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    Christian Lacroix Exhibition; + My Inspiration!

    Yes, FINALLY, I'll be blogging about the Christian Lacroix exhibition which I've went to at the gorgeous, National Museum; the day before I was set to leave for Taipei!

    * I've left the programme booklet back home; so right now; I do not have that many facts and information for me to write with;

    As everyone knows; Christian Lacroix is famed for his opulent, fantasy creations; His haute couture line is always so luxurious, so wonderfully over the top; With that small pinch of knowledge I stepped into the exhibition with great reverence and I was truly wowed;

    Each of his creations are so unique to itself;
    The colours; designs; fabrics; are all so lush!

    The idea of stepping out in them is enough to make my knees go weak; and yet, being able to dance, and prance around in these costumes must really be really awesome!

    There was a short video, of operas, ballets and theatres which Christian Lacroix worked with; and it was just; fabulous, to see the costumes; coming alive! It is different; so much different; as compared to the catwalk where models just parade up and down the platform.

    The performers; music and emotions portrayed in the performances gave life to the costumes; and it's breathtaking; to see the layers of fabric; especially tulle; swishing around!

    Here's a video which I took; of the video; (So it isn't as clear!)
    Alternatively, you may click here; to access the video.

    Also; although I may not be a fashion student; but I'm LOVING these sketches so so much! The strokes; and colours used; are just so vibrant;

    Furthermore; the little notes that you see; just make it seem so incredulous; as it's the EXACT copy which the designer had drawn and ponder over; making decisions; and cuts.

    OF COURSE; I was inspired after leaving the exhibition; (I mean; who wouldn't be, right?!)
    I've got a new found love; and that is TULLE;

    Previously; I've always associated the fine netting with ballerinas and little girls; I've never dreamt; of wearing that cutesy; French made fabric~

    It was only weeks later; AFTER I'm in Taipei when I chanced upon this awesome, grey tulle skirt which I fell in love with immediately!

    I LOVE that it's so flouncy, so light; and SO PRETTY!

    Drawing inspiration from one of Christian Lacroix's costumes; I've paired my tulle skit with my blazer, a darker shade of grey, ribbed tights and PEARLS!

    Blazer: Wufen
    Tank Top: Cotton On
    Skirt: Gong Guan
    Tights: Hsimending
    Shoes: Shilin
    Necklace: Diva's

    * LOL, I was laughing as I typed the above section, cos' I realised that almost everything which I'm wearing; are from nightmarkets around Taipei! And it's further proven my point that you don't have to wear labels are spend a bomb to look good!(:

    Okay, that's all I have for today; shall turn in now; I've got to wake up at 6am; again tomorrow; for my 0700 shift! Wish me luck!

    Loads of Love,


    Eeli said...

    Gasp! I love Christians' designs! They are all so theatrical and detailed and just lush. Everything of his exudes opulance and creativity and is simply just AH-MAZING!!!!

    You look adorable too! Very chic with all night market fnds :P

    Hope you rest well for that early start!

    xoxo Eeli

    Winnie said...

    Oh how lucky you are to be able to go to that Lacroix exhibition, I'm so jealous, it looked amazing!

    The tulle skirt is so cute!

    Kat said...

    oh wow, looks amazing!
    i love seeing fashion illustrations especially, these are wonderful.
    your tulle skirt is gorgeous - love the outfit,

    your new header is lovely

    Maverick Malone said...

    Omgggg, you're soo lucky! I wish I could go and see the Christian Lacroix exhibit!!!

    xox, mavi

    Noshabelle said...

    OMG! Lucky you, it looked amazing! And the pics are wonderful! And you're outfit is very sweet! x

    yiqin; said...

    Ah I want your blazer + skirt! I can't believe I havent went for this yet! I have to go soon!

    The Clothes Horse said...

    Oooh, I am officially jealous! I would love to visit that exhibit.

    Silje said...

    Oh, everything looks so nice! You lucky girl!=D And that black big dress is so sweet!=)

    - Daniela - said...

    WOW the show must have been amazingggg ! Love your outfit!!

    La Couturier said...



    I am so jealous you got to go! But at least I can enjoy it vicariously through your lovely photos & video =]

    I love your tulle skirt!

    La C.

    Amelia said...

    This sounds like the coolest exhibit. I think the drawings would be my favorite part. I love your skirt!

    Romeika said...

    You're so lucky to go to such an exhibition. I love your outift, the skirt looks dreamy!


    I wasn't a huge Lacroix fan but seen those garments I'm sure am now.

    Ziling said...

    Thanks! im definitely trying get my mood back! :)

    I really like your tulle skirt! You're so lucky to find that in Taipei! I only get a day to shop at wufenpu and didnt manage to get much things :( meh

    I like your update on the exhitbition too btw. i need to find some time to visit the mueseum! :)

    ZZ said...

    Wow! That exibition looks great.
    Btw, do you speak Mandarin Chinese?

    Your outfit is so cute. (:

    Good luck at getting up at six. :O I'm terrible at getting up and since it's been Easter, I've been sleeping in. Heehe. (:

    Tiffanie-Kyra Chia said...

    love your last outfit!
    very spring 09 meets fall09 on the runways :)

    Pop Champagne said...

    Love your outfit :) You remind me of a pretty ballerina in that skirt!

    Kira Fashion said...

    He is amazing! I love his fantasy world!
    And I love your outfit too! This skirt is genius!



    Liliai Anoel said...

    I really like your tulle skirt, I've been thinking about making one for the past few months. I think I might do it now that I see how cute it is, thank you! :D

    Juliet said...

    The exhibition looks amazing!

    juliet xxx

    Darrah said...

    Sounds like an amazing exhibit. Were they okay with you taking pictures inside? He had some amazing costume pieces... stunning!

    Matias Bouhet said...

    love your outfit! and You're so lucky to go to Lacroix exhibition!! nice blog :)


    ana b. said...

    How amazing you caught that exhibition and blogged about it so comprehensively. You look gorgeous in your tulle skirt. I love the contast with all the black and the blazer!

    HoneyBunny said...

    Wow looks amazing!! Love it! Lucky you:)

    And you look so fab, dear! That dress is to die for!

    Slanelle said...

    that skirt is perfect!!

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