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    I Love HSINYI DISTRICT; And Black Jackets Too!

    Went out to Hsinyi District (where the infamous Taipei 101 is located;)
    And I'm reminded of why; it is my absolute favorite place in Taipei!

    To date; I think I've been to the area like; 5 times;
    And I'm still so friggin hyped up; each time I'm there!

    It was on one of my trips down; when I saw this guy;

    Russell's plaid beret and geek glasses were one of the first things which I noticed about him;
    Then, I took in his black jacket; perfectly faded jeans; and huge belt buckle!
    (His bag added cookie points for him of course!)

    Just when I thought his jacket couldn't be better; I fell in love; with Annie's leather jacket!
    Love the zippers; the folds; the tiny details; the fit, especially.


    So it was actually; after this incident; which made me crave for a good fitting; grungey; black jacket;

    I was SO EXCITED; when I spotted this jacket;
    LOVE the zippers; the STUDS; the fit; the material of course!

    And the fact that it costs about NT$650 (USD$23) didn't hurt either!

    Blazer & Tights; Wufen (五分铺)


    Winnie said...

    You look fantastic. That jacket is cute and those jeans are a great colour too!

    Liliai Anoel said...

    that's a really cute outfit, I like everything about it, the blue shirt, the shoes, the jacket, the necklace...it's so cute on you!

    Kira Fashion said...

    You are divine!
    I am in love for the jackets! I can't get enought of mine!!

    Great shot of you!

    - Daniela - said...

    so cute ! your finds are AMAZING. I must visit taipei!!

    Juliet said...

    Great jacket posting :D

    juliet xxx

    Emz said...

    I love 五分铺 =) How Taipei treating you? I can't wait to go back =)

    ana b. said...

    A very cool couple! I love you have the guts to take pics of people on the street. I wish I could do that too.

    I love mooncakes too! I'd eat them year round if I could.

    HoneyBunny said...

    So fab! You look great..and I love those jackets..my fave kind at the moment:)

    Darrah said...

    Where in the world did you find a leather jacket for $23?! I have been looking all over!

    Ps. You look super cute pairing it with those greyish skinnies.

    La Couturier said...

    I'm in love with your jacket - you are so adorable!

    The streetstyle photos are amazing as well - lovely shots =] I love Taipei =]

    La C.

    Devonbella said...

    ahh i love your outfit! x

    The Clothes Horse said...

    That jacket is awesome and what a steal!

    hanna said...

    Great outfit!! and that jacket fits so well. :D

    yiqin; said...

    I am so jealous that you are having so much fun there!!!

    Amelia said...

    He looks really cool. I love the glasses.

    Your outfit is perfection! The colors and the jacket are wonderful.

    coco said...

    Great photos. I love leather jackets.

    tis serendipity said...

    What an awesome jacket! =DD I'm so envious you managed to get such a nice one for that sort of price! It looks great one you and I love how you paired it with skinnies and flats. Nice photos of the Taiwanese gal and guy!

    Jessica said...

    Just found your blog !
    I love your style. And that jacket is a great find !