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    i heart nicole <3333

    I have to admit-
    i wasnt that much of a fan of nicole richie

    and if i had to give a time; ( as to when i've started liking her.)
    i guess it would have to be around the period when her pregnancy was announced to the whole world..
    that's when i've sat up and noticed her chic outfits and how it would also look good on those who are non preggars too!

    here are some of my favorites!!
    (click on the images to enlarge)

    owell. so; these are some of my favorite nicole looks and a few of my picks!
    lol! i think i'm kinda addicted to microsoft paint(copyright)=p haha! still.

    i love nicole!! and i'm sure she'd be a great mom to her baby boy!!
    let's just hope that she'll continue being so healthy even after pregnancy!!


    photo credits:
    just jared


    Ana said...

    oh gosh i really like her style right now. i think its because she fills up the clothing and it looks good on her.

    WendyB said...

    She's been looking awesome. I love her style.

    Anonymous said...

    she's great. awesome looking. love those leggings and high heels!

    great posr\t

    nic said...

    haha, I know! her pregnant style is lovely. I mean, i'm stocking up her photos if i ever need them for inspiration in the future.LOL

    nic said...

    haha, I know! her pregnant style is lovely. I mean, i'm stocking up her photos if i ever need them for inspiration in the future.LOL

    Romeika said...

    GREAT post! I really like Nicole's style as well, she's been looking amazing lately. I like the maxi dresses very much, i have one i used to wear back in Brazil a lot, but here there was not actually a summer and i hardly could wear it... She has a great summer style! Those pants are nice too, but i think it only suits you if you have a similar body shape.

    And the Mary Jane shoes, what can i say? I LOVE those shoes ^^

    re:I don't know how to bake pies *lol* wish i could hehe

    The Stiletto Effect said...

    yes, they have the shades in red and i love them too :)

    i like nicole's outfits and love when she puts on a classic style!

    ahhhhh mary jane's, so classic, so stylish, so cute! i wish i had a pair of manolo mary jane's :)


    Bojana said...

    Nice blog!

    Kira Fashion said...

    i really adore her in long dresses...she become so cool!

    a kiss

    evie said...

    i think i actually started noticing her style more after she fired rachel zoe! and she's looking a lot better these days. i too hope she continues being healthy after her pregnancy. she was wasting away!!

    thanks for your comment on my blog. you from around this region as well?

    Jennifer said...

    I love nicole she dresses her body really well.

    coco said...

    ive always loved nicole richie
    i think she looks so great right now
    i cant wait to see what her baby dresses like

    Trendini said...

    Nicole Richie does have great personal style...she always keeps it simple and ever since pregnancy, she has curves and looks healthier!

    Shaz said...

    Finally she's looking a bit healthier, i really love that burgundy dress with the scarf look, simple yet effective. Everyone's in love with mary-janes, but i feel there a bit cutesy wootsey for my taste, but they do look fab on others though.

    Fashionyou's Molly said...

    Yess.. i looove her too!
    Loadsa people are like 'I hate her. Shes so not unique' but to me, shes WAY cool! And she looks so good with her baby bump- have you seen her in her pucci-style dress? So cool =)

    Also an awnser to the sunnies question- Get the raybans if you can afford them, but i would go for the topshop ones as you never know how long they are going to be in fashion and the topshop ones are waay cheaper!

    Love the blog, keep it up!

    P.S- Wanna exchange links?

    The Sewing Bunny said...

    oh, i adore nicole's style! and i'm so glad she is getting her life back together; she'll make for a very fashionable mother.

    Carolina Lange said...

    She's really looking great! Love all the dresses and the mary janes!

    Amy said...

    i love nicole!!!

    LML said...

    shes def the best dressed pregnant woman ive ever seen! i didnt kno she was having a little boy! how cute :P

    sara said...

    I love her style so much.

    x sara o

    discothequechic said...

    I'm not at all a fan of Maxi dresses, but I must admit she has been rocking them recently!

    She hands down wins the pregnancy wardrobe competetion.

    S xx

    A said...

    you're right, she has been looking really nice and put together lately!

    lluviaschick said...

    cute mary janes