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    so; as we all know; dear lauren had came out with her own clothing line and i'm sure many were pretty sceptical as she always seem to dress so... safely.... even while interning at one of the most successful teen magazines in the states..

    anyhow. i signed up for the newsletter just so i'll be able to check her collection out when it's ready and all i can say is.. she's made kate moss's disappointing debut launch looks god sent!

    i really love this look though it's kinda.. simple. i mean. anyhow can throw this look tgt if they haf got the staples but i love love the shoes!! TOTALLY burberry inspired!!
    ( if u want; and can afford to; get those shoes!!!)

    if i haf to pick my fav. i'll choose this dress..
    love love the pretty sleeves and it totally suits bigger sized girls who arent a size 2/4 ( like the "designer" herself!)

    and i hate hate hate this one.
    i mean. it's a tube for god's sake!! it's simple. it's supposedly "burgundy" and u can see them EVERYWHR. so why is it going for a flippin' US$130?!! it's insane!!!

    that's all i've chosen frm the meagre collection..
    i gta say she's a v talented person. and she sure can do much better than this!!

    so what do u guys think?!!
    is it any good?!!


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    Romeika said...

    The three looks are beautiful! Sometimes, simple is the best, i mean, it's all perfect and so chic: the pants, the hairband, the clutch bag... And i love the dress in the second pic. -x-

    re:I've answered your comment on my blog, i'm answering all comments on my blog now, just to let u know! ;-)

    Seraphine said...

    I like them too. They are quality things one builds a closet around. Add some well thought accessories, and even the basic tube dress wakes up to something special.

    a. said...

    ok, so, maybe i dont have a million bags. lol - but i do have a lot.
    & i store them in plastic containers under my bed, yknow so theyre out of the way.
    & not laying about everywhere. ;]
    hope that helped, love. x

    Tru said...

    its not that bad overall though I wouldn't say its revolutionary. its good staple pieces from what I can tell

    Ana said...

    i hated it. seriously all those things (except the haute shoes) i have seen before. its not merely simplistic (which can be fine) its unoriginal. i know so many people with dresses like that from target.

    Carolina Lange said...

    Great looks! The first one is my favourite!

    alexgirl said...

    I think i really hate that black dress with the cut bell sleeves. It's totally not my thing. The strapless dress is OK, I guess...

    Shaz said...

    i have to agree with you on the boob tube. It would be very unflattering on girls with large boobs or make some girls look slightly maternal. I think it just looks good because the photo has had alot of work done to it. But i do love the shoes.

    discothequechic said...

    I'm really not sure. I love the hills, but hated the idea of her trying the whole "celebrity" designer thing.

    I don't think the clothes are great just well styled, and I don't understand why she is aiming her line at people with lots of money; surely they can buy realdesigner if they wanted.


    But I do kind of agree about the burberry inspired shoes (shh, don't tell anyone)

    S xx

    coco said...

    im begininning to doubt she has ever really even read teen vogue
    does she not have any idea what is fashionable?
    this stuff is gross, and boring and there is no imagination behined it
    there are millions of students out there strugeleling away with money while they go through design school and they are the people who really deserve this kind of oportuinity

    Fashion Tidbits said...

    actually, i think the clothes themselves are too simple but the overall look is cute.

    Fashionyou's Molly said...

    Its so.. plain!
    not exactly iconic-status really is it?
    just to let you know i have finally added you into my links now :)

    Flashy_Shades said...

    INSANE was my precisely my thought. l.c. has a lot of nerve to ask for these prices!


    hoenstly when i went to the site i was a little dispointed. i mean yeah everything is cute and simple.. and of coarse affordable which is always a plus, but i just dont think her line is anything to be screaming about. like its cute.. but i expected so much more from herr; nice post though!

    Kat said...

    Oh god, that collection does not look good. It's too simple for me, I like to be a bit ott!
    Btw, I have posted a pic of an outfit i wore recently on my blog. It's actually quite simple for me!
    x x x

    Miu Miu's Atelier said...

    its very simple and way to overpriced i looked at her collection online and if she really wants to break out in the fashion world she either has to make amazing simple tailored clothes or use her imagination

    Jennifer said...

    I like her collection, but I think it's over priced.
    Oh the weather in australia is very hot in december because it is summer probably 35-40C!!!!
    I hope you visit!

    jayne said...

    simple can be very chic, however i am expecting more than just this, it would be fine if it were under any other generic department store brand but for a celeb fashion line and for the money, it's not worth it.

    The Stiletto Effect said...

    I like the outfits! This collection is simple and cute!

    Btw you are on my "Red Carpet"


    lemon emlyn said...

    It looks a bit too simple for me, I defiantely wouldn't spend that money on these pieces unless I was going to get something truely amazing. It doesn't look like she was ever inspired by Teen Vogue! I really do love the shoes in the first picture, so I'll give her credit for those!

    LML said...

    i like them - they're simple but cute - but i think they're a little too expensive for what it is, you kno?

    Maya said...

    I have to agree with you; the clothes are sort of simple and safe. I love Lauren, but I think she should try to "funk" things up a bit, ya know? I mean, the pieces are very classy and modern and hip, but they just need a little bit of OOMPH!

    ed said...

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