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    The Girl With The Big COACH Bag

    So!! i was asked by a friend of mine to do someone on COACH=p
    haha here it is and honestly!! it looks like some kinda lousy advertisment for them but still~~ haha


    Established in 1941, Coach is an American luxury leather goods company which is famed for their ladies' handbags; the original designer for Coach as it is known today is Bonnie Cashin and she was the one who pioneered the use of hardware on accessories and especially the brass toggle which became the hallmark of Coach.

    Be it for work or for school, or for a casual date at the cafe, a Coach tote will never go out of style as it is just right for all occasion!

    Grab any purse or clutch if you;re hard pressed for time and these cheery, bright colors will definitely brighten up your day!

    One of the things i love about Coach is for their selection of bracelets! i'm so so lusting for the SPECIAL one which i;ve mentioned=p

    though not many people consider Coach, "designer" enough; i feel that it doesnt matter bcos i do belive in Coach's quality and design. Seriously! i;ve seen my coursemate chuck her laptop, charger and what nots into her Coach Signature Stripe Bag and it;s still intact after doing so for this past semester!!

    ps/ sorry about the thing with the font size!! just double click on the images and you'll see the BIG PICTURE=p haha

    next up!! YSL(((((:
    [yet another of the special request; weird combination. but=p haha]


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    The Clothes Horse said...

    Coach bags are a classic style, but too expensive for me.

    Seraphine said...

    I *LOVE* the ad photo!
    You did a wonderful job for them. Hugs.
    They have great styles.
    And... You have great style, Pen.

    Fashion Tidbits said...

    i def like coach wallets, not so crazy about the handbags though. But perhaps i will rethink about them....

    Fashion! said...

    I love their signature stripe items and most of their pieces, but I'm over the C prints.

    coco said...

    I like the bangles but I'm not into the bags at all
    they just aren't my style

    LML said...

    i love their enamel bracelets and their new uber structred bags - how i would love to own one!

    Wendy said...

    Coach scarfs are really beautiful. So are their wallets.

    Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

    I've never been a big fan of coach cause they don't sell much of their stuff here in canada but I have to admit when i see their stuff it looks solid and well constructed with a good punch of color!

    Allecra&Sage said...

    i like the plaid one!

    Patent Shoes && Rants said...

    The Mary Janes also come in a midnight blue!

    Coach is not really my style.


    Anonymous said...

    coach really had a revival a few years ago, but recently it seems as if they have gone back to boredom, still i adore their shoes- they flirty and wellmade so i never get blisters and their wristlets are fun

    Aisha said...

    I love the first two bangles on the left


    Ana said...

    i HATE the c prints because they are so overdone. but other than that they do make nice classic bags. and the bangles are very chic.

    Shaz said...

    the coach wallets are so slick and stylish!

    Emma said...

    ahhhh sad to hear about your scarf =( I would have been upset!

    In Yr Fshn said...

    I'm always puzzled by the fact that Coach isn't considered designer enough. I think it's a great brand--very old money and very fashionable.

    Andy said...

    Normally i don0t like coach but i have to admit that you can find amazing stuff. the bracelets are adorable.

    Love, Raven said...

    I love the outfits the girls are wearing, they're so bohemian chic!

    Anonymous said...

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