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    Taipei; From The Streets; The Cutest Couple. Ever.

    I was at Hsimending; shopping happily with my darlings; when I spotted this mass of brown, longish hair; topped off with an uber cool fedora.

    On a closer look; I saw him with THIS GIRL; wearing the cutest pastel; DIYish top;

    Hamm & Miyuki looks super cute together; And totally matchy; in a non kitchsy way.

    Their black jeans;
    Biker boots;
    And that same laid back;
    Grungey attitude that simply oozes out of them.

    How they managed; to look so cheeky and cute; is beyond me.

    On a second thought; MAYBE; it's their colourful tees/tunics.

    Let's add COLOURFUL, GRAPHIC TEES; to our shopping list then:D


    The Seeker said...

    Oh yeah, I agree with you dear, let's add colour on life!!!!!!!!!


    Winnie said...

    Oh they look so cute, love that you are documenting street fashion while interning!

    Eeli said...

    lol adorable commentary! iNdeed I think they've cute-i-fied it with those slashes of pastel lathered unashamedly across their tees lol.

    I like your new icon pic too! More MORE streetstyle PLEASE! :D

    I'm going to go FB you now hunny bun haha


    Matias Bouhet said...

    hey! thaks for your nice comment, I like your blog too, looks amazing see you :)


    The Clothes Horse said...

    What an adorable couple! How do stylish people always find each other?

    Silje said...

    That is one damn cool couple!=D

    Emz said...

    Her top is too cute!!

    Amelia said...

    I love the pastel top. It looks like it must be perfect with her helmet.

    Anonymous said...

    they are adorable!

    Maverick Malone said...

    Nice catch here....what a cute couple! I adore her top and love love LOVE his look! I feel like it's so rare to see a guy and girl couple that are both en vogue. It's always refreshing to see it. Maybe that's just me, though!

    xox, mavi

    ana b. said...

    She has a matching pastel pink helmet! O my god I would die.

    Noshabelle said...

    What a cute couple! And I love her look; the top looks awesome.

    coco said...

    I love her rainbow top.

    Charmaine said...

    sosoo cute!!!! and original to woo!

    Romeika said...

    Such a cool couple, I'm loving their style!

    HoneyBunny said...

    Wow..very stylish couple!

    La Couturier said...

    I've added colorful graphic tees to my shopping list =]

    Love your photos =]

    And thank you for your super sweet comment! =]

    La C.

    tis serendipity said...

    Woww how awesome!! XD I love it when a couple is well dressed in a similar style... it's nice to think that a love of fashion could bring a couple together! Heh I really really love all these incredible leather jackets you've been showing in all your street shots. ME WANTS TO GO TAIWAN!! XDDD glad to know you're having fun!!!!

    徵信社 said...

    I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.