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    SO SORRY for my absence; the past week was crazy, with Computex in Taipei, and the crazy hours which we all had to put in! (Esther and I worked the 5pm to Midnight shift!!)

    This was taken quite some time ago; but I LOVED ESTHER'S ALL BLACK ensemble!

    I am always BEGGING her to ditch the monochromes for BRIGHTS but on that particular day; I had to eat my words!

    She looks so awesome in all black!

    The beautiful crochet details on her dress and her Alexander Wang inspired jacket complemented each other perfectly! One is so soft, so pretty, and the other, so gorgeously studded and edgy!

    On a side note, her patent white heels with black details are just SO classy!

    It's just FAB that she worked 3 different looks, ALL TOGETHER so wonderfully!


    By the way, I've gotten an email from the WONDERFUL people from WHOOGA which sells those unbelievably comfy UGG BOOTS; and they've kindly given readers of this blog a $30 gift card which they can use at their store which ships internationally!

    All you have to do is to enter the code "PEARLSANDS" into the cart!

    I know summer is coming; but I'm sure this would be a FABULOUS deal for those of you from the Southern Hemisphere!

    Have fun shopping!

    Lots of Love,


    JINX said...
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    A BIT COQUETTISH said...

    I lurrrve Taipei :) It's so beautiful there, and the shopping!! I dieeee :)

    La C.

    Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

    That is a great outfit. Black definitely works when it plays with textures.

    Amelia said...

    I'm glad you're back! The black is so chic and I love the hemline.

    jie said...

    I love the black! The layers complement each other so well.

    I'm going to be in taipei for a while over the holiday - looking forward to it so much...I haven't been back in a while :)

    Thanks for the comment!


    AsianCajuns said...

    Awesome outfit! I love the jacket especially!
    Great Uggs deal too- though you are right, boots seem ages away here in the Northern hemisphere.

    Winnie said...

    Oh your friend looks super cute in all black. I find it so difficult to wear all black, It's just not me!

    Seeker said...

    Welcome back, dear!!!!
    We've missed you, dont desapear for so long :)

    As CH said "Black definitely works when it plays with textures."

    All the best dear!


    Silje said...

    Great jacket, me like!=D

    Eeli said...

    Pene babe your friend Esther is one stylish girly.

    Monochrome in black will always look chic and I don not care for people who say otherwise haha.

    Going through a bloggionig absence lately too :( We'll find our way back ;)

    xx Eeli

    Noshabelle said...

    Wow, great outfit! It's very chic and beautiful. x

    easytravel said...

    lovely picture. thanks for share. nice blog. I hope you will visit my blog also.

    styleburst said...

    lovely lovely outfit. I heart the all black. :)


    Sebastian Perinotti said...

    toujours jolie!

    yiqin; said...

    I want to go there!!!!

    KIRAFASHION said...

    YES! You really are!
    Those flats are also perfect!

    Lovely :)

    Kisses and hugs,


    Claire said...

    All black can work so well, textures are great!!! So many women take black as an all-wear - but not everyone can wear it! It kind of spoils it when it's worn wrongly or dully.

    HoneyBunny said...

    She looks really great! I love black..it;s so classy and chic;)

    Romeika said...

    I want her jacket ^.^

    C.Elizabeth and Natalia said...

    This is a very pretty outfit. I especially like the shoes... so chic!

    Francesca Tan said...

    I love your friend's outfit so much! Especially her dress!!!

    Ivan McK said...

    Loving those shoes...they make the outfit for me.

    +Ivan McK