally go for tops which button all the way up but I just fell in love with how simple and chic this white, pleated buttoned up top is!

    Wore it as a lucky outfit for my 1st day at school and I dragged my brother off to snap some pictures after dinner; and he took me to this nearby high rise estate;
    (According to Jason, you can take great pictures at the void deck! Well, YOU be the judge! LOL)

    Leopard Scarf (Forgot Where I Got It From)
    FCUK Skinnies
    Starry Studded Flats; Got it from Taipei's Shilin Night Market
    Prada Vernice Tote

    The leopard prints scarf was a last minute addition to jazz up the outfit;
    And I love how different the top looks; with or without it!



    OH! Before I forget, JESS From Clothes Captioned did a little review about my blog; And I was really touched by the really postive and lovely comments!

    For those of you who LOVE LOVE vintage clothes that are pretty much a steal! DO go have a look at her website!

    Okay, that's all I have for now; COMING RIGHT UP!


    WendyB said...

    Your lovely smile makes the outfit.

    janettaylor said...


    Lovely ballerina flat & Prada tote...

    Have a great week!

    kisses: Janet

    Eelie said...

    Beckett sends love back to ya!

    I think i've just been uber stressed lately because i've been dreaming more often than usual. Coincidentally most have been about blogging or bloggers.

    Anyhoo Audrey has such a classic, clean and tasteful style. I think you did her and the shirt justice. Your smile is so beautiful dear


    lisa said...

    Love the stars on your flats and Audrey Hepburn! The scene where she and the writer go around doing things they've never done before for one day is one of my favourite scenes in any movie, ever.

    ana b. said...

    Audrey is so timeless. A true icon.

    ♥ fashion chalet said...

    I love you! :)


    The Clothes Horse said...

    This is an awesome outfit. I really love Audrey's pink outfit in that film and I don't even like pink!

    Cris Lazoru said...

    Adore your outfit. Audrey would be proud!


    Amelia said...

    Nice inspiration! Those shoes are glorious. I like the pictures. BTW, you have been tagged (on my blog).

    Romeika said...

    You look so chic! One can go wrong with ballet flats and dark skinny pants. The shirt is wonderful!

    Romeika said...

    one CAN'T*


    Cate said...

    I really like Audrey Hepburn in all of her films too.
    I saw that scene from Breakfast at Tiffany's when I was at a museum looking at an exhibition about fashion. They played scenes from Breakfast at Tiffany's there on a huge screen.
    I like your pleated top! Normally I have something of an aversion against white button-down shirts because they seem a little boring, but as I see now, there are major exceptions!
    Nice of your brother to take pictures of you!
    Wow, you have a Prada bag? (gapes) Is it your school bag?
    And I liked the touch with the leopard print scarf too!
    Nice outfit!!

    Maverick said...

    Hi Penelope!
    Nice post-Audrey is such a style icon. She was fabulous. Your photos are beautiful-totally Audrey! I adore the scarf <3

    linked you!
    love, mavvie

    Maverick said...

    Oh, PS. The credit card resolution is going fine for now...probably won't be able to say that when I get to San Francisco, though!


    Couture Carrie said...

    You have the best accessories! Love your bag and shoes!


    Kat said...

    you look adorable in this outfit!
    love that first pic of audrey,
    you know what i love too in that scene, the fantastic sofa!

    Chester said...

    Your outfit is charming!
    Love your shoes.

    Juliet said...

    I love that shirt!

    juliet xxx

    The Stiletto Effect said...

    Audrey is an icon, what else can I say!! She was sooooo beautiful!
    Great outfit! Those flats rock!

    Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

    I adore your purse and shoes, especially your shoes, they are too cute.

    Fashion Tidbits said...

    i love the classic white shirt too!!!

    The Seeker said...

    Oh my dear you look so lovely, and yes, the scarf can make a tottaly different outfit.

    Must check the review of your blog, sweetie, you so deserve.


    M said...

    very cute! I've been looking for a shirt like that for ages!
    audrey hepburn, gorgeous...

    Francesca said...

    very cute studded flats!

    everyone's got to love audrey.

    Miss Karen said...

    Audrey had such amazing style! And you look beautiful in your outfit - very classy :D

    Rosanna said...

    you really look adorable!

    audrey hepbrun really is such an inspiration



    Tiffany said...

    you are too cute. loving the whole outfit. The gorgeous bag and the cute cute shoes! It's been so long since I've been to Taiwan and I do miss night market shopping. It's always so much fun!

    Styleseeking Zurich said...

    great flats and bag!<3


    Anonymous said...

    i love everything about that outfit! so cute :) and the bag is fabulous!!