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    When In Japan, Do As The Japanese Do

    so sorry that i'm taking forever to come up with this post; but when i was in Japan, i was amazed that everyone was wearing long shorts, knee high boots and gorgeous jackets.

    of course! they were all different in a way; like they would customise with cute scarfs, neckalaces, shades, bags etc etc. also, the japanese girls are BIG on hair and make up! thus, everyone looks different which is just amazing!
    ( for those of you who wna check out the japanese street fashion, click here)

    decided to pick up a japanese magazine when i was in the airport back home and i could see that the pages were filled with gorgeous boots, long shorts and bags!! though i dont read a word of jap, it doesnt matter. but i was kinda dissapointed cos i saw tons of fabulous stuff that i could nvr get cos i DONT KNOW whr to get them=p hahah
    (which probably is good news for my dad's pocket though=p) haha

    so, decided to do something about it and that's why i;ve come up wif my own list of japan worthy stuff (which will look as fab ANYWHERE else too).
    i would wear the gorgeous jackets and boots. if only singapore's daily temperature is not at a high of a whopping 30 degrees celsius ( 86 degrees fahrenheit)!!

    bomber jackets are a big thing in japan and honestly! these would complement the long shorts very well!!

    also, be sure to stock up on pullovers like the one from j crew as they would add a dash of color to yr outfit!

    the star of the attraction for this post!!
    if you're really afraid of the cold, be sure to pair them with the sheer tights which are in vogue this season!
    be sure, to keep it SHEER((:
    or the knee region would look very weird!

    yummy boots!! awww. haven worn one of these in my entire (soon to be) 18 years of my life and HOW i WISH to be able to out on the riding boots and stomp around town in flourish.
    they go well with long shorts and the puffy jackets as their sleek design keep the look tres chic(:

    coming from somone who's never dressed like that; i think i may have lost my credibility. butttt.
    trust me on this? hahaha. was so jealous of the jap girls whn i was there cos they're just so stylish and i dont know. they;re kinda like the parisian of the east? lol!!

    be sure to tell me how this look goes alright? pictures would be fabbb((:

    lots of love!


    Wendy said...

    Japanese street fashion is so cool. I love how they mix and match. I tried the shorts and long boots look with knee highs.

    The Clothes Horse said...

    I love Japanese fashion--so much of what they wear is very fashion-forward and adventurous. I think their tiny frames help them pull off difficult looks.

    The Clothes Horse said...

    I love Japanese fashion--so much of what they wear is very fashion-forward and adventurous. I think their tiny frames help them pull off difficult looks.

    Vintage Bunny said...

    That is so cool!
    They are very stylish are' nt they ?

    Flair said...

    I wish I could be like all the Japanese fashionistas - they are so unique down to the very last detail. How do they do that??

    Patent Shoes && Rants said...

    Street fashion in any country is awesome- BUT IN JAPAN? Fabulous to the max.

    I love midnight blue too =] I want my nails that color. Haha.


    Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

    Oh i love that topshop coat, it's perrfectt!

    coco said...

    That H&M trench is yummy
    I want it so bad now...

    Anonymous said...

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