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    The Photoshoot Where We (TRIED TO) Reenact Gucci F/W 08:D

    Hey Darlings(:


    Have been busy the past few days; NOT with partying, but rather, was rushing for my law project)): Geez; can you imagine?! DOING THAT; during the new year?)):


    Remember how my friend, Jeslin got me to help her for her 500pictures photoshoot? Here are some of the pictures in another segment;

    She loved this particular Promod dress of mine; which some of you may remember when I did this "Gucci- Inspired" post(:


    A close up of the BEST sombre look I could manage:D
    It was actually coloured; for those of you who had read this post earlier on; you would have seen the original; with my super horrid dark circles; I took a chance and fiddled with it; to get this saturated; super bright look; to eliminate them; and to create a different look!

    The field...

    Jeslin & I love this best!
    Everything is just fab! The light, composition and dynamics!

    For those of you, who were asking to see the laced up Oxford wedges which I wore previously, these grey pair which is featured above, were the ones!

    I got my friend to help me get it from H&M Hong Kong((:

    And I love my baby to bits!

    OKAY, I'll end of for now! I have got a 1000 word report to do which isn't THAT horrid; but it comes with TONS of research involved:S


    Photo Credits:
    Jeslin Lee 2008


    Demi said...

    thank you honey :)
    ooh, why dont you try the lightblue skirt with a mustard top? or a black tank? a white top would look nice for summer too :)

    and gorgeous photos, i love the balloon one!

    Demi said...

    sorry i forgot to say this:
    experiment with it! try it on with every top in your wardrobe! you'll find something!

    and good luck with all your work!

    Demi said...
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    Fashion Tidbits said...

    hope you had a nice NEW YEARS!!!

    Couture Carrie said...

    Love it!

    lisa said...

    Re-enacting a designer photoshoot seems like such a fun idea. :-)

    Hi! I'm Grace said...

    Pretty shot. :)
    Have a prosperous, blessed and happy new year, Pene.

    The Clothes Horse said...

    Adorable dress and shoes! You look darling!

    WendyB said...


    ana b. said...

    Good luck! Oh yes the resemblance between these fun photos and the Gucci campaign is unmistakeable ;) It looks like great fun!

    ♥ fashion chalet said...

    Cute tunic-top-dress. Do I spot sequins? My new favorite accessory!! :)

    Thanks for the comment, gorgeous. KISS! X

    Secretista said...

    Lovely photos!

    Trish said...

    Aww, is this you? You're so pretty! Cool blog! Love it! :)

    Maverick said...

    Eek, yeah, it's three days into January and I"m already regretting the credit card thing! -Only 362 more days to go, ahahaha.

    You're blog is lovely! Those pictures are soo cute, I really love the second one, with the flower! Good luck with your report (ugh!)

    Do you want to do a blog link exchange with me?

    Love, Mavvie

    Juliet said...

    So happy photos!

    juliet xxx

    Miss Karen said...

    Great photos! You look lovely :D

    The Seeker said...

    Great pictures, love them


    yiqin; said...

    We missed our date!! Anyway, wanna set up a flea market stall together?! I'll email you about it soon!

    Ana said...

    Thats funny, I just posted a Gucci inspired look too. You look great in all these pics. Happy 2009!

    Cate said...

    I can imagine very well that you haven't been partying, because I haven't either... Well, I have started studying today a bit, because soon school will start...
    That's amazing that you got to help your friend with her photoshoot!
    Good luck with your report!
    Wow, 30° over there? That's a lot! Here it's snowing!

    Amelia said...

    Happy new year! I love these pictures--especially the first.

    The Romantic Apple said...

    Hi :) I came across your blog through Ana's from On Dressing Up, and I love your style and photographs! They're filled with so much life :) If you don't mind, I'd like to link to you so I can keep checking back in? ^_^ Happy New Year!

    chuckles said...

    loving it

    Kira Fashion said...

    HI friend!

    The pictures are fantastic!!
    I love the baloon!!!

    a kiss for you and a happy year!

    Paul Pincus said...

    love your header...and weblog ; ) cheers!

    zhengning said...

    i kinda like the first picture!
    the balloon one is cute too!

    Romeika said...

    You look ADORABLE. Btw, I just tagged u!

    Zoë said...

    hey i love the photos!
    great blog.
    happy new year and good luck with your work!

    Hi! I'm Grace said...

    You are awesome, Penelope. :)