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    live from campus!! plus a lil extra from luella

    wow for the 1st time ever, i went up to this girl in school and took her picture(: haha!!!

    love SAMANTHA's floaty top and her flats remind me of the lovely Salvatore Ferragamo Varina ones.. yum=p haha!

    anyhow.. went to The Sartorialist and i saw a picture of this lovely girl from Hong Kong~

    everything about her outfit and make up is so so perfect!!
    plus the floaty skort is so wonderful!
    such a unique way of pairing them all!

    and of course! whn i saw SAMANTHA's floaty tunic, i was immediately reminded of Luella Bartley's Spring RTW 2008!!
    i love the 1st floaty dress!!! so girly and totally cute!!

    lol and i think that BATS motif are the next HOTTEST thing that's gna happen!!
    they're just so edgy and wow! i honestly cant wait to get my hands on scarves which are imprinted with bats!!

    although halloween is tomorrow,
    i honestly think they're gna be ard for the longest time;
    just like those skull heads!!!

    ooh and everybody knows my love for khakis right?!
    haha! i SERIOUSLY am gna try to pair my khakis with flowery prints!!
    they sound so OLD. but. they look so FABBB!


    if luella says they're hot,
    THEY'VE got to be!!!



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    Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

    I love this post
    omigod your outfit is so gorgeous you always put them together so well
    be careful I might steal your flats!!!

    The Clothes Horse said...

    I never have the courage to take pictures of people on campus (not that they're particularly stylish here in Nowhere). The flats she's wearing are a little slice of heaven.

    In Yr Fshn said...

    That khaki outfit rocks.

    Fashion! said...

    I love the leather jacket. I'm kind of obsessed with them right now.

    Kassie said...

    I love that girls outfit! It looks so put together while still looking like she pulled that top off the floor as the first thing she saw that morning.

    I agree with the bat motifs. I think its pretty badass. But I've always been partial to the bat symbol.

    Fashion Tidbits said...

    i love the outfit in the first picture!

    Debbie Shiamay said...

    That girl is rocking the top and leggings!!!! She looks so simple yet so fab argh!

    And Luella is the best!!!

    Carolina Lange said...

    I love the look of the girl from your school! That is a great outfit!
    The girl from Hong Kong looks so cute!
    That luella collection is amazing!

    coco said...

    that girl has style
    and i love the luella collection
    she is one of the deisgners i seem to always like

    Romeika said...

    Your outfit is beautiful and i also loved that girl in HK by The Sartorialist. She's beautiful and so effortlessly chic.

    Kira Fashion said...

    wow! great!

    i just posted miu miu too!

    a kiss

    Kat said...

    Aw, I love that girl's oufit, it's so simple but really pretty, well spotted:-)
    I want to marry that Luella collection, actually I probably would marry Luella too!!!!!!!!!
    You are right bats could very well be the next big thing!

    Fabi said...

    I'll admit, that luella collection has me kind of drooling! the dresses oh boy.....

    Fabi said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Aisha said...

    I'm in love with the girl's tunic!!!

    Uh, yes, Luella = pure love. It's on my top5 collections for the next season ;)

    jayne said...

    love the flats she's wearing, good choice

    and j'adore luella!

    LML said...

    love luella! the ruffles make me go gaagaa! and i secretly love the batman details because you're right, if luella says they're hot, theyve got to be! lol

    adéle said...

    great blog, love your photos!

    Dani said...

    The girl looks great, i love her blouse! When I get pictures of other people's clothes they ask me not to put their faces on my blog...do they say that to you too?

    discothequechic said...

    yess, khakis and liberty prints, I love it. The more grandad-ish the better..

    Café Mode said...

    I really like the first floaty dress. You were right to take the pic, thanks.

    Ana said...

    khakis+flower prints could look amazing or oldish. great inspiring post. i lurved Luella

    Bella said...

    Omg I loved this post...the 1st pic of your friend is sooo cute...and i loved the outfits you showed...

    Bella said...

    Omg I loved this post...the 1st pic of your friend is sooo cute...and i loved the outfits you showed...

    Shaz said...

    how exciting! i hope you post alot more pictures of people you meet. I really love the gemometric cubey skirt the model is wearing in one of the Luella pictures FAB!

    MOLLY GRAY said...

    those dresses are super amazing...

    Lady N said...

    great post! I love tht you took a picture of that girl! I've always wanted to do that too!

    Seraphine said...

    Samantha looks perfect. Love all your ideas. Hugs.

    Cris Lazoru said...

    I loved all the bat motifs! And I adore your header


    la petite fashionista said...

    haha i love that you took a picture of a random girl from your school! sounds like something i would do:) i loved that luella collection as well


    Kira Fashion said...

    Loved that all!

    a kisssss

    WendyB said...

    The bats are cute!

    The Stiletto Effect said...

    Hi :))

    your interview is (finally) on :) I hope you like the way it came out! Thx for doing it!


    ed said...