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    NO ANOREXIA; NO l-ita

    i dont know if any of you are familiar with this ad but when i saw this; i was repulsed by the picture but then; i was kinda glad that someone; namely the italian photographer oliviero toscani was brave enough to do something about this disease.

    if u didnt think that it was horrible enough.. the 2nd picture would def shock your senses!

    i mean how can ANYONE get so sick?!
    how can anyone NOT eat just because she feels fat enough in her skinny jeans?
    actually. i know people who just refuses to eat or say "i'm on a diet" just because she's gained a few pounds.

    i used to be this way and i still am.
    but i'm not anorexic.

    haha. if my dad were to see this; i think he'll freak.
    but i know i wont be that sick to be like the poor girl; isabelle caro, 27.

    so the question is;
    who is responsible for this twisted image in the society?
    even boys are getting anorexia, bulima or the adonis complex.

    personally. i think the answer would have to be very obvious.

    whether or not if anyone were to argue; i guess it would haf to be the way these patients are brought up; and of course; the celebs and models being plastered all over...

    factor 1.

    like from the recent article frm teen vogue- some girls are being subjected to teasing by their own moms when they getting a larger serving or 2nd serving for lunch or dinner!

    i mean; shouldnt your own mom love u for who u are?!!
    and since we spend a majority of our time at home;
    i guess; it;ll have to be easier for them to eat lesser or not at all!

    take tyra banks for example;

    no doubt; she's a bigger sized model and on one of the episodes on the tyra banks show;
    i remembered vividly; how she said she'll run to her mom and cry just because she was teased about her weight.
    guess wht did her mom do?
    she told her to wash up and get ready to go out to the diner for pizza and sundaes.

    aint that cool?!

    factor 2.

    with models like kate moss, agyness deyn, gemma ward etc etc around..

    wearing all those fabulous clothes and strutting their stuff on the runway; how can any girls not be jealous of them?!

    size00-2 is like. the norm and like what was written in the devil wears prada, size 6 is the new 14!! how twisted is that?!! i gta admit. when i saw that; i was furious! and then ashamed. i'm an 8.

    lindsay lohan used to look so healthy in freaky friday and mean girls; she's had thighs. then; on herbie and all her subsequent movies; she's visibly skinnier and her thighs are like non existent.

    hilary duff- i have a friend who's teased her about her supposedly "corn beefed" arm in the cinderella story and now; she's leaner and skinnier!!!

    what about our dear mary kate?! she's been thin as pin ever since she was little and she got checked for anorexia too!!

    what exactly is the RIGHT size?
    in this part of the society where thin= beautiful..
    even normal and healthy girls also wna be part of this thin game.

    when will curvier models of the 90s like christy turlington be in vogue again?
    will we ever accept a totally different kinda girl on our magazines?

    it's time that something's gta be done about this.
    dont you think?!

    of course; having said all these; i guess my model of the week would have to be christy turlington

    she's one of the earlier super models and she's THE ONE with the multiyear contract with Maybelline and has famously said

    maybe she's born with it
    (she;s also been with chanel and calvin klien)

    i've used christy for this week not because she's curvy but because of wht she believed in.

    she's such a healthy person having been a yoga enthust before anyone caught the bug in the 90s, been the face for anti tobacco campaign and had scaled mt. kilimanjoro; one of the tallest free standing mountain in the world!!

    she aint just a pretty face from walnut creek, california huh?

    i think that she's such an amazing person who embraces the gift of life;
    i honestly wna ask for out for tea someday and ask her about her thoughts of some of the issues we're facing like the anorexia nervosa problem we have on hand.

    i love her!
    and i hope u do too!

    photo credits
    christy photo gallery

    ps/ i chose chasing cars by snow patrol because i guess; the sombre tones just suits the topic for the post today.
    lol. i'm one emotional wreck today=p


    Nicole Then said...

    Great post! It's quite a big issue and something i feel burdened for girls who buy into this idea. i think it's also an issue of control. Everything around us is getting more and more controlled. it's crazy! I had a friend who had aneroxia before and when i stayed over at her house, her mom was so controlling about studying (i'm not even her daugther) yikes

    WendyB said...

    Christy is a beauty. I'm too exhausted to get into an anorexia comment right now. :-)

    Seraphine said...

    I love Snow Patrol!
    But I love *your* post better. It was done in an awesome and thoughtful way.
    We all carry an image of ourselves in our mind, and too often, we become our own worst critics.
    I love your comments on moms, about loving you for who you are, because it's true.

    sebastian perinotti said...

    i agree with u!

    LML said...

    awesome post! those posters are shocking! ive had delt with probs of eating disorders of friends - its a very touchy and still almost taboo subject- its sad

    sara said...

    Yeah, it sucks what people will go to, and I my self was dealing with issues of the sort too.

    But some of my favorite models, were like Cindy Crawford and those of the 90's, they're gorgeous!

    x sara o

    Kira Fashion said...

    Anorexia is so bad.
    I am so sorry about girls who are suffering about that.

    I think we must be happy as we are. If we want a better body, let´s exercise! eat well and that´s all.

