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    sexy see throughs(:

    yes i know i know, i did say that my next post would be a gorgeous, fabulous long one but sigh. there're some kinda time constraints as i gta pack for camp right now!!

    yess. oh god, i gta wake up at the crack of dawn like some kinda rooster as we have to assemble in school at 6.45 for the coach.

    so. i hope this will do and thus, my dear bloggettes who answered my interview, u guys gta wait for the one amazing post!! haha!! i promise! it'll be utterly different!!!

    hugs and kisses!

    so i was on the bus with janine and i saw her fishing this see through pouch out of her uber cool Lonsdale bag!! haha!

    it's edgy and it'd be fab for those airport checks with regards to the new regulations and all..

    i guess it'd be another way to show off the pretty compact or your wads of cash eh? haha!

    so i went online to try search for similar pouches and i couldnt find any or either that; they're utterly hideous!

    saw this cute dooney and burke see through bag and i gta say, for a girl like me who hates anything see through

    ( i mean, what if you've forgotten you left your tampon dangling amongst yr wallet and stuff? EVERYBODY would see it right?!!!)

    i think i might consider giving it a thought! haha!!

    so that's all i have and ciao for now!!
    but.. a preview to what's to come......

    At my work place most people dress very formally and stylish, something like “The devil wears Prada” meets “Ugly Betty” (without the Betty lol)!!!

    I have been to Paris twice and I know it's a total cliche, but it is the most beautiful city, everything is breath taking - the atmosphere, scenery, shops, fashion, history, architecture, everything.

    Canada is so beautiful, it offers everything from natural beauty to a cosmopolitan lifestyle in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal....

    haha so are you getting antsy with the wait?! lol!!
    be sure to spot and tell me who said the above lines whn the posts are out eh? haha!!

    ok! i got to go!! off to pack!!


    Ana said...

    i think a see through clutch is good for going to some event with a little lipgloss and a compact inside but not for everyday. no one wants to see tampoons or pads and such things. lmao.


    Fashion Tidbits said...

    can't wait! see through clutches are okay, but there is a point when those see through huge bags get a bit messy looking, i think.

    lemon emlyn said...

    I don't think I want to blow any money on seethrough bags. Besides embaressing stuff like tampons, I wouldn't want people to know how much valuble stuff I keep in my bag (ipod, camera, phone ect.) I don't want anyone to try and steal it!

    I think see through clutches are pretty cute sometimes though.

    MOLLY GRAY said...

    oh that bag is gorgeous!

    In Yr Fshn said...

    Now I'm curious about the quotes!

    Kat said...

    Oh I'm so curious about your next post...I wonder what it's about! lol

    LML said...

    i like the see thru bags - i bought one this summer and got a lot of compliemnts - they're different looking when made right!
    yours is cute :)

    WendyB said...

    LOL @ the tampon.

    Fashionyou's Molly said...

    Haha. I know what you mean about the see through bags. I mean you couldnt being anything valuable cos thiefs would be able to see what you'd got and nick it!!
    Lol. Theres me acting all sensible.
    They do look good though.. i saw loadsa people with them on the beach lookin pretty cool.. so yeah its a love/hate thing for me =)

    Carolina Lange said...

    I can't wait!
    And the bag is really cute!

    Jennifer said...

    don't worry penelope, post what you can
    I love that doonie and bourke bag it's soooo nice!

    Amy said...


    Romeika said...

    oh stupid blogger.com didn't publish my comment..here i go: I'm not into the see through clutches or any sort of bags 'cause it's such a lack of privacy..i remember there was a similar trend in Brazil and it was crazy to wear it in some cities, as the sheerness made it easier for the robbers..lol oh well:-)

    I am curious about those quotes, what's up with them?

    Romeika said...

    *any sort of similar bags

    Cris Lazoru said...

    Oh my! Can't wait for that post!


    coco said...

    i dont get the whole see-through bag thing
    why show people what is in your bag?
    there is no mystery to that!

    Anonymous said...

    im scared of see through bags...i would feel violated, but a clear clutch or make up bag would be fab!

    and your right about the whole airport security thing