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    From The Streets, The Dandy Who Played With Fire

    This was I think; the first time when I had to literally chase after someone to snap a picture of!

    Was at the train station; plugged into my iPod, and happily, going off to meet my girls when I saw this guy, who's fedora was perched precariously on his head;

    I HAD to look at his shoes; and I was sold (IT WAS SOO PERFECTLY STRAPPY!); I KNEW I had to get a picture of him; Made an about turn; and I almost missed him going down the steps!

    I loved Farid's shoes; and how he had taken the trouble to roll up his leg cuffs!

    And on a closer look; I fell in love with his shirt;
    THOSE HOLES! They look pretty much like DIY; Whoever had thought of burning holes onto a tee shirt?! That's just so wonderful!

    And yes, I'm still in SG, I will be leaving for Taipei soon; though I don't really know when; as we're still waiting for the work permit and visa permits; owell; I will do a video again before I leave; my LAST ONE, before I leave for 6months!

    On a last note; I NEED HELP for Spring wear!! I need to pack light though; so I need tons of help; for the staples that I can bring along(:

    Thanks a million!((:


    Couture Carrie said...

    Love his look - and I agree, the shoes are fab!


    Ziling said...

    Wow i like his sandals too! Definitely not the usual dressing i see on sg guys! And.. are you migrating!!! :(

    Anyway thanks for your comment hun, well, im back! Back to blogging and reading blogs! :)

    Oh and im adding you to my link list if thats okay.

    ♥ fashion chalet said...

    Your comments are always something to smile for!! :D Thank you for this.

    You guys call it rockmelon?? Cool, makes me think of the Flinstones cartoon haha, I love the words they call things on there. :]

    Glad you enjoy visiting my Chalet after the one you already went to! xx

    ♥ Happy Tuesday!

    tis serendipity said...

    Ahahaha I love your story about how you had to chase him for the photo XD I do love the way he wore that fedora! Most guys wear that baseball cap that can never fit properly down on their head (making them look like the top of their heads are too huge)... this one looks a whole lot better. ;)

    Wow have fun in Taiwan! Maybe you could pack more basics? White shirt would go well with a couple of other shorts/skirts of different colors and since it's Taiwan you can whip out your scarves and jackets too! How fun =D Be sure to take lots of photos! How long will you be there for?

    Ooo would you like to exchange links? =) Haha thanks so much for your sweet comment! I never really get that from people... ;p

    hanna said...

    omg, he is ferosh!! i adore his outfit. :D

    and yes, SOUTHAVEN. they usually have a copycat version of marni and prada pieces that i cannot afford :D hahah! you should go check it out, amdist all the gross clothes and bad flourescent lighting, they have some pretty amazing stuff...

    Kira Fashion said...

    He is so cool!!
    Love the girl below so much too!!

    a kiss and a hug friend!

    Laroux said...

    I love guys who know how to create their own distinct looks, his style has so much attitude - I love it.

    Ps - thanks for your comment, I love it when people are into my blog title!


    Darrah said...

    What a great find at the train station! I always feel like I have to chase someone down. However, I get lazy, and let them go. Sad stuff.

    proudly says, said...

    mr. freddy and I thanked you.
    i just added you to my blogroll, my dear.


    Suzanne said...

    I love his fedora! Very nice.
    I've always wanted to stalk down stylish people I see in the street, but I've always been too nervous!! Props to you :)

    Suzanne IMOS.

    La Couturier said...

    He is SO stylish =] I love your photos even more lately! =]

    La C.

    The Romantic Apple said...

    i love his style, and i totally agree, those sssshoes are too cool :D

    Amelia said...

    That's amazing. I love the shirt--I thought it was a necklace at first, but I like it even better as rough holes.

    Popp said...

    What a style! :)

    ana b. said...

    Pack lots of cotton dresses! Lots and lots! And tehehe - buy the ballet Crocs. I swear you won't regret it. Don't buy them too big otherwise your feet won't get sucked in tight.

    She's Dressing Up said...

    He looks great - the burned holes is such a cool DIY!

    AsianCajuns said...

    You are so right! Burning holes in a shirt is genius! I love the photos on your blog- very inspiring ;)

    Emz said...

    That is a very cute hat! And spring wear for taipei is skirts and capris and DEFINITELY bring an umbrella. It rains so much in the spring!!

    Charmaine said...

    great individual style!!

    Nina (femme rationale) said...

    love this look. he looks really cool

    The Seeker said...

    OMG so cool!!!


    Cris Lazoru said...

    Great shoes! I would go for a classic long cardi in grey, goes with everything, and great for cover up


    Cris Lazoru said...

    Great shoes! I would go for a classic long cardi in grey, goes with everything, and great for cover up


    Cris Lazoru said...

    Great shoes! I would go for a classic long cardi in grey, goes with everything, and great for cover up


    The Stiletto Effect said...

    Hi :)
    I really like his outfit! He looks cool :)

    HoneyBunny said...

    wow he looks amazing! and indeed the shoes are great!

    Trish said...

    COOL!! Love this outfit! I love the shoes especially! :)