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    the all new bagaholic anonymous.

    Haha; so judging from the title. I guess- this post would have to be for those of us who are addicted to the bags you see dangling from the arms of the rich and famous. Sigh. Haha! Owell. Not that bad; I guess.

    Anyhow, I’ve secured an interview with Coco of Coco’s Tea Party because we both share the love of a FABBB Chanel 2.55 handbag. Ooh. Honestly- I would totally spend my 1st pay on the gorgeous lambskin bag!!


    So, first things first-
    Could you tell us what’s in your bag?

    In my bag (which is a Chanel copy from Topshop on Oxford Street by someone called Marc B) I have:

    My ipod
    Max Factor Mascara and YSL touch elect or whatever it is=p
    Red nail polish
    Coco Butter lip balm
    A mini Burberry Brit perfume
    A sample of Daisy by Marc Jacobs cos’ it makes my bag smell good
    My Phone
    Estee Lauder powder
    And a heart pendant necklace

    Wow! OMG! I was so right to interview Coco for this! Haha! That;s cos we’ve both got Chanel Inspired bags!!

    Anyhow; being a Coco fan; what would you choose to own; with your 1st paycheck?

    Ok the bags I would be buying by Chanel would be the bowler bag (Lindsay Lohan has one and I nearly brought one on ebay but it turned out to be a fake) and a 2.55 in black white or red.

    So, looking at f/w07', what in your opinion, would be the next IT bag?

    I predict the 'IT' bag for fall will be either the pink Miu Miu bag that Rachel Bilson was seen with or the Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Tote, though this season I think 'IT' bags are out, it's more about practical bags.

    (uh huh! I totally agree with coco on this one!! Hardly hear anything about IT bags this season!)

    And, being such a seasoned fashion blogette; which celeb do you think have got the fabbest handbags?

    Hmmm the best handbags???? Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Victoria Beckham and Cameron Diaz all have fab collections, but I'm not sure who I would say has the ultimate collection.

    how can we forget her crazy collection of the uber expensive hermes birkin bags?!!!

    And which is the ONE bag u'll GLADLY STEAL frm the store?
    ( lol i just couldnt resist this qn=p)

    I would gladly steal a Chanel bag or the pink Miu Miu. I would probably steal lots of bags if I knew I could get away with it though.

    oh and looking at MK with her pale green balenciaga motorcycle bag, do you honestly think that people wouldn't laugh and point if you carried a passe IT bag?

    I think its ok to use 'IT' bags from previous years, otherwise what is the point in investing in them? If you still like it USE it.

    so, do you haf any advice to the other blogettes on getting " THE PERFECT BAG"?

    it’s to stick to something in dark colours as it is more likely to go with everything and try not to go for a fussy shape because that will date quicker.

    Complete this sentence;

    Coco is a;

    Whore for a bag!!!! Hahahaha.

    anyhow; i'm TOTALLY in love with BLACK BAGS!!!!!
    i think they go with anything and with the right size and shape; they'll last you for a pretty long time!!!
    ( ooh. i chose designer bags. cos. sigh. i'm in this "phase" when i'm doing this post=p haah!)

    marc jacobs black handbag.
    isnt the gold chain abso-flippin-lutely gorgeous?!!

    burberry patent mini manor

    i couldnt find this in black but the black one is FABBB!!

    chanel 2.55 classic
    i can never get tired of this!! i KNOW this will be a fabb investment!! oh goddd...

    look at the celebs in these.. mannnn.. i'm so freakin jealous!!!


    ooh. just to share you you guys;
    this is my new fabb bagg!! haah!!
    owell. i love love how this look like a chanel's creation=p hhaa!!
    love the chain!!!

    haha!! i had fun doing this post.. hope you guys love love this as much as i do=p


    photo credits:
    just jared


    coco said...

    ahhh the 2.55 could there be a more perfect bag?
    i love what you have done with this it looks fab
    i'll let my bag know it is now famous!

    Romeika said...

    Oh these Chanel inspired bags are really lovely, i'd like to have one myself sometime. Lip balm! I can't live without it and i'm always carrying it around as well..^^

    And black bags, they're the best! Fun interview!

    Kat said...

    I have to join the club my favourite bag, despite i know, it's so unoriginal, is the chanel 2.55 too, but it is such an icon. Balenciaga bags are fab too as is the YSL tribute. Anyway really fabulous post Penelope, and what a great idea to ask the lovely Coco, what's in her bag.
    x x x

    Anonymous said...

    your a fucking retard...

    Miu Miu's Atelier said...

    i absolutely love the pink miu miu bag especially in that delicious shade of pink

    Bella said...

    Oooo...I loved this post!! Peoples bags are so interesting...i have so much in mine, so when i empty it i always get a kick out of finding out whats in it...and Chanel=LOVE...i think its that simple ;)...and I LOVE your header... i think i actually mentioned that before...@ the ripe age of 14 i have memory loss...great haha

    Fashion Tidbits said...

    i love the 2.55 Chanel!!!
    the miu miu one is kind of cute, do they have it in any other shades?

    The Stiletto Effect said...

    Hey you :)

    Great post! I love to read interviews about other bloggers, specially about the ones I adore (and I adore Coco's blog) :)

    My favourite Chanel bag is also the "Chanel 2.55 handbag"! It is adorable :)

    I also have a Chanel inspired bag from H&M and an autenthic Chanel shoulder bag (Vintage, that I got from my mother)!.

    Besides Chanel I'm in love with Longchamp handbag "Legende"!

    Kiss Kiss

    a. said...

    im such a bag whore. teehee.
    ive got a million.

    xx A.

    la petite fashionista said...

    great interview, and handbag trend forecasting. I love the "whats in my bag" picture! my favorite bag is a vintage chanel that my sister found in an antique store :)

    Seraphine said...

    I could feel your joy in this one.

    The Chanel inspired bags are awesome. If I had a genuine one, it would def be my "It" bag.

    Mustafa Şenalp said...

    Your blog is very nice:)

    LML said...

    im a purse ADDICT!
    i have a chanel-esque black bag i got at a thrist store - love it!
    great post :)

    Ana said...

    despite my lack of love for chanel the 2.55 is the absuloute perfect and timeless bag!

    Anonymous said...

    despite how i am young and into the whole "shabby chic" look, i can't resist the gorgeous classic chanel quilted bag :) but i'd def have to get it in an eyepopping color like red (kirsten dunst, my fashion idol, has one that way- and we all know funky her style normally is) or metallic

    Carolina Lange said...

    Wow, love this post!
    I love the miu miu bag!

    Anonymous said...

    i really like the miu miu bag but maybe not in pink..it would look great with alot of darker fall outfits though. i have never found a great chanel-esque bag :(

    Mash said...

    well I would kill for have a Chanel bag !!!!!

    Kira Fashion said...

    you took amazing kind of bags, but about posh i am getting tired of her. i dont know, she is not so classy anymore. Her clothes are fabulous, but her....

    may a change my mind soon...i change opinion so fast! hehehe

    a kiss

    nic said...

    AAHHH!! I LOVE CHANEL's LAMBSKIN BAG TOO =) I'm going to get one...well I'm hoping i can. I bought a chanel-quilted inspired tote too from m)phosis. Satisfies me for now. Thanks for your comment girl!

    As for the question about Maxis, I hate to sound stupid but what is a maxis? A dress? haha,sorry!

    Anonymous said...

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    Anonymous said...

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    Women Leather Blazer said...

    I'm going to get one...well I'm hoping i can.