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    From Campus & The Streets; The Verdict's Out; RIP EVERYTHING!

    Some of you regulars may recognize Samantha , as the Girl with The Gorgeous Denim Jacket from THIS POST and she's appearing on this blog again; because of her fabulous ripped tank top!

    The ripped back is so delicate; but Sam's accessorized really well with this top, and it is so perfect!

    I don't know where's she's got the top from, but Sam's paired the top with a high waisted skirt from Espirt, and a vintage DKNY backpack which she loves to bits!

    I'll like to take this chance to give a shout out to YOU, Dearie!

    Sam's probably still on a flight now, to Orlanda, Florida, where she is starting a 4 months attachment with Disneyland!

    Tons of luck and love to you, babe! I'll definitely miss you and of course! Your crazy, grunge/pretty princess style((:

    Anyway, I was crossing the road just now, when I spotted this really petite girl; standing by the bus stop;

    I LOVE Sonia's ripped jeans; which were DIY; and I love her long, flowy grey top;

    She's so perfectly grunge;
    But she's cute-n the look by adding that extra big, black bow on her head! Which was just so pretty(:

    And WHOEVER CAN, EVER, resist, nude sandals?!

    Not ME for sure ;)


    Ziling said...

    I love Sonia's long flowy grey top!! And of course her nude sandals! Im trying to find one like hers for the past few days actually! Haha, shall we exchange links? :)

    tis serendipity said...

    Wohoo that top is really nice... I kinda feel like doing a shredded T diy but I'm so worried about ruining it and then wasting the money on that shirt haha ;p still a thought...

    Wow nude slippers! That's certainly an interesting item... Couldn't really see the bow on her head but that really does add character to her outfit!

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment! =) Oh man I haven't even tried the hot dog or the wings yet at Ikea... I always end up zooming in on the meatballs and not having enough space for the million and one great desserts. Looking forward to hearing about your trip to taiwan eventually =)

    Little Miss Dress Up said...

    that white top is beautiful!!! :D i wonder if she diy-ed it...coz it's great.

    X Hanna

    ♥ fashion chalet said...

    Those slashed jeans are soooo cool and I love the tank top in the first photo as well. :]

    The song in my blog is from La Dolce Vita soundtrack. Thanks for your comments, sweetie. Have a HAPPYYYYY weekend! =]


    muchlove said...

    I'm not usually into the ripped look, but that top looks awesome.

    Emmy said...

    Love you blog, so glad I came by! Your header is especially beautiful, by the way!

    Totally with you on the ripped jeans, I've loved that style since seeing them on Susie Bubble a while back.

    sarah said...

    very beautiful top in the first pic...

    Emz said...

    That is a great top! I love Sonia's outfit though =) It's so cute!

    clairegrenade said...

    that's one cool chica!!!

    i love those dark/light color combos!!

    Amelia said...

    Ooh, sweet shredding in both looks.

    Silje said...

    All ripped clothes are cool!=D

    v said...

    gorgeous look. i have those leggings.


    Linnéa said...

    Great outfits !!
    Btw here is my new link <3
    Check it out and let me know what you think about it ;)
    xoxo L.

    Couture Carrie said...

    Love these looks - the tank is perfection!


    La Couturier said...

    I adore that first tank!!

    La C.

    Juliet said...

    I love both outfits! Nice to hear from you, somehow it seems like for ever since the last time.

    juliet xxx

    - Daniela - said...

    make me want to rip something...immediately!! heheh

    SOS! said...

    lovely back detail..
    xx-LJ from SOS!

    Nicole Then said...

    wow i really want to try....but i'm afraid i may ruin my jeans! looks great though