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    From The Streets ( And My Own!); The Last; And The First;

    Hey darlings! I'm FINALLY in Taipei!!
    Today was DAY 1 of work and it was tiring! BUT it was really exciting; learning new things; and trying to build rapport, with the fellow interns in the F&B department!

    Went out to popular shopping district, Hsimending, after work with my darling bestie; Esther; and we just had tons of fun; absorbing the sights and sounds, and had so much fun; taking it all in; that WE ARE finally in Taipei, and will be here, for the next 6months!

    OF COURSE we went shopping; and we've bought some stuff;
    SHE got some really pretty plaid dresses and I got my hair accessories (my latest fetish!);

    I LOVE ESTHER'S jacket; with all the visible zips and she's one girl; that is superbly comfortable in black and grey;

    Jacket: G2000 (A brand from Hong Kong)
    Grey Tunic: Dong Dae Mun, South Korea's Wholesale Center

    Here's my FIRST outfit in Taipei;
    Thank goodness for the trench as it was drizzling and I had something to cover up!
    PS/ I don't usually wear bright colours, but I felt a little daring today; it was LIBERATING!

    Trench Coat: Echo
    Tunic: Promod
    Leggings: Giordano
    Shoes: Taipei's Shilin Night Market
    Bow Headband: Hsimending
    Bag: Prada

    I shall backtrack to the LAST SG Street Snapshot; when I was still in Singapore a couple of days ago; I was shopping at Far East Plaza, when I saw this jazzy, pop of colour; worn by this tall, tall, girl, WHO was wearing heels!
    (Again, I had a soft spot for her boots; and I HAD to take a picture of her!)

    Dara's a student from Jakarta, Indonesia, and I LOVE her long tee; worn with those; GORGEOUS, 9 West boots!
    They are most perfect! To pair with leggings, legwarmers, socks, or even rolled up jeans!

    To finish the outfit was her grungey, studded bag which, complemented her bright, graphic long tee, so wonderfully!

    Okay, that's all I have for today; I shall go off to bed then! Reporting time for work tomorrow: 7am!

    PS/ I will try to post up pictures from the Christian Lacroix's exhibition, as soon as I can!

    AND, I will try to catch up on the comments ASAP!

    Much Loves!


    Eeli said...

    Wohoo! You're safe love!!!!

    Incredibly exciting time for ya. Nice to know that you and your collegues are getting along.... so far anyway :P haha but i'm sure with your lovely personality its going to stay that way too! lol

    Thats an incredibly funky splattered tshirt Dara has on and omg i'm still blushing after thinking about that vlog hahahahahaha.

    Keep us al updateeeeeeed! :)


    Juliet said...

    Great to hear from you, that everything's ok.

    juliet xxx

    Nina (femme rationale) said...

    i love your yellow coat!! i want one for spring.

    Annie said...

    I'm loving Dara's outfit!

    yiqin; said...

    I have to go for the lacroix exhibition soon!!!!!! AHahaha I am so jealous you are in taipei now while I am slogging here :(

    Noshabelle said...

    I love your trenchcoat!! x

    HoneyBunny said...

    wow you look fab, dear! I love that yellow trench! it suits you so much:)

    La Couturier said...

    I LOVE your photos!! And you MUST post photos from the exhibition! =]]

    La C.

    ana b. said...

    7 am! Holy! I'm glad you got to Taipei safely. Your mustard coat is a joy!

    Linnéa said...

    omg! that sounds so fun!!
    And you look great in that yellow jacket!!
    xoxo L.

    C.Elizabeth and Natalia said...

    The yellow trench coat is gorgeous!! Wow.


    Silje said...

    Good to hear that you are having a great time!=) And I like the colourful dress!=D

    Kira Fashion said...

    oh God! You look so lovely!
    I love your yellow coat! amazing!!!

    a kiss and a hug,

    Romeika said...

    You look so chic, love the yellow coat paired with flats!

    Ziling said...

    You're so cute (like always) in your vlog5!! Anyway i love your trench coat! So pretty!! Haha have fun over there and takecare over there alrighty! And yes! You definitely did helped me by giving me those tips about where to go in Taiwan!! Thank you! :)

    Devonbella said...

    love this!

    J.Yo said...

    i LOVE your coat! you seem to have a lot of fun,too!

    and nice find on the girl from Indonesia! i love her boots, too!

    janettaylor said...

    I love that trenc coat! Amazing!

    xoxo: Janet

    The Stiletto Effect said...

    Love your outfit, you look so cute!

    tis serendipity said...

    I LOVE THAT YELLOW TRENCH COAT!! =DD It really really looks fantastic on you. Loving your style!! What's Echo? Is that a shop in Taipei? I'd love to be able to check it out if it's in S'pore... What's the material like? Is it thick or thin enough to wear in s'pore you think? (then again hardly anything is thin enough over here sob sob)

    Ooo I totally love Dara's outfit. The colors on her graphic tee are great!

    So glad you're still posting in Taipei! =) So it's an F&B internship? What sort of stuff do you learn?

    (heh sorry for all the questions!! it's so interesting to me. thanks!)

    Nicole Then said...

    cool love the yellow coat ;)