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    From The Streets; Wonderful "Vintage" Satchel + VLOG 4!

    Took this picture on the sly a couple of days back; but I guess, there was no real need to inform the unsuspecting lad; as it was his BAG which I'm interested in!

    LOVED that brown, "vintage" satchel and I'm drawn, ESPECIALLY to the gold buckles! They're so retro, something that I can imagine my parents using, when they were younger!

    It's not everyday that I get to see a teenage boy, especially one in his school uniform, using such a fantabulous bags; as they are usually carrying huge, clumsy crumplers or low, slouchy backpacks.

    WE NEED, more lads like that around!
    Though he's obviously younger than me, I find myself gravitating towards him; the VIBE that he is giving off; with the nonchalant, rocker attitude;
    (His loud music, BLARING from his ear piece; and that fact that he's got COOL STUDS on his Vans, gave that part away! Yes, I've got a soft spot for musicians!)

    Here's another VLOG for all of you! Hope you enjoy it! You May CLICK ON THIS Too!

    PS/ You may want to increase the volume of your speakers as it may be a little soft!

    Much Loves!


    Emmy said...

    totally loving the vblog, it's adorable :-)

    and YAY FOR BOYS WITH BAGS. guys really ought to be more confident in their styling choices.

    Gloria C. said...

    I'm still mixed about man-bags xD
    It works for some lads, but for others it looks so darn silly

    The Clothes Horse said...

    Fun street pic. I can't watch the vid right now, so I'll have to get to it later.
    P.S. Most people don't seem to know about Clara Bow these days...I was raised on old films though.

    Couture Carrie said...

    Fab street style spot! And how high tech are you, btw? Bravo! I don't even know how to put youtube stuff on my blog!


    Couture Carrie said...

    P.S. Added you to my Fellow Fashionistas blogroll, darling!

    Emz said...

    I love the bag but hmmm I don't know if it fits HIM you know.. haha =)

    Eeli said...

    I fall more in love with you everytine I see your blog lol. The v-log is adorable. I've got my fingers crossed that everything gets confirmed sooooon too!

    Much love deary xoxoxo

    - Daniela - said...

    you're so cute =)
    your hair looks great =)

    Amelia said...

    I totally want that bag. I rather like it with his uniform, too :)

    Ziling said...

    Fab street picture! And you're too cute my dear! I love listening to your vlog haha, keep it coming!!

    Oh and thank you so much for the tips on Taiwan! Def gonna google them now hee, i hope everything gets confirmed asap for you btw! :)

    Juliet said...

    Can't really watch the vlog as I'm at school now... But I'd have the bag on my bf anyday!

    juliet xxx

    Romeika said...

    I'm in love with his satchel, I want one just like that!

    Noshabelle said...

    You are so sweet! Would you like to exchange links? I will watch Factory Girl soon, in my spring breaks which is about three weeks. He he. ;) x

    Cate said...

    Haha, the unsuspecting lad.. I like bags like his! They're cool!
    A guy from my Chemistry and Politics classes has a bag like that too, it had been his father's once, which is really special I think!
    That's more proof that you can make a school uniform look chic. Even though I'm glad we don't have to wear uniforms.
    Maybe you'll see him again, who knows??? And I liked how you described him!
    Darn, the sound on my YouTube doesn't work,... So the vlog isn't of much use to me... Dammit.

    lauh-ren said...

    haha! i love that you took a picture of him from behind. i'll make sure to watch your vlog!

    Trish said...

    Oooh! Really cool guy! :)

    HoneyBunny said...

    Oh I love that vlog video thing...soo cute:D

    And that satchel is perfect! I want one like that!!

    Silje said...

    That is one amazing bag! Everyone should wear that, men and girls!=D Cute video by the way!=D

    proudly says, said...

    thank you soo much.
    mr. freddy's happy to hear lovely comments from you again.

    oh boy, yes you're right. his bag's so eye-catchy.
    nice vlog!

    J.Yo said...

    that boy doesn't wanna get near me, i'll grab his bag!!

    Winnie said...

    I agree, cute bag! Love the Vlog too, you're so cute!

    ZZ said...

    Heya, thank you so much for the lovely comment you left at my blog!

    I have to agree, that bag is so lovable!

    I can't watch the video on my computer. :( But will do on another one.

    Sebastian Perinotti said...

    verry my style

    Francesca said...

    I lovee those bags that men carry. Whenever I see one, I go, 'I want your bag.' haha. Except I don't say that..because I might freak him out a bit. haha

    coco said...

    Oooo a man bag. Cute video. So interactive.

    The Stiletto Effect said...

    Hi you :)
    I like his bag a lot... but what I really love is watching your vlogs :)

    Frock Around the Clock said...

    My boyfriend just has a boring really really old backpack.. I wish he would open his mind to more fashionable things but he just refuses! I bet he saw you take the pic in the reflection in the glass haha :) x

    tis serendipity said...

    Whoohoo I totally adore that bag!! Can't believe it's on a schoolboy!! haha not sure if it's the school i think it is.. ;) but totally surprised in a good sort of way haha!! I want that bagggg!

    (i've got a soft spot for musicians too X) especially ones that play the jazz piano)

    Julie Deane said...

    Love the bag - but then I would, being obsessed with satchels... that's why I started The Cambridge Satchel Company, comments on the bags please, this is the closest I can get to market research for my business!

    Flores Hayes said...

    my roommate bought a panda bag!
    She is just THRILLED with it and can’t put it down.