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    公官( Gong Guan); Going The "Almost" Blair Way...

    I know; I've been neglecting this and everyone's blogs horribly; BUT I hope that all of you would be so sweet to understand(:

    Went out after work one day; and my girlfriends and I decided to go over to 公官( Gong Guan Nightmarket);

    It was bustling with life; people and food; And I've never seen SO MANY pairs of shoes in one shop! It's basically just a sea of shoes!

    This was what I wore;
    And I LOVE this outfit so much! (One thing because; I'll just sweat like a horse should I wear a blazer over a shirt in SG)

    I'm currently VERY in love with bow headbands; I've got FIVE now; (And counting!)
    Paired my blazer and plaid shirt with my string of pearls; trying to do match preppy with a touch of subtle girlishness;

    Blazer: 五分铺 ( Taipei's Wufen Wholesale Market)
    Shirt: Topshop
    Jeans: Miss Selfridge
    Shoes: Topshop
    Bow Headband: Hsimending
    Necklace: Diva's
    Bag: Prada

    Okay; I'm going off to change now; have to work the night shift today; WILL definitely catch up on all your blogs later on!

    PS/ I'll most definitely be blogging about the Christian Lacroix's exhibition I went to in the next post! So DO watch out for that!


    Eeli said...

    YOU WENT TO A CHRISTIAN LACROIX SHOW!!! Wow if I weren't already jealous of you I definately would be now hahaha. Will most definately be looking out for this.

    From the non-mention of awefuls from your new internship I gather its' been going gooooooood? :D If thats the case I'm pleased to hear this!

    You look sooooo cute in that outfit too. Most people don't understand that quite a bit of thought goes into an outfit ans you've balanced all the components well! :)

    Good luck with that night shift!

    Love always xoxoxo

    Maverick said...

    Christian Lacroix exhibit!? Sounds funn!!! I love the outfit...I'm really big into bow headbands, also! I am planning to make a couple, actually!

    xx. mavi

    Anonymous said...
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    Ziling said...

    You're making all so excited about my trip tooo! (haha i know i've been rambling on about that in your previous posts.. sorry but i cant help it!) Haha weee can't wait!

    Noshabelle said...

    I just you an award! x

    Emz said...

    haha isn't Wu fen pu insane? Its just piles and piles of clothes! And yea, headbands are sooo awful I bought so many of them in Taiwan. Love your outfit and hope you're having fun in Taiwan! I can't wait to go back in June.

    Anonymous said...
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    Enep said...

    I love those bang of yours!;D


    tis serendipity said...

    Wowww it sounds like loads of fun!! =D I love that you got that blazer at the wholesale market. Was it for a good price? I've been looking for a gray blazer for the longest time but everything in sg is so expensive!!

    I love how cute you look! The bow headband really looks good on you especially with your bangs X) Great plaid shirt too!! Have fun and do take care with lots of water and rest! (in between work shifts)

    The Seeker said...

    Oh my dear, you look so adorable!!!!

    And you went on a Christian Lacroix's exhibition???!!!!!!

    I want to know everything!!! ;)


    yiqin; said...

    Ah you seem to be having so much fun there! working at great eastern is nothing but fun :/

    The Clothes Horse said...

    I think I would like to go swimming in a sea of shoes.
    You look very chic. I hope you are enjoying yourself!

    La Couturier said...


    Oh but you deserve it. Of course!

    You look SO chic darling!

    La C.

    Silje said...

    I hope we get to see the things you have bought over there!=) And yes, I totally understand why you don't blog so much. Go and have fun now!=D

    lauh-ren said...

    i love your outfit!

    Juliet said...

    Such a cute outfit!

    juliet xxx

    Nina (femme rationale) said...

    i like your shirt and hoes. and can't wait to read about the lacroix exhibit.

    Anonymous said...
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    Kira Fashion said...

    You look so sweet!
    Lovely shot!


    - Daniela - said...

    love to take a stroll through this wholesale market !!! take pictures there - i'm curious!

    Anonymous said...
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    Wendy said...

    You look really adorable!

    Anonymous said...
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    HoneyBunny said...

    You look amazing! I love that shirt with the blazer:)) and that bow headband is so cute! I adore them as well and I've got like 15 now.. I think:)) Love your hair<3