    When it becomes an obsession that´s a problem.

    I hope no more girls die about that, that´s so sad when it happens...

    great important post ;)
    a kiss

    Romeika said...

    Bravo, honey, bravo!!!! This is an issue people (especially fashion people) tend to ignore or just refuse to discuss about it, so i'm so glad you brought this up. I agree with all you said here, this size 0-2 image is so twisted and, nevertheless, stupid.

    I think anorexia has a lot more to do with the person itself, you can't blame it all on fashion, but fashion these days have a lot of responsability for what's going on to a mass of young girls. I'd rather see more healthy looking models like it used to be in the 1990s. Christy is so beautiful and curvy. I miss models like her.

    Great post! -x-

    Mash said...

    very great post . I saw a reportage on tv when this photographer was shooting this girl and I was like "omg that's horrible , poor girl" it was very difficult to see that with have any reactions .

    Victor said...

    Awesome post. You also have to take into effect that celebs are in magazines and are constantly being looked at, which brings on this disease.


    gilda said...

    that second photo shocked me. i think we all wanna be slimmer, with curves in the right areas. i've put on a lot of weight in the last few years and although i would love to lose it and go back to what i used to be, i'm not giving myself hell because of it. i had a friend who had bulimia, and it was scary. i'll never go there.

    Fashion Tidbits said...

    I whsh people would just be happy being healthy....

    Carolina Lange said...

    Great post! Anorexia is an important topic!
    Christy is so beautiful!

    Daphne said...

    that nolita ad is really shocking!it's sad how many girls die from eating disorders..

    Kat said...

    Those advertisements are SHOCKING! Definitely affective, I could not imagine someone looking at those images and thinking that it is attractive to look that unhealthy.
    Brilliant post anyway and yes, christy and her contempories were all gorgeous.
    My latest post is about Keira Knightley. I refuse to think that she is anorexic but alot of people do think she has an eating disorder and is too skinny. What do you think about it all? Do you think she is a bad role model and is too skinny and unhealthily so? I hope my post on her doesn't seem like I am supporting super skinniness because I'm not:-(
    x x x

    Dani said...

    This ad is one great one to make girls realize how sick this whole "body perfect" thing has become.
    Great post!

    coco said...

    i think these adverts are so wrong
    anorexia is a disease and people who have it cant help it, they shouldnt been made to look disgusting by people they need help
    no one makes posters like this about other diseases
    i agree that people are made to feel preasured to be thin by advertising and the media but anorexia can be caused by many things such as pressure or wanting to control things
    it isnt always about wanting to be thin
    its such a complex issue and i think a lot of the time it is mis understood

    donna AND navaz said...

    Interesting post and interesting comment from Coco. The advert seems to be blaming fashion for anorexia and we all know (don't we?) that that's not true - it's a mental illness. So anorexia is one thing, but over-slimming is another and still an important issue. Young people are too self obsessed these days but I think that's the media's fault. It's come to something when you can't read an article in a womens magazine without it referring to body-shape (usually negatively) in some way. Fashion should be fun, it should be about self expression, not feeling competitive and crap about yourself!

    Ashli said...

    lovely post m'dear

    jayne said...

    wow! this subject is almost taboo in the fashion blogosphere, despite how you cannot talk about fashion and skip this issue. so major props to you for posting on it! the poster is shockingly effective, god. it's insane.

    and as horrible as this will sound, and don't get me wrong i love my mom- she is amazingly supportive and very hip (haha well not in a cheesy embarassing way, but she can relate to me and we have very candid conversations about everything from dating to celeb gossip), but i do occasionally get snide remarks from her about what i eat. i think its because she was slightly overweight in high school and hated it, and she doesn't want me to feel the same way, but sometimes i only feel as if her comments only make it more obvious. and it doesn't help she is almost too skinny herself. then again, i a friggin size 4-6 so i don't get why she gives me crap, but yea....sadly, i can say i know that teen vogue article a bit too well.

    Gloria said...

    very nice post. I love your tone of action!

    Jennifer said...

    the no-lita ads have defenitely sparked a bit debate, though I admire the reason behind the ads, in order to spread awareness some say that it has encouraged anorexics, saying they want to be just like her. I'm not sure where I stand on the topic as I don't know anybody who has this disease.

    Lady N said...

    I heard about this but I never actually saw the pictures. Thanks for posting this, girls have tremendous pressures to look perfect, but there are such disoriented views on what perfect should look like. I love your point about Christy.

    Shaz said...

    my boyfriend sent me these pictures, and i was definetely freaked out! They once did a comparison in an artical i read, and Cindy Crawford looked alot larger than one of the models of our time, but alot more beautiful. Fashion always seems to be changing but the ideal model image is still the same!

    Trendini said...

    great post...the pic really got to me...
    i have a close friend that is anorexic and she wants to get better but she cant. its not really about being thin...its more of a psychological disease, an issue with control...wanting to control your life and therefore your weight...ironic how so many people in the world suffer from eating disorders yet on the other side of the globe, millions are suffering from hunger...

    luccy said...

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    ed said...

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